How To Lose Belly Fat and Get A Six Pack | THE TRUTH – NO BS

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get A Six Pack | THE TRUTH – NO BS

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so last night I was watching this YouTube video and this guy was talking about tips to lose belly fat in the video had had over like a half million views a ton of likes and the video was just driving me absolutely crazy because I saw all these people buying into this bad information and not only do they buy into bad information but a lot of times they’ll end up buying into bed products like those weight loss teas or or belly fat loss teas do you want tighter firmed abs but don’t have the time to workout then you need the shape and tone system you do nothing the sport elect will do it for you and is somebody who knows a little bit about this topic because I’ve been doing this for so long it drives me nuts watching people waste their time and their money when all they want to do is see results because I used to be one of those people so today I just want to put out some good information some real information the truth I’m actually even gonna include a couple of studies they’ll be in the video description below on the topic of belly fat loss and the truth is guys that we’re all predisposed to storing fat differently we all have different problem areas whether it be our abs or but whatever and the truth also is guys we can’t target an area to just lose fat in that area it’s called spot reduced we can’t spot reduce our abs or a butt or our arms because when we lose weight and we lose fat we lose it in our entire bodies we don’t just lose it in one area and it does matter what we do they’ve done Studies on this one of the studies researchers had participants do tons and tons of setups because more sit-ups means more abs and less fat in your abs right well the results of the study didn’t show that at all it actually showed that there was no change in body fat percentage whatsoever of these people’s abdominals even though they had done all of these crunches basically the studies show that you just can’t work out a body part more and have that body part itself become leaner and then in the second study researchers had people do all these workouts with their non-dominant leg to see the change in body fat percentage compared to their dominant leg and the results of the study was actually that these people lost more body fat in their upper extremities than they did in their lower extremities so go figure that right but unfortunately that just how our bodies work guys we can’t specifically target one area to lose fat in I wish we could because then I’d have like this amazing eight pack but we can so the question that is if you can’t spot reduce and you can’t target your belly to just lose fat then how do you get a six-pack and how do you lose belly fat and the answer guys it’s really not sexy you just have to be in a sustained caloric deficit for an extended period of time and get to a low enough body fat percentage where your abs are then visible but anyways the links to those studies will be in the video description below just in case you want to take a more in-depth look at them and I really hope this video helps clear up all of your questions how you actually lose belly fat keeps you from wasting any more of your time and money on bad information there’s just way too much of that out there if you liked the video if you got something from it please give it a thumbs up as always guys thanks for watching

This Post Was All About How To Lose Belly Fat and Get A Six Pack | THE TRUTH – NO BS.
How To Lose Belly Fat and Get A Six Pack | THE TRUTH - NO BS

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How To Lose Belly Fat and Get A Six Pack | THE TRUTH – NO BS
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