How to Never Get Dental Cavities (Decay) Again

How to Never Get Dental Cavities (Decay) Again

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hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about how to never have cavities again if you’re a dentist if you’re a parent make note the derivation of cavities comes from the Latin word which means decay and it’s just bizarre to me to think that a small child or even a teenager that young would have a part of their body in a state of decay so is it that they’re not brushing enough or flossing enough or maybe it’s not enough fluoride right I don’t think so this is what’s really happening if you think about the enamel around the tooth it’s stronger than steel it would take something very very powerful to disrupt that so it’s really happening to the enamel which is bone tissue is we’re getting a deep mineralization which we’re leaching out calcium and phosphorus and the way that’s happening is because the pH in the mouth is becoming very very acidic the normal pH of your mouth should be around 7 that’s neutral it drops down to a 6 and a 5 and sometimes even a 4 so acids have the capacity to break down bone tissue but if we go earlier there’s an excessive amount of a certain bacteria that’s doing it streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus so these two bacterias are fed you got it sugar okay so when you consume too much sugar you get too much bacteria you get an acid pH and it starts dissolving the teeth so the kids nowadays consume so much sugar even liquid candy in the form of soda and I was that kid I consumed so much candy in fact every single tooth in my mouth had a cavity so what you want to do is you want to start getting your kids on alternative sugars like xylitol you want to make desserts and cookies and treats out of alternative sugars you don’t want to use actual sugar so I put a link down below of a lot of great ideas for things that you can make to get these kids off sugar because it’s so easy to prevent the situation so we don’t necessarily want to deprive the child we want to replace what they’re eating with an alternative sugar like xylitol or we throttle or stevia click the link below and start making these recipes thanks for watching hi guys listen I want to thank you so much for your wonderful comments and I want to ask you if you wouldn’t mind giving me your review on Google I put a link down below I’d really appreciate it and thank you in advance

This Post Was All About How to Never Get Dental Cavities (Decay) Again.
How to Never Get Dental Cavities (Decay) Again

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Dr. Berg talks about How to never get dental cavities (decay). It’s very weird for a child to get decay in a part of their body. How can this be? Enamel is stronger than steel. It happens like this – de-mineralization occurs when the pH of the saliva drops and becomes too acid (4-5.5), when it is supposed to be 7. Minerals leach out in the presence of acid. This occurs because of excess bacteria making the acid. One step before this is excess sugar in the diet. An average child consumes a ton of sugar and even liquid candy (soda). Get the child off sugar and replace it with alternative sugars like non-GMO xylitol.
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