How to Lose Back Fat

How to Lose Back Fat

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to lose back fat okay now that’s actually three problems number one we have a problem with insulin if you’ve been watching my other videos insulin is the hormone that makes the muffin top and it can extend around the back so that’s one point and then cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone cortisol does release insulin that’s from stress and that will also cause them up on top around the waist but the other one that’s really common is actual atrophy of your muscles and your back a lot of people neglect the back muscles simply because they don’t see their back they see the front so they’re doing the sit-ups and the ab workouts but the back is just as important so there’s a really key things to strengthen them back and also tone it to make sure we get rid of the atrophy is to really get rid of that back fat so number one how do we get rid of insulin there’s there’s three called the 3 s’s okay number one snacking you have to stop snacking snacking increases insulin and so does any eating so you really want to do intermittent fasting which is like eat and then don’t eat for a while and then eat and don’t eat okay so this hope raising thing five six small meals for the day is really bad advice so we want to do snacking we want to avoid snacking at all cost and just eat three meals if you want to eat and go from one meal to the next add a little bit of healthy fat to go be able to go on further but that will put you in a fat burning state which you will actually then run on your body on what’s called ketones and not glucose and you’ll lower the need for insulin so this is really important number two of course the obvious avoid sugar I don’t need to tell you that but you probably already know that and that’s all the hidden sugars bread pasta cereal crackers discus waffles pancakes muffin sodas juice and that does include alcohol yogurt because it has 10 grams of sugar and of course the juice so that’s really we need to avoid that too lower insulin and then we want to spike our greens why because greens have the calcium potassium will decrease the need for insulin in fact insulin and potassium work really closely together and if you can actually increase your potassium you will lower the need for insulin and also if you actually fix the insulin but you’ll actually start absorbing more potassium too so they work really closely and it has to do with the cell and the little potassium sodium pumps that around there and also the receptors in the cells I’m not going to get into that but if you do spike your greens you will actually improve that okay that means bigger salads you can do wheatgrass juice powder that that type of thing as well all right now let’s talk about cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone the way you know you have core cells you are under stress your tolerance for stress is low people get on your nerves easily you don’t sleep that well you got the belly fat and it wraps around so when the best thing is get rid of kind of three main stresses first of all the body stress your body is like a sponge it holds stress it accumulates stress over time time does not heal stress okay all the old injuries old infections just being a stress State your body kind of breaks down so what you want there’s a physical technique so I’m going to put pulling up a picture right now all that being done and you can do it on your neck you can do in a different parts of your body but it’s a stress extraction technique using a massage tool that I developed that so you can use that to remove body stress so every night that you go to sleep you can make sure you never go to sleep stressed but stress-free so fit mechanically we want to release the points the epicenters of all the stress in your body okay that’s what number two people stress okay I know you know this but out of all the things that stress people out our people okay mainly you know antagonistic people people that bring you down so what I like to do is I like to really look in my environment who is stressing me out the most and either avoid that person or deal with them or improve the situation there also could be stress from watching TV the news so don’t watch the news it’s just recycled sensation back over and over they’re taking this one point trying to come different spin at different ways different angles it’s okay to get the news but just make sure you don’t keep watching that same point over and over and over and then you also have the nutritional factors okay there are two main nutrients that will help lower cortisol number one is violin b1 very very important because when you’re under stress you deplete vitamin b1 b1 releases stress it makes you feel calm it increases your tolerance for stress and a lot of people are deficient in b1 and it’s because they’re doing so many grains and refined sugars but the best source of the one would be nutritional yeast take a teaspoon a day now like within about a minute you’ll just feel the difference it’s like quite dramatic and then of course the next one to be potassium potassium is good for lowering insulin and cortisol that comes from a lot of different greens that you can have vegetables that type of thing but that you cannot lower potato salt just by doing a high protein diet or anything like that you need to add the greens because potassium is the physiological tranquilizer it’s a calming mineral just like calcium but potassium you need so much more in most people are deficient okay those are the those that’s like one and two now number three as far as the exercise goes now there’s basically four exercise that I’m going to recommend the first one deals with the extensors in the glutes I mean if you think about it people are doing sit-ups right they’re doing situps to get rid of their stomach but they don’t reverse the flow so what is this the stomach its flexor muscles that muscles that flex you so we want to do the opposite muscles we want to work on the extensors what are the extensors the gluts kind of the glutes are the extensors and also part of your back muscles so what you’re going to do is you’re going to lay get on your horse and you’re going to start doing these extensions and I’m actually showing you a demo right now how to do that so you want to do that probably do is I would actually not necessarily just do sets I would do it as long as you can be feel you get fatigued rest for about three or four minutes do it again until you get fatigued like majorly fatigued and then do another cycle because you might be able to do 25 you might be able to do 35 you might be able to do so that’s a good way to judge and see how you’re doing okay now the next one is called the side pushup where you’re on your side and you’re actually really working your core from a different angle so when you do this exercise you’re working something called obliques the side muscles that wrap around and it’s a great it’s in motion that a lot of people do not even consider they can do or they’ve never really work out they work just on one to one dimension sit upright so this gives it another dimension this will really help toned waist k the third one it’s called the side position and hold that’s the one when you just get on your side and you hold it as long as you can and then you can go the other opposite side as long as you can go back and forth I would do three cycles and I’d probably do that every other day this one is good because it helps you create stability it’s kind of like a yoga move but it actually builds up your core which is your midsection now the last one is called the back arch this is just a straight reversal of a sit-up it’s really g
ood for low back pain and it’s really good for people to do too many sit-ups you lay on your stomach and you arch back and again you’re going to do probably for this one you’ll probably do sets of maybe 12 to 15 three sets of that make sure you rest maybe four minutes in between but what you want to do is you really want to work that back get the tone back we’re not necessarily burning calories for this we’re getting the muscles to be more toned to get to develop the back muscles because that is an area that so many people never even work those muscles so they just start fall apart all right go ahead and apply this information and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to Lose Back Fat.
How to Lose Back Fat

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Dr. Berg explains the best way to lose back fat. This is a combination of reducing cortisol, insulin and getting your tone back. Many men and women have atrophy in the muscles simply because they do not work those muscles; instead they focus on a one dimensional site up. There are several exercises you should be doing – check it out.
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