How to Lose Cellulite

How to Lose Cellulite

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to lose the cellulite okay the stuff that’s on the side of your hip and your butt the stuff that you hate let’s just talk about what is this thing cellulite first normally you have the skin you have this outer connective kind of like a sheath of connective tissue is called fossa right or Neath the skin that keeps everything held together it’s like saran wrap and then you have a fat layer okay these little fat cells underneath and then you have the muscle so you have these layers what happens in satellite is you have an enlargement of the fat cells the fat cells get bigger they fill up with fat then you can over stretch facha so this spiderweb thing is supposed to hold it starts to separate and the fat kind of bulges up through it giving this dimple effect okay then behind it you have atrophied muscle which makes the whole thing kind of jiggly and hang off the body so the combination of atrophied muscle fat cell enlargement and broken-down facha that’s what’s happening so now let’s talk about how to reverse this thing because there are things that you can do like if you had a pregnancy and you basically gained a lot of weight and then loss by the way then you want to diet and gain lot of weight and loss of the weight you’re eventually going to get cellulite because you’re just you’re you’re creating in this this this over stretching of your facha and that can do it as well but typically what happens during menopause is these hormone shift you’re maybe more inactive and everything that starts going downhill so number one we want to shrink the fat cell we need to get the fat out when you lose weight when you lose fat you’re not getting rid of the fat cell okay you’re just shrinking them you can’t get rid of your FAFSA you’re just making them smaller so to do that you have to do with the main hormone that controls how much fat goes in there and that’s insulin you have to lower insulin you cannot fix eye light without lowering insulin first okay how do you lower insulin it put a link down below but typically you’re going to have to change the eating plan you have to cut out the car you’re going to have to do intermittent fasting so I list exactly what you need to do you need to watch that video that will decrease the step for sure okay because because this is bigger this fat is also producing inflammation too so it’s probably very very sore in your hips and thighs as well but once you reduce that the soreness will go away so we want to lower insulin number two we want to tighten up this fossa this facha is controlled by hormones specifically growth hormone growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone that is involved with all proteins in the body not just the hair skin nails but the fossa around your hips your buttocks and around that fat if you try to lose weight unhealthy you never fix the growth hormone factor and you end up never getting rid of the sight light so we want this is all this is about really getting the liver healthy it’s about triggering growth film as much as you can it’s not about taking hormones it’s about you have to do some type of exercise you have to there’s no way around it you have to physically move those muscles in there to activate it but the best is a combination of a little higher intense full-body exercise specifically you know in the hips and thighs but then lots of rest the key is recovery and sleep so we want to increase the sleep increase the high intensity lots of reps make sure you don’t over train and then you can get these dis fashio back and the muscle as well moderate amount of protein you want to consume high quality amino acids I like eggs egg yolk don’t do low-fat protein powders you want to add more fat if you do a protein powder add fat to it in a minute fasting vital because in a minute fasting triggers growth from them if you’re doing five six meals a day spread out or snacks you’re never going to increase growth from them and then the third thing is cortisol cortisol is very destructive on the muscles so more cortisol from stress will just prevent everything from working it keeps the insulin high it keeps growth hormone down so we really want to handle with this this you may want to support the adrenals directly if you need to because the green nails control cortisol but typically what you have to do is you have to cut the stress out increase the sleep very vital and then also vitamin D I get get son if you can more son would be better and a lot of walking walking will also lower cortisol so the combination and the days off that you don’t do the high-intensity go for a walk very important and then the last thing is estrogen estrogen if you ever notice more women get cellulite than men because of the estrogen component estrogen makes fat unfortunately estrogen puts the fat around the hips so what how do you lower estrogen you you want to consume cruciferous vegetables you want to get your liver really really healthy very very important to do that but the last thing I want to mention is that this condition is not a little thing it’s a major problem that’s been there chronically for it takes so many years for this to end up like this so just realize it’s going to take some time to get this back it could take one to two to three years before you start getting your your tissues back to where they should don’t think it’s going to happen in a week and give up just think long term because to rebuild this stuff at if you specially if you’re menopausal it’s just going to have time but you’re going to see changes over time so and you’ll see improvements and definitely do it before and after pictures so you can visualize that so you’re not looking yourself in the mirror every second and not seeing the changes as fast all right go ahead and apply these things and put your comments below forget it forget it I’m done press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future event

This Post Was All About How to Lose Cellulite.
How to Lose Cellulite

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Dr. Berg talks about how to lose cellulite. Cellulite comes from 3 problems: (loose fascia, enlarged fat cells and atrophied muscle.
The fat cell enlarges with fat due to higher levels of insulin. This is influenced by insulin resistance. Estrogen can also be a factor since estrogen increases the fat on your lower half of the body.

1. Reduce sugars and carbs
2. 3-6 ounces of protein with meals
3. Lots of greens
4. No msg in your foods
5. Do intermittent fasting (3-2 meals with no snacking)
6. Add fat to the meal to go longer between meals.
If the muscles are atrophied, then cortisol is usually higher, Cortisol, a stress hormone from the adrenals can can increase due to menopausal changes. The person is now breaking down muscle tissue faster than it is building back up. The medical term is catabolic. This term means break down. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone.
1. Reduce environmental stress
2. Walking 45 minutes a day is helpful
3. Vitamin D helps lower cortisol
4. Nutrient-wise – take Adrenal & Cortisol Relief
This tissue is a type of collagen that is controlled by Growth Hormone (GH). GH is the anti-aging hormone that is responsible for keeping your proteins healthy and elastic.
1. High intense interval training exercise.
2. Lots of sleep and higher quality sleep
(may need Sleep Aid- )
3. Intermittent fasting
4. Vitamin D and sun
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