How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

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More specifically, you want help with How to Get Rid of Acne Fast?

hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about how to get rid of acne fast okay and this is getting rid of the root cause the problem with most people trying to get rid of their acne is they’re just treating the acne directly and that’s treating the symptom they never get to the root cause and they they make some mistakes choose mistakes scrubbing your face with cleansers that’s a very bad idea why because you have all this friendly bacteria on your skin they’re supposed to protect your skin and you basically scrub it off so you’re sterilizing your skin and then you wonder why it comes back or acne comes back or you have other issues so scrubbing the face really really hard and in with cleansers is not a good idea I’m not saying don’t clean your face but don’t start scrubbing I made the mistake of that I had really bad acne in high school and I would scrub and trying to I think would be some like blackhead and dirt that I described off not good it never worked antibiotics what happens to antibiotics it will help with acne but it comes right back even worse because you kill off the good in the back of bad bacteria you create strains very strong resilient strains with bad bacteria that now don’t work against antibiotics and so it’s not a long term correction accutane is a kind of a synthetic version of vitamin A which does work but it has some slight minor complications like nosebleeds infertility blindness I think it’s off the market now if I’m not mistaken but these are some mistakes that people make so what we need to do is we did the secret is to find out what’s really causing the problem in understanding what the problem really is okay so that has to do with understanding what the sebaceous gland is this is spaceless gland is a gland right underneath your acne that is creating the problem so here’s what’s happening you have like five different situations you have extra tissue tissue being formed you know in a form of like a little flake a dryness an extra skin nodule then you have a plug poor okay and then also can give you whiteheads or blackheads which really has to do with this tissue kind of plugging up that poor you have inflammation it’s complained red painful you have unfriendly bacteria in there that are feeding off the oil and that oil is called sebum okay that’s like the waxy oily thing that’s supposed to lubricate the skin so you have excess oil or see them and then you have enlarged gland okay all these things are happening and that’s really what acne is it’s not just one thing so my whole thing is let’s get deeper let’s see what we can do to correct the original reason why it’s there in the first place okay well the unique thing about the sebaceous gland is it’s very highly sensitive to hormones specifically androgens which is like a male hormone and even estrogen both of those hormones okay now the way that you know it’s more estrogen related usually in females and you would notice if during your cycle or right before your cycle it gets worse okay it might be maybe it’s even on one side of the face which means it’s if it’s on the left side it’s on the left ovary because the ovaries repetitively go back and forth each month and release the egg and produce more hormones so what happens if you have it more on this side that means the left ovary is pumping out too much estrogen okay so it could be estrogen especially which related to your cycle or could be antigen so let’s just let’s just start with the androgen situation antigen one form of androgen is called testosterone men and women have testosterone men have it in more mouths larger amounts women do still have it in certain amounts you need it but if you’re a female you don’t need much of it but in this situation you’re pumping out too much and too much antigen will increase the sebum the oil the size of the gland itself and extra tissue so that’s really what it’s doing now my question is why why are you producing too much androgen right you say well I’m going through puberty or whatever even menopause can do it right well there’s a couple reasons for that number one you may have a condition called PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome I put a link down below if you’ve never heard about it before but that’s basically a situation where you’re female and your ovaries are pumping out too much and Ojin okay and the three big symptoms are acne hair loss or alopecia or facial hair okay a deeper voice as well so those are the symptoms but while we’re on this topic let’s just talk about what causes PCOS it’s really high levels of insulin okay and it’s a condition called insulin resistance if you look this up sometimes in the medical literature it’ll say that PCOS is associated with insulin and then in a some associated it’s caused by insulin because every single time you improve the insulin situation the PCF goes away so you might want to learn more about that if you you don’t know about insulin resistance okay and you have acne you need to read some of the videos I’ll put a list them down below because it’s probably one of the most important things that you can understand about because it’s so simple to fix this thing if you know what it is and what to do and then you can actually kill two birds one stone handle the PCOS handle the antigen handle the acne – okay so insulin very important to handle that naturally so that’s one cause the other cause is that you have too much of a certain enzyme that is converting your testosterone into something called DHT that’s just a very powerful form of testosterone so DHT is like 10 times stronger than regular testosterone okay so there’s too much of the certain enzyme that’s just making way too much strong testosterone in your body so now why would that happen right well one of the reasons is that you don’t your vitamin A deficient so vitamin A will actually help reduce that enzyme okay and that’s probably why accutane works because accutane is a version of vitamin A a synthetic version so I would start taking vitamin A in the form of extraversion cod liver oil okay a high quality cod liver oil get the extraversion you can get it on Amazon it’s a little more expensive but it’s really good for your skin so vitamin A will help the skin greatly in improving this situation the vitamin b5 is another vitamin that also works with vitamin A and it helps reduce acne that’s another remedy also to help this enzyme be Lord and then zinc zinc is very very powerful for getting rid of acne because it lowers this enzyme okay so so we have lowering the insulin okay adding vitamin a in column oil and also increasing b5 in zinc those are the things that I would do if I had acne right now I wish I would have known about this in high school because I would have done this it would have cleared things up very nicely now let’s shift gears over to estrogen so if you have an estrogen problem that’s a little different now what could cause an high estrogen there’s a lot of things that can cause it but the big cause is a liver dysfunction okay the liver is not eliminating the bad estrogen that’s in your body there’s an enzyme in the liver called aroma taste similar to this enzyme but basically it will take the estrogen testosterone that you have and switch it over to estrogen okay so now here you are you know you don’t have this problem you have a different issue over here and that made me come from a liver issue and this can happen in men and women but here’s the symptoms or the problems with the liver you could have a fatty liver which a lot of people have or scar tissue deliver a cold liver cirrhosis that comes from the inflammation in the liver from that eating or a v
irus like hepatitis something like that or even a fatty liver fatty liver will then turn into cirrhosis over time and again these these are not isolated situations you could actually have insulin resistance that creates the fatty liver then causes this over here so it’s not just always cut and dry so what I’m saying is that you have to look at acne as a clue and pull a string and get your body healthy the skin is the largest organ in the body and it gives us clues on what’s going on inside you can tell a lot about a person’s health by their skin so these are just kind of indicators you want to use to try different things so liver dysfunction okay so that can keep your estrogen time because now your liver cannot detoxify these harmful estrogens other things that can cause this high blood pressure medications specifically calcium channel blockers will do it antibiotics will increase the estrogen alcohol will increase estrogen it’s very estrogenic yeah heartburn medications have been linked to high levels of estrogen antidepressants will increase your estrogen so all these people are on medications and they don’t know why they’re now they’re getting acne because it’s doing this right here okay so now what do we do if we have those issues we want to start eating healthier of course the best food for the liver would be cruciferous vegetables okay I’m going to put a link down below that would be like kale broccoli Brussels sprouts there’s another remedy that I like and I put a link down below for more information it’s it’s a protocol dim and dim is like 25 times stronger than regular cruciferous it’s a super concentrated version of cruciferous that will really help handle the estrogen dominance and help acne it’s really good results with that and then the last thing we’ll talk about is stinging nettle root that is a plant that will also lower this enzyme and clean up the excess estrogen in your body okay so we got cruciferous dim or either/or or thin stinging evolute that’s really good for the liver of course apply the information of insulin which I’m going to put the link below again there’s a lot of information in this video you can go back and research it but these are the things that I would do if I had acne and there might be other medications that you can take to get rid of it fast but it comes back so this is the best way to correct it fast so it doesn’t come back it’s more of a permanent thing so I hope this helped and put your comments below thanks for watching

