How to Increase Your Absorption of Vitamin D

How to Increase Your Absorption of Vitamin D

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we want to talk about how to increase the absorption of vitamin D it’s not just a matter of just taking more vitamin D or just getting a little Sun and there’s other things that you can do to increase the absorption because vitamin D can greatly help with inflammation with your mood with insomnia with sleep apnea okay and autoimmune type of conditions and skin issues now one really simple thing you can do is press on your breast bone this bone right here the sternum and see if there’s any tenderness in there there shouldn’t be any tenderness in that bone okay and then you can press on your shin which is in the front part of your lower leg and if there’s pain like bone pain that could be about a mini deficiency one really interesting thing I used to do my clinic is I would have people test for that and then have them take some vitamin d3 and wait for 30 minutes that pain is gone completely gone so you might want to try that it’s just a real simple way to see if you have a pretty good vitamin D deficiency because one of the big symptoms is bone pain not just necessarily hip pain but when you press on the bone it hurts so vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory first thing is are you getting enough Sun get outside expose your body more to the Sun if you have a mutation or a genetic issue which a lot of people have and they don’t know it there’s some testing that you can get done on that you seem to take more vitamin D to create the effect because the vitamin D receptor is blocked and so the vitamin D doesn’t absorb that well but you can overcome that with higher amounts I did create a video to talk about if you’re taking high dosages of vitamin D what other things you must do to prevent for other problems like with hypercalcemia higher calcium in the blood there’s a whole series of things you can do I created a video on that I’ll put a link down below but it might be a good thing to watch that just because you want to take vitamin k2 you may not want to take calcium like dairy when you’re taking the vitamin D because we don’t want to increase more but calcium in the blood if we’re doing this type of therapy but zinc helps absorption of vitamin D vitamin A is really important in vitamin D and this is why Cobb liver is so important because cod liver has a nice balance 50/50 of vitamin A and vitamin D with omega-3 which also helps you absorb vitamin D so cod liver oil has vitamin D vitamin A the two versions of cacao mega 3 DHA and EPA so it’s it’s really they all work together magnesium helps you in the absorption of vitamin D it also will help regulate calcium as well vitamin D also can help absorb more magnesium as well not just calcium in the small intestine vitamin D is made from cholesterol so if you go in a low cholesterol diet or a low fat diet you could starve off the raw material to make vitamin D or even give you about a minute so the cholesterol is in your skin and your body then can convert it from the Sun so we don’t want to lower cholesterol and by the way in certain drugs that actually block vitamin D and statin would be one of them because statin blocks cholesterol show you about how many levels plummet well guess what you’re going to get inflammation and pain one of the big side effects from statin is muscle pain probably because also you’re starving off the cholesterol to make steroid hormones too and the muscles kind of go downhill when you take vitamin D you should take it wet while you’re eating some fat because it’ll be absorbed a little bit better because it’s a fat soluble vitamin if you lower your stress you’ll increase the absorption of vitamin D because high stress blocks the vitamin D probiotics are important because they help to recycle the bile from that’s stored in the gall bladder 95% of all the bile is recycled over and over and over again so it’s a very efficient system and you need the bile to extract vitamin D from the food that you’re eating all right bile salts taking bile salts when you’re eating certain fats will help the extraction of vitamin D from your food intense exercise can help increase the absorption of vitamin D boron which is a trace mineral can help vitamin D and help your bone formation it also is good for increasing testosterone vitamin k2 is really important with d3 because they both work together in the balancing out of calcium if you don’t have enough of k2 the calcium tends to settle into the wrong places the soft tissue like the arteries vitamin D doesn’t tell the calcium to go anywhere it just increases it in the blood and by the way it will lower your blood pressure too but if you take k2 we’ll take all that extra calcium and drive it into the bone where it should be and take it out of the joints and put it into the bone but k2 is also really really important in improving your endurance when you exercise so it helps the output of energy from the mitochondria anyway here’s a summary of things you can do to increase the absorption of vitamin D I’ll see in the next video so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About How to Increase Your Absorption of Vitamin D.
How to Increase Your Absorption of Vitamin D

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how increase the absorption of vitamin D from the sun.
Vitamin D Benefits
1. Decrease Inflammation
2. Improve Mood
3. Increase Sleep Quality
4. Help with Autoimmune condition
5. Help with Skin Issues
Nutrients that help increases Vitamin D absorption
• Vitamin D3
• Zinc
• Vitamin A
• Magnesium
• Higher Fats + Cholesterol
• Lower Stress
• Probiotic
• Bile Salts
• Intense Exercise
• Boron
• Vitamin K2
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