How to Get into Flow

How to Get into Flow

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have you ever worked on a project where you’ve got such laser-like focus that you’re just time seems to stop man and you’re just getting a job done and nothing else seems to matter and at the end of it all you feel really good you feel really accomplished you see us as business people we get gratification out of accomplishment we get gratification out of feeling like we finished a task and sometimes we feel disconnected if we’re leaving something unfinished well when you get into that zone we’re totally hyper focused that’s actually called the state of flow and the cool thing about a state of flow is it’s what you’re used to call being in the zone but a state of flow allows you to really go into a separate state of your subconscious that allows you to just focus and do something that you enjoy and get it done for example adventure sport enthusiasts people that do a lot of skydiving spearfishing BASE jumping they get gratification out of that because they get into a state of flow because they have to focus they have to focus so much that they tune everything else out so what if you could sort of hack yourself into flow what if you could get yourself into that state of mind where you’re gonna feel focused all the time and we’re gonna actually get a lot of things done over the course of say a week well it starts with your nutrition one of the things that you can do to get yourself into that flow state is to drink a little bit of coffee but drink it strategically I don’t mean just load yourself up so you’re jittery and hyper utilize caffeine to your advantage because caffeine is going to stimulate the release of norepinephrine dopamine serotonin all these neurotransmitters that actually are there when you get into a state of flow just a little bit of coffee maybe a half a cup before you’re about to get focused on a task the next thing that you can do is megadose your fish oil pills megadose your fish oil pills the day that you know you’re gonna have to get into focus and I don’t mean just you know take the recommended daily allowance or take what’s on the label I mean take a good five six thousand milligrams that you’re really feeding your brain really feeding your brain so we can activate that portion of your subconscious and additionally eat a little bit of dark chocolate you don’t have to eat the you don’t have to eat the sweet sugary stuff you can just go down the baking aisle and get some unsweetened dark chocolate and it’s gonna again it’s gonna help release that serotonin so it’s going to help your brain get into that flow state a little bit quicker but more importantly than the nutrition is you have to be in the right frame of mind you can’t get into a flow state if your cortex the logical portion of your brain is working on computing tasks because that cortex sort of acts as the guard that cortex isn’t going to allow you to get into that subconscious flow state unless it drops its guard and the only way you can generally get it to drop its guard especially as a business person that’s always cut things in your mind is to take care of those nagging little things on your to-do list so when you get into the office get the emails out of the way get them done get those little nagging tasks off your to-do list and then focus on the thing that really needs the most focus and you can get yourself in there and you can focus get in that state of flow and get the job done and feel accomplished at the end of the day that leaves much more energy to go to the gym it leaves much more energy to eat better and it leaves a lot more energy to have a better time of your family which is just a vicious cycle of good things to come thanks for watching see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to Get into Flow.
How to Get into Flow

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Getting in the State of Flow is one of the most important things to success in both business and in health. It’s that period of time when there feels like there is no time at all because you are either so focused on a task at hand or you’re just flat out in love with what you’re doing.
All and all, if you want to get things done, you need to know how to get in the zone or at least block some of the noise out of your mind.

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