How to Know if You Have Bile Deficiency

How to Know if You Have Bile Deficiency

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so how does one really know if they’re deficient in bile what is bile bile is a detergent okay it helps you break down the fats that helps you break them down and it helps you extract the fat side of vitamins and other essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids without bile you can’t pull those into the body but bile does a lot more than that it helps keep your microbial balance in check it helps keep the fat from building up in the liver it helps remove toxic waste through the body it helps eliminate the excess of cholesterol that your body doesn’t need it even helps lubricate the colon to allow food to go through the body a lot easier so number one if you’re deficient you’re gonna usually be low in one of the fat soluble vitamins so vitamin A there’s a lot of symptoms but one would be you can’t see in the dark too well you’re driving you can’t see at night too well vitamin D deficiency bone pain lowered mood because one of the symptoms of vitamin D is depression between lower immune system it could be many different things psoriasis is will be one and if you’re low in vitamin E which is the fat side of a vitamin you might have dry skin you may have hot flashes chest pain but the big one is weak muscles because without vitamin E you just don’t have the level of oxygen for the muscles to work effectively and then vitamin k1 you’ll get bruising vitamin k2 you can have a lot of issues you could have kidney stones you can have calcified arteries you could have high blood pressure from that you can even have calcium deposits in your joints alright number two jaundice okay you start looking a little yellow and the whites of the eye and even the skin 3 is constipation why because bio lubricates the colon now if you have too much bile you get diarrhea by the way and as a side note if you have diarrhea you don’t want to take bowel cells because that’ll make it worse alright number four you could develop a fatty liver if your bile deficient also bloating because bile helps you digest fad so if you’re getting undigested fat stuff is gonna sit there longer and you’re gonna feel more bloated you might burp and belch that’s a sign of a sluggish gallbladder all right number six your stool floats why because you’re not digesting fat and the fat ends up in your stool and it will flow or your stool is light-colored you may develop gall stones as a symptom of a bile deficiency because bile is there to help prevent gall stones now why would you be deficient in the first place well maybe you’re on a low-fat diet you’re not consuming saturated fats that are the stimulus to release bile or let’s say you have a fatty liver because bile is made from your liver it’s stored in the gall butter but it’s made from the liver so if there’s damage in the liver either fatty liver it’s inflamed or you have cirrhosis that could be why you’re not producing the bile or let’s say you don’t have a gall bladder it was removed well you’re gonna be bile deficient in which case you need to take some bile salts after the meal all right no gut bacteria or a lesser amounts of gut bacteria your bacteria is there to help you recycle bile over 90 percent of the bile in your body is recycled and when you eat your body is very efficient in recycling this bile over and over and over to extract more and more of these nutrients from the food that you’re eating so we really need this gut bacteria for that or let’s say you have a damaged GI system where you have scar tissue in the colon and guess what that’s going to create the lack of absorption of bile salts so you don’t have that for recycling anymore because only a little bit of it’s getting through so whether you have Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome or some past damage with your GI tract that could limit your bile in which case you might need to substitute and take some vile to achieve the right amounts all right guys see in the next video so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About How to Know if You Have Bile Deficiency.
How to Know if You Have  Bile Deficiency

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to know if you are deficient in bile. Bile is like a detergent that helps breakdown the fat, helps extract the fat-soluble vitamins and other essential fats like Omega 3 fatty acids.
Other Functions of Bile
• Help keep the microbial balance
• Help keep the fat from building up in the liver
• Helps remove toxic waste to the body
• Helps eliminate the excess cholesterol that the body doesn’t need
• Help lubricate the colon to allow food to go through the body a lot easier
Bile Deficiency Symptoms
1. Low in Fat-Soluble Vitamins
A: Can’t see in the dark
D: Bone Pain, Lowered mood
E: Dry Skin, Hot Flashes, Chest Pain, Weak muscles
K: Bruising
2. Jaundice
3. Constipation
4. Fatty Liver
5. Bloating
6. Stool Floats or Light Color
7. Gallstones
What Causes Bile Deficiency
1. Low Fat Diet
2. Fatty Liver
3. No Gallbladder
4. No Gut Bacteria
5. Damage GI System
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