How to Increase Autophagy withOUT Fasting

How to Increase Autophagy withOUT Fasting

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guess what you don’t have to fast for a bunch of hours to boost Auto Fuji see we live in this world right now where autophagy is a buzzword autophagy is where your cells are recycling unused components of themselves in order to make your body more efficient it’s a really really cool process but it doesn’t just happen when you’re fasting and I’m the first person to say I love intermittent fasting I love prolonged fasting but here are some ways that you can boost autophagy without having to endure a fast or ways that you can add on top of your intermittent fasting and boost otology even more so we’ll go down the list summer exercise related to some are food-related so we’ll go ahead and we’ll dive right in with this first one that’s a little bit obvious but still very important and that is doing your cardio cardio is one of the most tried-and-true proven ways to boost autophagy in fact the journal etapa G itself published a study that found that autophagy was induced whenever there was a robic exercise in peripheral tissue so the liver the muscles the heart things like that even the brain the simple fact is that it is an adaptation to a stressor so I want you to think of it like this when you’re doing cardio you’re doing a low intensity activity and this low intensity activity is requiring just enough extra energy to where your body says I need to get a little bit more efficient at this so in order to get more efficient it gets rid of the wasteful parts of cells that we don’t need now if you start increasing the intensity too much then you’re not really getting that effect anymore because then you’re going into a stressed-out mode you want to keep it just gentle enough and just enough to make it so that your body wants to induce autopsy and it does this for three reasons one is the depletion of acetyl coenzyme a and not to get super complex on you but basically when you run out of fuel your body starts otology when you run out of proteins when you run out of fats and when you run out of carbohydrates your body induces on top of G because there’s no food really left the other thing is a decrease in mTOR mTOR is the signal that activates like when you lift weights or when you’re building muscle or when you’re gaining fat even so what you have to remember is that autopsy and empowering a constant tug-of-war with each other so what I mean by that is when Otto Fuji is high mTOR is usually low and when mTOR is high otto Fuji is low so we’re constantly in a balance when you do light exercise mTOR is lower when you do high-intensity exercise mTOR elevates because your body’s trying to repair and build versus just streamline and become efficient and then the last thing that we have to look at with cardio is the increase in AMPK AMPK I want you to pay attention because this is gonna be a recurring theme in this video am PK is something that is the energy sensor within your body so when you run out of fuel this sensor flips the switch on okay and when it’s on it starts pulling stores of energy from your body fat and from your body in general also your old cells ie autophagy so that is exactly what cardio is so powerful hey I do want to ask you make sure you hit that red subscribe button if you’re getting some value out of this content and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications and also I want you to check out thrive market down below in the description I have autopsy boosting foods I have fasting foods I have keto food all in grocery bundles that I’ve created through thrive market so there are a membership-based online grocery store the point is is I’ve done the grocery shopping for you so I want you to check those bundles out after you watch this video you won’t be disappointed thrive market is utterly awesome so there down below in the description now let’s go ahead and move on to the next one which is believe it or not high-intensity interval training sounds like just the opposite of what I was talking about with the cardio right because high-intensity shouldn’t be good for otology well the thing is it’s not really good for it in the very beginning but it’s great for it in the long run you see when you’re doing high-intensity interval training or anything like that you create what’s called a hypoxic environment you’re deprived of oxygen because you’re working so hard this causes cells to die this is called apoptosis and apoptosis can be good in fact it’s necessary but it’s not always good you see what happens when you’re doing high intensity cardio like this is apoptosis occurs because the cells die because they don’t get oxygen but as you get more accustomed to doing it that doesn’t happen anymore basically your cells start to get used to it a little that and they start going through Auto Fuji instead of apoptosis so there’s a study those published in the journal PLoS ONE really simple took a look at interval training versus moderate intensity continuous training so like just kind of high-intensity but not so high intensity that had to be done in intervals and then they compared this to a control group okay so what they found after five weeks is that both of the interval training and the moderate intensity group both had simple increases in autophagy they both saw where there was intervals or just medium just constant activity but both were better than the control group now what this tells us is that the high-intensity after the course of five weeks ends up triggering more Auto Fujii because the body doesn’t need to kill the cells anymore now it just gets more