This Post Was All About How to Get Rid of Acne Fast.
How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

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Estrogen Balance with DIM:
Dr. Berg explains the deeper root cause of acne and the fastest way to get clear skin. Most people make the mistake of scrubbing their skin and damaging it. The skin layer is filled with millions of friendly microbes that protect the skin. Cleansing the skin sterilizes it thus causing acne to come back due to the wrong bacteria. Taking antibiotics is not a long term solution because it develops resistant bacteria. Accutane has some serious side-effects.
Understanding sebaceous gland is the key. There are 5 things that make up acne.
1. Inflammation
2. Plugged pores
3. Excess oil or sebum and bacteria
4. Enlarged sebaceous gland
5. Excess skin formation.
The sebaceous gland is very sensitive to two sex hormones:
Androgens increase the size of the gland and the oil production. This can come from PCOS, which is excess insulin. Insulin resistance is the real cause. Insulin also increases the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase thus turning testosterone into DHT (a powerful form of testosterone.
The best thing to take is vitamin A (virgin cod liver oil), vitamin B5, zinc and also decreasing insulin: watch this video:
Estrogen dominance (excess) can also cause hormonal acne, which is connected to a menstrual cycle. Typically the liver can not clear excess estrogen due to a fatty liver or even cirrhosis. This causes a a build up thus acne. Certain medications can also cause this. The enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone into DHT (a powerful form of testosterone) can be triggered in excess due to liver dysfunction. If this happens add more Cruciferous vegetables or better yet DIM, which is a concentrated form of cruciferous. Stinging Nettle Root is a great plant to add as well. I combined DIM with cruciferous vegetables with stinging nettle root in my product called Estrogen Balance with DIM as listed at the top of this description -check it out.
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