How to Get a Six Pack in 3 Minutes Per Day – Short Workout

How to Get a Six Pack in 3 Minutes Per Day – Short Workout

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what’s going on guys – Thomas de Lauer here and I want to show you one of my secrets to a summer six-pack so lots of different ways to hit the ABS a lot of issues that people have when they hit their abs is they’re always engaging be open we are sorry Dave engaging the hip flexors which means when you’re doing leg raises and things like that you’re fatiguing your legs our particular tips we wanted to take the apps get that six-pack you want to engage them don’t have to go a lot of water weight usually don’t have to add those weights people say you do a lot of times your body weight is just fine so I’m gonna show you a little trick almost called the captain’s chair it’s that little thing over there so show you a little trick to engage this lower aspect so it’s all fun and I called my little rocket ship I’m spinning when you do these badly then just keeping your legs straight it’s okay to bend them and hit the heels together like so so you can have some point to touch out and that’s going to disengage your kicks so now when I get these it’s a lot more activation and you view a straight leg if you want to just keep those toes pointed out because heels lock together you’ve got six word go nice and slow get yourself on this I’m gonna go right into plank which is going to hit the transverse abdominus which are the ABS that are underneath yeah the rectus abdominis underneath the 6-pack but they help us draw those abs in so simple someone says just bending the knees or lifting the way you can do it either way you do if you’ve been within the knees but also drive the quads up and towards the source of it I’ll show you again in one second so this and this can hold for about thirty seconds and what I want to do is I want to suck in the stomach and do it back so show them the closeup of the stomach and what I’m doing so I’m actually consciously sucking in like that and that’s engaging those ABS you see I’m starting to shake we have to twerk it you can relax yes exactly pull your belly there’s fine correct yep you want to visualize that you want to draw your belly button into your spine and for this thing we would go over them to show you these again so yeah what I was doing if you showed from the side maybe yeah even when the knees are bent see I’m still drawing up and you see how my knees are staying bent chose you’ll see I’ll go back to that evil second here oh I’m so glad that these are helpful says don’t stop doing user this is extremely helpful that’s the basis of those that’s gonna target those lower apps really good that you can get that nice I call it the Hawaiian bread roll effect given by those little Hawaiian bread rolls so anyway guys I’ll keep doing these be sure to follow me on instagram Thomas de Lauer also follow me on Facebook Thomas de Lauer and keep helping to keep following me on periscope do these all the time hit me on YouTube as well a post up these videos if you ever want to re-watch them after the 24 hour period expires on periscope all right guys I’m winded I’m gonna finish this up have a protein shake what’s up Aaron hey we’re gonna be interesting a Barbara some probably this week as a cover model it’s really the only way you can go you got to stay this lean and stay in condition but you know I wouldn’t have it any other way I love it it’s it’s fun you know I feel good I’m energized you know taking care of my body from the inside out and it’s also there’s no better feeling Krister pre-workout shaking here both arguments only post no Dupree yeah pretty workout too much of an insulin spike from the way so if you’re gonna do it do it only worth afterwards pre-workout gluten free oats or something like that just a little bit of protein or a little bit of cards don’t even need that much protein into your workout or pre-workout so sorry guys if we did all right I’ll be sure to do more of these I know you guys enjoy them so stay tuned and I can follow me on instagram follow me on Facebook Eric I’ll see you later

This Post Was All About How to Get a Six Pack in 3 Minutes Per Day – Short Workout.
How to Get a Six Pack in 3 Minutes Per Day -  Short Workout

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This was a LIVE Broadcast when I was first broadcasting my routine that built my abs in the shortest time possible, so forgive the quality. More of these anti inflammatory hacks at
This is one of the shortest workouts on the internet to build a slim six pack, not one of the bulky six packs. Using mainly just bodyweight, you are able to get a focused contraction that gives you the nice lines on the stomach that you want!
Of course, an anti-inflammatory diet is key in being able to see your abs. You can learn more at

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