How to Lose Belly Fat: FAST!

How to Lose Belly Fat: FAST!

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hi guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about how to burn belly fat step-by-step now in a lot of other videos I talk about specific parts of weight loss how to burn fat all different aspects in this video we’re going to put everything together okay there’s really three basic sections the basics of what to do things to add the speed up weight loss and things to avoid to speed up weight loss okay so let’s talk about the basics first and some of this might be just repetitive but people never seen a video for me this will be very helpful make notes and I’ll put videos down below for a lot of the summaries of other videos that you can get detailed information on each thing because that’s probably have done videos on each separate item basics two to three meals a day okay you can start with three meals and then you want to go to two you don’t want to graze all day because every time you eat you spike this hormone that prevents weight loss is called insulin okay so eating in general will stimulate that’s what we want minimum three meals a day or maximum through those three meals a day minimum two meals a day so some people go to two and I’ll get more into that when we get into this next part right here which is no snacking so when you have six meals a day or five meals a day and they’re small and they spread out or you’re snacking between meals you’re going to spike insolently what we don’t want to do that that’s going to create a big problem for you so losing the snacking is vital very very important it’s called in a minute fasting okay now right here I suggest you start with three meals and then do that for a while get into ketosis or fat burning and then go to two males if you can do it unless you can’t do it because you’re working out hard and you need to eat meals a day I would say it’s 5050 if you’re sedentary you can get by with two meals a day and you will lose some serious weight in your midsection insulin is the hormone that is responsible for the midsection way so three meals no snacking okay bars protein three to six ounces based on your size your stress level you’re going to eat a little more protein you don’t want to go too much too much protein will stimulate insulin okay three to six ounces per meal now if you’re not hungry for protein let’s say for dinner then don’t eat it so but this is kind of an average now next one seven cups of veggies why because we need to flesh out all this staff that’s going to be coming out to your liver all the fat to the body has to go through the liver and if you don’t consume enough vegetables you can end up with a fatty liver plus vegetables gives us the potassium we need we need about forty seven hundred milligrams that’s a lot so that’s about seven to ten cups very few people do that but you want to consume the vegetable first and have a huge salad and then a small amount of protein now next one is no sugar this is a given because sugar increases insulin and also I’m talking about the hidden sugars the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuit waffles pancakes muffins alcohol okay so we want to cut the sugar and refined carbs out next one healthy fats this is essential because when you consume fat it in the meal that allows you to go to the next meal without being so hungry and craving and starving that your blood Sugar’s crash so this basically allows you to do three meals or two meals without being hungry thereby not increasing insulin that is one of the only things that does not increase insulin into neutral so this is safe if you’re worried about calories I put some links down below okay these are the basics now we want to speed things up we can add some MCTS to the diet that’s like in coconut oil we didn’t change our glycerin that will increase fat burning next one is potassium why because at the heart of weight loss we want to avoid insulin and so most people that can’t lose weight have too much influence they have insulin resistance so we want to fix that potassium is one of the ways to do that you can consume all these vegetables or even take it in some supplement potassium citrate to actually heal the aberration or dysfunction of insulin next thing is apple cider vinegar why as the acid in absolute vinegar called acetic acid does improve the output of insulin it reduces insulin it improves insulin resistance it lowers your blood triggers so it’s very good for diabetics and take this one in the morning one teaspoon with glass water and one before bed or pull with your dinner if you have digestive issues very important chromium again you can find a supplement with chromium to help your blood Sugar’s chromium is a mineral that actually has been proven to help insulin again keep it in check B vitamins another key thing especially vitamin b1 for regulating insulin control and improving insulin resistance nutritional yeast is your go-to okay next one is high intensity interval training if you add high intensity full-body resistance training you’re going to spike growth hormone and you’re going to speed up weight loss the key is short bursts of high-intensity lots of rest okay again I’ll put some videos down below to get specifics on that but this one is this will just the icing on the cake okay next one is more sleep adding more sleep why because growth hormone is triggered when you’re sleeping and that is the primary hormone it stimulates fat burning so more sleep so if you could just take another take a nap sleep in longer get an extra hour of sleep that goes a long way that’s more important than high intensity interval training sleep is the key okay now next one is recovery making sure that if you are doing high-intensity interval training that you’re recovering after you’re not doing it every day some people need to do it every other day some people every third day some people once a week depending on how you feel when you workout be fairly broken down then you get your overtraining okay so recovery is essential if you’re exercising now let’s take a look at what you need to remove this is just as important as this okay remove any type of sleeping issues insomnia vital why because you’re not going to lose weight if you’re not sleeping all right I put a video down below of what to do if you’re not sleeping there’s a lot of things you can do mainly stress loading if you’re bloating let’s say you’re consuming too much kale or too much you know cruciferous vegetables that you’re not used to consuming and then you’re bloating that is going to slow down weight loss so you’re gonna have to go back to the vegetable that you can digest and maybe even steam some until the bloating goes away also people consume too many nuts that can create bloating again we want to eliminate anything that blow – sometimes adding more upside of vinegar or an acidifier for the stomach will help it or even a bile salt because also they’ll put some links down below for bloating okay menstrual cycle issues if your cycle is two weeks out of the month you’re not going to lose weight because the high levels of estrogen estrogen blocks the thyroid estrogen crates set on the hips and the thighs and we need to handle this cycle so it’s really smooth again I put a link down below what to do for that this is kind of like a little bit of an assessment for you to see what areas you have problems with okay somebody’s done apply okay stress mainly you want to get a list of all the people you know that stress you out and avoid them for a while you want to avoid the news you want to avoid stressful situation you want to do certain activities so I recommend an acupressure for your body to pull stress out you want to do everything you can
do to enhance the reduction of stress because cortisol is triggered and cortisol will stop your weight loss so I will put some links down below alright msg what is that monosodium glutamate that’s in a lot of foods start looking at the labels it’s in oh my gosh it’s in even cottage cheese that’s left this organic it’s in all the fast-food restaurants I mean all their foods it’s in Chinese foods but it’s hidden as modified food starch okay I got I’ll put a video down there very important restaurant foods you don’t know what you’re getting at the crapshoot there’s so many things they put in that food that you have no idea primarily hidden sugars msg to make it taste better but inevitably people go out to dinner way too much and that is what’s keeping them from losing weight not to mention where do they bring you they bring you bread they bring you dessert they bring you alcohol okay so it’s really difficult to do this when you’re growing the restaurant next one is a avoid overtraining if you’re at a bootcamp or you’re working out too hard and you’re not recovering you’re not sleeping you’re not going to lose weight you’re going to lose muscle mass so this is very very important especially when you start out because you’re not used to it last thing is constipation I have people that don’t even go like maybe they go once a week or once every two weeks that is a serious constipation problem and that is going to stop your weight loss again I have a lot of videos on getting to the root cause of that okay I’ll put them down below so I just kind of summarize all the things that you need to look at in order to lose your stomach it’s comprehensive now you have the video as a checklist go ahead and apply this and put your comments below thanks for so much for watching

This Post Was All About How to Lose Belly Fat: FAST!.
How to Lose Belly Fat: FAST!

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