How to Get Rid of Trigger Finger Pain

How to Get Rid of Trigger Finger Pain

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so when you injure yourself you have a stuck you actually develop a stuck flow of pain and that that thing is stuck in a joint and a muscle in the area of the body so what I’m going to do is I’m going to demonstrate that on someone in the room who has like a real chronic pain that just is there for a long time and won’t go away you do what do you have okay does it hurt because that’s a little different okay hurt right now okay good come up here so a trigger finger is a it’s a little scar tissue that develops on the tendons that could get stuck there and you can’t move it yeah okay so we’ll have you stand right here come a little closer good okay so you have where it where’s the pain okay so now the first thing did you have an injury there or just happened carpal tunnel okay so what happens it’s like it’s hard to extend it or kind of get stuck there sometimes okay and it hurts okay all right so now we’re going to have someone fix it here she goes come up here and that way I can kind of walk everyone through it right let’s come over here so you stand right over here you’re going to be the practitioner you’re going to be as a patient okay you give me the doctor the patient yes you do and so here’s here’s the thing how many of you have seen any of the videos on pain that I’ve done anyone okay how many have never saw these videos okay this is going to kind of blow you away because this is very very different every single technique that we’re going to teach you every single procedure works on the principle of opposites so the way we’re going to fix this pain is to trigger the opposite side of the body how many have never heard that before okay when you first hear it it’s kind of like what that’s weird how could you do that well believe me it works you can select your arm now why would it work why would working on the opposite point be more effective getting rid of pain than working on the same side because you have all these circuits these connections that and guess what this side of the body is connected to this side on electrical circuit when you step on a dog’s tail p-box to his mouth right so the hip bones connected to the thigh bone cuz I bones connected so it’s all connected that allows you to walk I’m just trying to break it down so when you walk you don’t walk like this you yeah sometimes you do sometimes you walk and you think Renee your left and right side of your body every time if someone pushed me forward this foot is going to go forward like what how did I do that because the left and right in the front back is all connected to all these little circuits so you have electrical wires that go from this finger to this finger and that allows you to pick things up and coordinate and support and open things up so that’s how it works very complex circuitry it’s like the body’s like a machine so what we can do is we can press stimulate the exact opposite side of the body okay click it rid of the pain point now this works like real it works fast and no one does this they don’t teach us in school so that’s what I’m teaching you you’re going to be quiet you’re going to be quite amazed now the thing is what’s interesting about this is that when you work on the opposite side it’ll be twice as tender on the good side only when you press so apparently the energy kind of builds up on the other side especially if it’s chronic but this won’t hurt normally unless you press on it so how do we know we’re on the right spot look for the point that hurts twice as much and they’ll go what the heck I didn’t know that her so when she presses that point what’s happening is we are resetting the electrical circuit of basically working on the brain we’re kind of teaching the brain to turn off its electrical signal and some of you are going to say oh dr. Burke if I stepped on your toe of course you’re going to feel better and have no that’s not how it works doctor in the work so so let’s let’s just the first thing you do is we’re going to rate her pain 10 being very severe zero being no pain how would you rate it 10 right now okay so now we’re going to take this hand go ahead and take it and you have a point to where it hurts can you label it get the exact spot know that let her point to it okay good so now where would be the opposite point on that wait wait right here okay because you have to think in opposites okay so now you’re going to take this hand taking out big tickets do your thumb and kind of work that out okay and dig in there pretty good see if you can find it you’re going to tell her if it’s tender or not okay so now I’m just going to do it just to make sure that you can relax hand with the other hand see yeah so I’m gonna press in here okay you see her ID so you want to feel around a little more firmly to find the exact epicenter so it’s like right through in here okay go ahead and find that in right here okay press them they’re a little bit more firmly and you tell if it’s the same pressure go a little harder come a little bit more this way up good yeah is that it okay just kind of work that a little bit work that for about an hour that’s it now now so we’re just kind of right now where it’s kind of she were sending circulation down to the side that she has a lost communication right there okay so now now how long does it take this probably maybe five seconds to something’s like so this ease off there and just give me a number on that side it was a 10 okay now did it move in location okay where’s the pain now it’s still here but it’s not right it’s left okay good so so what I’m going to do is just to speed this up so we’re just going to press press in here a little bit more so you kind of point a little bit lower so you see how I’m just kind of going in there a little bit and you want to just rub it a little bit and a regular basis just to kind of send the signals in there a little bit well she’s going to feel pain right now until I stop but I’m just kind of now you don’t want to press too hard I’m just kind of going in there a little bit just to kind of ease up some of the pain through there and I’m watching your eyeball so they don’t pop out and you don’t want to create too much trauma on there but can you see okay okay now let’s just see what that is now – okay did it move in location okay that’s five okay all right did it move in location or still in the same spot okay where point to it so you see what’s happening it’s changing see what happens it won’t completely erase until you get the exact light but since she is kind of a broad thing sometimes you have to narrow it down so we come a little bit lower and we just kind of work right through this point is up too painful okay good good it’s like a good hurt okay so you do that you definitely want to apologize for the pain that I’m putting her into I’m really sorry about that and okay so now okay so let’s just see what is now free okay I like that now did it move in location okay so go ahead and take it and work work down just kind of work down that finger you use some to do some fresher yeah just go in there and kind of small you know I don’t have a cat okay stay on that tenth yeah like we’re doing half right so basically very simply we’re pressing on the optimi R image side okay now we could probably do this for maybe ten minutes and completely get rid of that pain how long do we have it for yeah so cortisone shots are anti-inflammatories and cortisone is an adrenal hormone and they come with a package because it’ll mess up your own Guidry nails so it will temporarily work probably just come back we have an appointment Monday okay if you have any pain leftover dining tonight Wow so you did
it good job so what’d you give me numbers or is like what is it how would you rate it now it’s about three Wow yeah Wow all right so let’s give her a good job on that rep yeah good job so thanks for coming up you’re welcome you’re welcome hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to Get Rid of Trigger Finger Pain.
How to Get Rid of Trigger Finger Pain

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