How to Reduce BLOATING Quickly

How to Reduce BLOATING Quickly

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to reduce bloating quickly if your bloating not only does it look like you have belly fat but it’s very uncomfortable it prevents sleeping and you can’t fit in your clothes so there’s some real simple things you can do number one acupressure acupressure is basically you’re pressing instead of using needles you’re pressing on different parts of your body now the where you want to press is you want to press underneath your right ribcage right here take your hand and press into it and hold that for two minutes what are you doing you’re kind of massaging your your gallbladder and that will help reduce all that congestion in there and you’ll you’ll feel less bloated because the gallbladder stores something called bile VI lae and that’s where the what’s helps you digest the fats and if you’re deficient in bile or it’s the gallbladder sluggish you will get bloating when you eat okay then you want to press on the other side right through and here because you got the gallbladder on the right side and the left side you have the pancreas so the pancreas is the other digestive gland that helps you make the enzymes to digest all these foods so everything time you eat your body set your pancreas senses what you eat and it generates certain enzymes to help break that down so if you run out of certain enzymes you’re going to get blow different because the pancreas is not doing this job and you’re going to feel just bloated so you want to work on the left side as well so you have two minutes on the right two minutes on the left boom you feel less bloated but but of course we want to fix the diet because this is only temporary the next time you eat comes right back so this gives you temporary relief and now we want to avoid the true deeper root causes of bloating the common ones are the grains and that would be the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes so does juice alcohol things like that the sugars but especially gluten gluten is in the it’s the protein in the grain it just creates a lot of bloating for people and then people say I’m gluten free but you’re still doing the grains so they do tend to create bloating now sugars especially combined with protein so if you’re doing some hamburger with the bun and the fries and the soda or the hot dog with the bun you know and the carbs oh my gosh you are going to get a massive spike of insulin and massive bloating so let’s say you go to a Chinese restaurant what do you get sweet-and-sour chicken which is breaded so anything that you combine protein and sugar is really really bad for bloating and then also like what about all the bars like the energy bars or protein bars what do they have in them sugars so you want to read labels and make sure that you just keep the sugars to a zero a minimum and and that’s really the danger of the combination and also fat with sugar will really increase insulin to more than eating them separate so that would be like let’s say you have a doughnut that’s deep fried or some deep fried I don’t know french fry they coat it with sugar but mainly the the doughnut I will guarantee if you have a deep fried doughnut that’s all the sugar and fat and it’s sweet and it’s it’s oily and you eat that you’re going to bloat I guarantee that’s going to happen so and the starches so we got the the rice potato things like that those are foods that will bloat you and of course you can do too much protein as well so again we want to reduce those common things and then at the same time let’s say you reduce them and you still have a problem then we have to increase your acid in your stomach especially if you have acid reflux why because acid reflux is caused by not enough acid and people take anti acids oh my gosh they just screw everything up so we want to increase the acid we won’t increase the bile B il e which helps you digest fat so the way I do it is I use the apple cider vinegar plus this has something called a concentrated outside of vinegar tablet so you can swallow it before a meal like two to three before meal and it has something else called betaine hydrochloride which basically builds up your acids in your stomach okay so this is really important and then the gallbladder formula this has some purified bile salts you take it after you eat just one take two or three before one after it’s just going to help you and then the bile also has in there a lot of other things as enzymes it has things to help the gallbladder and it’s a combination that is really good for bloating to correct the problem a lot of people are happy with that so so yes we want to give you some temporary relief we want to change the diet and we might need to use nutrition if it doesn’t go away all right I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to Reduce BLOATING Quickly.
How to Reduce BLOATING Quickly

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Dr. Berg talks about how to reduce bloating:
1. Use acupressure on your digestive organs
2. Avoid grains, starches and the combination of sugars and proteins or even fats and sugars.
3. Increase your stomach acids using some acidifier (Digest Formula) or bile salts in Gallbladder Formula.
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