How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring

How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring

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today we’re gonna talk about how to get your spouse to stop snoring there’s nothing worse for your quality of sleep than having your spouse snore all night long so let’s start with the actual cause of snoring now there’s a lot of things you can do to cope with this problem if it’s sleep apnea like the CPAP machine which is a device which hooks on your head and it will give you forced air so you can breathe the problem is it dries out your mouth it’s uncomfortable to have this thing over your head and there’s also certain devices that you can put in your mouth too cause the jaw to go forward to create more of an opening so you can breathe but sooner or later you want to get to the root cause but first let’s talk about what is snoring snoring is a loss of tone in the structures in the back of the throat that caused a vibrational sound and this could be coming from the fact that your neck is just too large you have too much fat in your neck and that’s obstructing the air and this obstruction is called obstructive sleep apnea it can also come from the abdomen let’s say for example you have visceral fat you have your large belly and all that extra fat is putting pressure up into your diaphragm especially when you’re lying down having constant pressure in your diaphragm is going to limit the amount of oxygen that you have in your lung and there’s the big correlation between people who snore and they’re overweight but on the other hand we have something functional in other words your nervous system controls the tone of the structures in the back of the throat and I’m talking about the autonomic nervous system if there’s a problem with certain cranial nerves and these are nerves that come out of the brainstem specifically the ninth cranial nerve which is the glossopharyngeal and the tenth cranial nerve which is the vagus that can also create a loss of tone and the back part of the throat creating this vibration and then there’s another nerve called the phrenic nerve which comes from underneath the diaphragm that goes up into the neck and the freq nerve controls the diaphragm and the amount of air that your lungs can actually get so if there’s a problem with the nervous system it can create a huge effect not just on snoring but the amount of air that actually comes in your body through the lungs working correctly and also from the Airways being open or closed so we have the visceral fat that can affect that we have the fat in the neck and then we have the actual nervous system that affects the structure these nerves are highly influenced by vitamin b1 that’s called buying mean if a person is deficient in thiamine they can have a massive problem with the autonomic nervous system with the cranial nerves and the phrenic nerve now the other big factor that it can affect these nerves in a negative way is being a diabetic or a pre-diabetic or even having insulin resistance because with those conditions you develop peripheral neuropathy which affects the feet and hands and also nerve dysfunction in general which is called neuropathy and what’s even more interesting is that diabetics are usually always deficient in b1 b1 is very protective against the complications of diabetes so ever the complications of having blood sugar problems themself affecting the nervous system and we have vitamin b1 deficiency which is created by a high carb diet and not to mention insulin resistance which is behind obesity one of the things you’re told when you go to the doctor if you have sleep apnea or snoring is you need to lose weight and that’s absolutely true because if you have less fat in your neck less fat in your abdomen you’re good at you’re gonna breathe better but there’s more than just losing weight some people that lose weight still snore some people that are thin snore so what do we do number one is get thiamine in your body vitamin b1 vitamin b1 helps the autonomic nervous system that will actually help the tone in the back of the throat vitamin b1 also helps the breathing centers in your brainstem vitamin b1 also helps the phrenic nerve that affects the diaphragm and vitamin b1 also helps to create nerves specifically number nine in 10 so this is probably one of the most important things to do immediately realize that a high carbohydrate diet causes a vitamin b1 deficiency so you’re gonna have to change your diet and that’s why we do something called healthy keto for those of you that are new to my channel I put a link below of exactly how to do this okay and you also want to do intermittent fasting with it because these two in combination can greatly help reverse insulin resistance which is a big part of this problem and also the weight that’s accumulating in your neck and in your abdomen the other very important thing to do is take vitamin d3 why because vitamin d3 in amounts of 20,000 i you will greatly assist in getting the deeper delta-wave sleep what happens if you’re snoring and you have sleep apnea is you’re basically waking yourself up through the night some people wake up thirty times an hour because the soft tissues in the back of the throat obstruct breathing and they stop breathing and then the nervous system kicks in and wakes them up thirty times an hour so they’re going to be tired to the day they’re not going to get enough oxygen to the brain it’s going to affect the heart there’s a lot of problems well guess what vitamin d3 helps the deep parts of the brain that regulate the circadian rhythm with sleep it also helps the autonomic nervous system specifically the sympathetic nervous system so this can help in many different ways this can also explain why some people sleep better after a day in the Sun because they get more vitamin D so the combination of b1 through nutritional yeast vitamin d3 now realize you can get this from the Sun but you have to be out in the Sun a certain amount of time I’ll put some links down below of how much time or you can take this as a supplement but it’s very difficult to get it just from food so you might just want to take it from the supplement and then don’t forget healthy keto and in a minute fasting alright so your next step is to go ahead and try these and let me know how it works if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring.
How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring

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In this video, we’re going to talk about snoring and natural ways to stop snoring.
What is snoring?
Snoring is a loss of tone in the structures in the back of the throat that cause a vibration sound.
There is a big correlation between people who snore and people who are overweight.
What causes snoring?
• Obstructive sleep apnea (fat neck, visceral fat)
• Autonomic nervous system (ANS)
• Cranial nerves (specifically the 9th and 10th)
• Phrenic nerve
How to stop snoring:
1. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — nutritional yeast
2. Vitamin D (20,000 IU) — sun, supplements
3. Healthy keto
4. Intermittent fasting
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