How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

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hey dr. Burke here in this video I’m going to show you how to get rid of kidney stones many years ago I personally had kidney stones and I will never forget how much pain that is so it’s excruciating so I’m going to show you first of all what causes them and then what to do about them first of all in the blood with the chemistry in your body if it’s not right you can set your body up to build build up the crystals of calcium they’re called oxalate stones it’s a combination of oxalates in calcium so there are other causes there’s other types of stones but the most common one is the calcium oxalate stones and that has to do with in your blood you have low citrate sand basically sit rates help you prevent kidney stones they help combine with excess calcium and remove it safely from the body so if you don’t have situates what will happen if you’ll start to build up more crystals that develop in the tiny little tubules of your kidney and develop stones okay and the number 2 high oxalate foods now what foods are high oxalate number 1 dark beer cruciferous which I recommend like kale broccoli Brussels sprouts cabbage chocolate fruit soy beans beets spinach and all these are high in oxalate so the combination of this and this is not good but then if you’re taking anti acids that’s a problem especially if it’s calcium based because you’re driving and a lot of calcium into the body that it can’t deal with so it’s going to get stuck in the kidney and that’s a soft tissue calcium that builds up and then calcium itself calcium supplements you want to make sure you never consumed calcium carbonate in your body so you want to look at your vitamins and see is the ingredients calcium carbonate that’s the worst type of calcium that’s like taking rocks you’d be better off chewing on the cement outside because it’s basically just like oyster shells or it’s not sending our body can digest easily there’s like 12 steps it takes to be able to assume and for most people it just gets stuck in the in the in your kidney so we don’t recommend taking a lot of calcium and just as a side note about calcium if you are menopausal and you’re female and you want to prevent osteoporosis and maybe you have high blood pressure you have any type of soft-tissue calcium like stiffness I created a video on that one thing soft tissue calcium it’s very important you can click below and find it it’s about vitamin k2 very important to kind of remove the excess calcium so we have calcium which is a whole different topic and then sugar sugar depletes excess calcium and that can go through the kidney out of the blood and get stuck in your kidney too so sugar is not a good combination and then sodium now sodium chloride that would be salt but I’m not talking about sea salt I’m talking about sodium just in the junk food that people eat growing up I was a teenager I would consume a bag of Doritos in one sitting the mega huge packs and of course that was way too much sodium and that can create a problem and also hidden sodium is monosodium glutamate so the combination is not good to develop stones to prevent stones here’s what you do about it it’s very very simple we want to increase our sit rates by consuming citric acid from lemon juice okay go to the health food store and get lemon juice get the if you can get the organic lemon juice that would be really really good that just has lemon and water that would be awesome and you want to consume like 1 to 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in your water throughout the day ok you can do lime juice if you want and I like to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to that just to put that additional factor into your drink to really help clean out any calcium that builds up so the combination of lemon and episode of vinegar with water is really good to prevent and also fix kidney stones if you have them all right and then if you have any of these issues too you might need to fix your stomach I have videos on how to fix heartburn and then soft you to calcium and how to get your dear sugar cravings so I have a lot of other videos so if you found this beneficial click below and sign up for my weekly email tips because I give you guys a lot of great tips on fixing a lot of different issues so I’m going to thank you and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain.
How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

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Dr. Berg talks about the best way to fix kidney stones. He explains about kidney stone symptoms and then kidney stones treatment.
Kidney stones are caused mainly due to having low citrates and high oxalate foods in your blood. We should avoid foods which are high in calcium, sugar or sodium as these might be the main cause for kidney stones and form kidney infection later on. So it is essential to understand and know about the various types of kidney stone symptoms and what causes kidney stone pain.
For kidney stones treatment, you should consume more citrates in the form of citric acid (lemon juice) along with vinegar (for additional benefit). Hopefully this video will help you identify and fix kidney stones from your body.
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