How to Reverse Wrinkles

How to Reverse Wrinkles

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to reverse wrinkles okay as we age we get wrinkles some people get wrinkles too early and some people don’t get them hardly at all okay and I also want to talk about collagen in general so taking your skin from a rough kind of wrinkly skin and bringing it to more of a youthful skin what controls that is something called G a G it’s a real long name you don’t need to know it but it’s glycosaminoglycans okay so it’s a chemical in your body that keeps the skin and collagen hydrated electrically hydrated it helps repair proteins and collagen in your skin it also helps you make healthy vibrant collagen and skin alright and if you don’t have this everything kind of sags and groups and gets hardened and it’s not necessarily the you know sunlight over the years that just makes your skin wrinkle in fact the sunlight will give you about a minute and protect the skin but it really is a deficiency in this thing right here as we age and also this is responsible for your discs in your spine to be really healthy and hydrated so if you’re shrinking as you’re getting older then we know you don’t have enough of this okay but you can’t just take this as a supplement and see the change because what controls this hydrating anti-wrinkle chemical is this thing right here it’s called IGF number1 insulin-like growth factor number one so I’m going to talk about that it’s a hormone made by the liver that is kind of controlled by growth hormone which also is the anti-aging hormone so this is kind of an extension off growth hormone and some people actually take growth hormone as a supplement to get useful but there’s some side effects to that so we don’t want to take any hormones we want to naturally figure out how to trigger this thing right here I’m going to tell you the seven ways to do it okay and it will improve your skin greatly especially wrinkles okay number one this hormone teeter-totters with insulin so if insulin is high this will be low healthy young individuals need a hundred times concentrated igf then insulin so if you have insulin resistance for example or diabetes you’re going to have higher insulin what will happen is this will go down and that people don’t realize that this is really important to actually even help you reduce insulin problems and even diabetes so so we want to reduce insulin and how do we do that well we change the diet and I’ll put some links down below you’re going to cut out the carbs you get your intermittent fasting you’re going to avoid the hidden things that trigger insulin which is like MSG monosodium glutamate there’s a whole bunch of things and I’ll put a link down below so we want to decrease insulin number one number two we want to enhance your sleep whatever way you do it you can use my supplement the sleep aid or some other supplement but you need to fix the reason why you can’t sleep because sleeping will increase this hormone as well if you’re getting by on five or six hours of sleep you’re going to age quicker okay so the sleep is important even if you have to take a nap and then lowering cortisol that’s the stress hormone that actually prevents you from sleeping and it’s just going to this is coming from stress so increase stress will decrease your sleep and decrease this as well stress will aid you right I’m gonna put a link down below of some things to do for that this is like your checklist to look at okay so hi intense interval training will also increase this hormone I mean like amazingly so what we want to do is we want to do full-body exercise so there’s a lot of different exercises that you can do but you want involve as many muscles as possible whether it’s you’re doing a spin bike burpees push-ups some books bootcamp class whatever it is you want to do this type of exercise to do it high intensity very short lots of rest not as frequent and then every other day or every third day make sure you don’t over train but this also will increase this this hormone and growth hormone so it’s going to make you look more youthful moderate amount of protein so if you think you’re going to add more protein to help your wrinkles it’s not going to work you just want a moderate not too much because that will stimulate insulin how much is the right amount that sweet spot is 3 to 6 ounces personally I’m 100 95 pounds 6 foot 2 I do 5 ounces of protein with each meal ok it’s a moderate amount of quality protein not the soy protein isolate crap you need high quality grass-fed protein if you can get it or at least organic ok next one is enhanced the liver of course there’s a lot of things to this you know of course avoiding alcohol alcohol will make you aged eat organic a lot of vegetables maybe some supplements to support milk thistle would be good dandelion root is good for the liver things to improve the liver because the liver makes IGF number 1 if you have a gut for example we know you have a fatty liver so that’s going to be something your goal is to get rid of the fat off the liver I’ll put a link down below of how to do that but the main thing is getting off the things that are stimulant insulin and you can reverse that and there’s other things as well but next one is instrumented fasting intermittent fasting is is you eat a meal and then you’re not going to eat for a period of time and then you can eat again like you’re not going to have any snacks between that meal there’s more to this but the point is that when you don’t eat you’re stimulating growth hormones ok you’re stimulating this hormone this hormone is activated when you’re not eating insulin is activated when you’re eating so insulin will deactivate this so the more you do intermittent fasting the more you’re going to enhance this and you can have to work harder as you reach 50 years old in 60 and 70 because your liver kind of becomes unmoor healthy over time ok intermittent fasting and the last one is fat soluble vitamins so that would be vitamin A vitamin D vitamin k2 and all of that is enhanced with certain types of healthy fats I believe I tons so I get my fat tub of items from egg yolks pasture-raised organic egg yolks oh my gosh that will give you all the fats out of items you need and you can also do cod liver oil and you can do grass-fed butter but again the fat size of vitamins are really important into enhancing this hormone to increase this all right hope that helped so go ahead and do this and and show us the results thanks for watching press it forget it forget it I’m done press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events

This Post Was All About How to Reverse Wrinkles.
How to Reverse Wrinkles

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Dr. Berg talks about how to reverse wrinkles. GAG (glycosaminoglycans) help hydrate, repairs and helps make collagen. The hormone that controls this GAG is IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1). IGF-1 is triggered by Growth Hormone, which is the anti-aging hormone.
1. Lower insulin
2. Increase sleep and lower cortisol
3. High Intense Interval Training
4. Moderate amount of protein (3-6 ounces)
5. Enhance Liver function
6. Intermittent fasting
7. Fat soluble vitamins.
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