efficient with it so in the long run high-intensity interval training helps out with Auto Fidji but in the short term it does not so keep that in mind okay now let’s get into some foods make this a little bit more fun green tea probably one of the most powerful ways to induce otology okay the same journal PLoS ONE found that simply adding green tea because of the polyphenols and the catechins like EGCG we had a big boost in autophagy see it promotes the formation of auto phagosome in the liver so it actually promotes what will cause esophageal at it’s very core so whereas other mechanisms make it so that sure you’re ending up in that fasted State faster so your body ends up going into auto AG green tea actually turns it on it actually has a mechanism to turn it on then green tea also triggers that same ampk pathway so what that simply means is green tea puts you immediately into that mode where your body starts recruiting from your own tissues and it just turns on on top of G okay now let’s talk about another one this one’s gonna make everybody happy here coffee okay so the journal cell cycle found that both regular and decaf coffee promote auto foggy and they do this because of the polyphenols that are in them this is the the solution that they could find they’re like okay looks like the polyphenols in the coffee both decaf and regular stimulate autophagy and it seems to be doing it by stopping em tor okay so remember you haven’t ornithology constantly in that tug-of-war so for some reason the polyphenols seem to suppress mTOR one to four hours after consumption so that’s really good news for you now there’s another part of this that’s really good for you that like your caffeine the caffeine itself inside the coffee will actually trigger Auto Fidji itself through once again the AMPK pathway which I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail but basically coffee is a double whammy so if you love coffee drink up and especially dr
ink up during your fast because coffee while fasting only compounds the autopsy effect of the fast now we got to move into another one ginger okay you can add ginger to your water during the fast I don’t think it’s gonna break a fast I think you’ll be fine but anyway the point is this comes out of the cancer world okay so six show gall which is an active component in ginger has been researched heavily in the cancer world and it’s been found to inhibit what is called a KT and the downstream pathway of mTOR when you’re looking at cancer you don’t want mTOR okay mTOR is the growth signal we don’t want a growth signal with cancer right so the research has been done in the cancer world has shown that ginger stops that whole process at its core and the whole downstream effect simply put ginger is going to induce autophagy by suppressing mTOR and making it so you get into that mode faster so a little bit of ginger in the morning a little bit of ginger with your keto diet a little bit of ginger and your water when you’re fasting could just be a perfect solution for you and then the overall last compound that I want to talk about that you should add into your drinks or add into anything he’s going to be curcumin okay curcumin with a little bit of black pepper of course to increase the bioavailability but curcumin directly signals ampk so even if you’re not in that state where you really are signaling ampk so remember ampk signals when you are fasted or when you run out of food but curcumin signals it instantly even if you have food so if you make an omelet throw some turmeric on there with a little black pepper and boom there you go you’re actually signalling a and PK even though you have food in your system so if you’re breaking your fast you might want to consider adding turmeric or curcumin to the meal that you use when you break your fast so you can potentially extend the autopsy of your fast potentially no guarantee on that but the science is pretty powerful and last but not least when you look the big picture there is a lot of evidence that shows that the ketogenic diet outside of just intermittent fasting has an effect on our genetics to make it so that we activate sirtuins which ours a long complicated process basically means it activates autofit G so being in ketosis in general whether it’s through fasting or through dietary nutritional ketosis will trigger an auto fat ik response within your body so please please before you click off your computer or shut off your phone check out the rive market down below in the description huge sponsor of this channel but they’ve also made it so these videos are possible and made it so that I can create cool products and create cool boxes for you to actually check out and please do hit that red subscribe button hit that little bell icon and make sure your people that tune in here on this channel almost every single day at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time sometimes earlier sometimes later we like to keep you guessing see you soon [Music] 

This Post Was All About How to Increase Autophagy withOUT Fasting.
How to Increase Autophagy withOUT Fasting

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How to Increase Autophagy withOUT Fasting – Thomas DeLauer
So, you can boost autophagy withOUT fasting?!😱Yes, you can!!
As it turns out, there are ways to increase autophagy without having to fast, which is great news for those who can’t – or don’t want – to fast! It also means that if you do fast, you can potentially get MORE out of your fast by implementing some, or all, of the ways mentioned in this video!
Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!
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