How to Sleep Super Fast – MUST WATCH!

How to Sleep Super Fast – MUST WATCH!

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hey guys I’m going to answer the question how to sleep super fast there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night and being tired the whole day I had a problem with this so this is what I found as the reason why people can’t get to bed fast number one they have too much light in their room at night between when it’s supposed to get dark out and by the time they go to bed at night you’re in an environment it’s too light well guess what guess what triggers the hormones that have to go to sleep it’s darkness so you might want to wind down a little bit sooner and not have so many bright lights in the room but darkness stimulates a hormone called melatonin which then turns into serotonin those are hormones that help you sleep now if you take melatonin that’s a bad thing because you’re you’re bypassing your system and you’re going to be dependent on that over time or it’s going to interact with your own glands like the pineal gland so I don’t recommend taking melatonin okay but that’s one thing number two TV you watch too much TV and the news is not good before you go to bed you don’t want to watch scary movies maybe a comedy best thing to do is read why because that in flow sometimes can trigger your body and keep you up at night too okay number three can’t get to bed because your mind’s racing or you have nervous tension and it’s going going going so what do you do if that’s the case I recommend a kind of correcting the adrenal because it’s a flight of flight situation flutter fly it means adrenal stress there’s buildup of adrenal stress there’s two simple remedies that I use one the adrenal night formula which targets an overactive adrenal ok take one before bed and number two I take adrenal day why because the adrenal day actually helps you sleep at night because it targets the stress that builds up in the body it helps excessive thinking all night long and it’s a great combination so it’ll help you have a quietness in your mind as you go to sleep and then this just calm the whole body because it really works on the adrenal flight-or-fight stress mode so so if that’s the situation go ahead and take take combination I mean it’s not that expensive and it really solves a big problem and it’s worth it to have a good night’s sleep so that’s what I normally recommend now number four too much energy let’s say you’re an athlete in high school or college your cells have developed your energy factories have developed bigger and bigger and bigger mitochondria they’re called and those mitochondria generate a lot of energy so people that were athletes have larger mitochondria so their capacity for energy is higher so they generate more energy and they don’t exercise they lay there with all this energy in the body and they can’t sleep that’s my case so what you want to do is you’re going to have to get out there and exercise every day to get the energy out and probably not a little thing like a good 45 minutes of working out or maybe 40 minutes of working out hard to get rid of that energy if I don’t do that myself I will lay there with a lot of excess energy in my body so it’s one of those catch-22 when when you actually start it you have to do it continually you can’t stop because the mitochondria don’t shrink back okay so and if it’s the restless leg syndrome that adrenal day formula will handle like that and that’s just a it’s an adrenal issue that you have restless legs anything in the lower part of your body that’s more restless or like a nervous energy or even you climb a flight of stairs and it’s heavier is adrenal okay alright digestion that’s another big one if your digestion is not working if you’re bloated and you try to go to bed you’re not going to sleep there’s a huge connection between your gut and in your brain it’s actually connected by a nerve called the vagus nerve and so anything that goes wrong with the stomach will actually affect your head and it will keep you up so you just have to make sure you definitely do not overeat especially don’t overeat proteins I mean if you have too much protein through the day it’ll kind of wiry you it’s very very triggering like especially if you have it protein before bed the best thing to do is a calming things like calcium rich maybe a little cheese before that that would be better than other proteins because that’s calcium in it the other thing is like you don’t want to do any junk food because that’s going to disrupt and blow you as well so if there is a digestive part there are two simple things that I do number one is apple cider vinegar plus tablet take two to three these before bed why because this is kind of like an incinerator just get your stomach digesting and then one gallbladder after you eat why because the gallbladder helps take the bloating out and so it really handles the digestive component to prevention of sleep so if your problem is digestion handle that if this problem adrenal handle that and you will see that you can sleep a lot better so I just wanted to cover some key things to help you sleep because that’s really the most important thing if you’re trying to you know have energy during the day or feel vital or have a higher mood elevation sleep is the key all right I’ll see you the next video 

This Post Was All About How to Sleep Super Fast – MUST WATCH!.
How to Sleep Super Fast - MUST WATCH!

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Dr. Berg’s New & Improved Sleep Aid (available in Vegan Formula):
Dr. Berg discusses the key factors that help you sleep fast:
1. Keeping your room dark – this triggers melatonin,.
2. Avoid watching TV before bed.
3. Can’t get to sleep – use remedies for the adrenal.
4. Too much energy – you need to exercise.
5. Digestion – use remedies based on your problem.
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