How To Fix Your Adrenal Body Type

How To Fix Your Adrenal Body Type

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hey guys welcome to the adrenal body type webinar so get some paper and a pen out because you want to take some notes okay this is going to be an awesome webinar so let’s get started right now so Who am I dr. Berg most of you know me for those of you that don’t know me I was in practice for 27 years and in my Northern Virginia office I was a director of my office and I also taught at Howard University as an associate professor in the area of health and nutrition okay I also have a best-selling book it’s called the seven principles of fat burning okay and I trained over 2,500 doctors over these 27 years I delivered over 4,900 seminars and also in my youtube videos I have over 2,000 now and close to almost 52 million views so you could check me out on youtube I have a lot of information so that’s who I am really quickly my story okay so I just want to quickly tell you my story in a thumbnail sketch I was very very very unaware of health growing up I could never just eat a little bit of sugar I would eat a lot of sugar I don’t think I’ve ever ate anything green until I was 28 years old except pistachio ice cream and lime green jello I never ate a vegetable I always justified it I said I told people I would eat healthy when I graduate and when I when I have my own place of course that never worked but anyway I lived in Wisconsin growing up and we pretty much ate a lot of junk food all-american diet and my grandmother was an amazing cook she would bake pies and cakes and things and I would eat them the whole thing so in high school I wrestled I usually did very good in the beginning of the year I was usually undefeated towards the end of year I would burn out because of the energy I lost because I was eating sugar I would starve them about a cut weight you know weigh certain amount and then pig out right after that and that was really bad so anyway I did go to state I did wrestle in college and very very brittle bones I started fracturing my bone so I had a lot of nutritional deficiencies that I was unaware of back then because it didn’t show up externally it showed up internally with fatigue with just fragile bones that was actually vitamin D vitamin k2 and private amine see anyway had a lot of dental work probably every single tooth was filled with amalgam I had those out never really helped me because my nutrition just didn’t change I was in the military in the reserves it was in the Army Reserves I went into basic training top of my group and then when I got to Biggs training I could barely do a push-up because of my nutrition because my health was very very weak my recovery was very very low I barely passed the PT test okay you couldn’t tell on the outside but the inside was pretty bad so when I was 28 that’s when I hit my lowest point of my health I had chronic fatigue syndrome I had severe constipation I had insomnia there was nice I didn’t even sleep one minute the whole night that was like torture because I would lay there and I couldn’t fall asleep I had arthritis and my hands and my back I had bloodshot eyes I was searching everywhere we would drive down the street and my wife and I’d say maybe they can help me maybe they could help me I would lead I’d come with a bunch of vitamins started taking these I had a warehouse of vitamins and this kept going on and on and on to the point where I’m like you know what I got to do something to make a long story short I found someone that said you know just kind of stood back and said okay we’re not going to give you more pills we’re going to find out what’s going on and my dream also completely burned out my liver was messed up so he started putting on a program that was very very strict and I was willing to do anything at that time and so I was like some people are not willing to change I was like hey just tell me what to do I’ll do anything so I started feeling better and I started feeling better and then I told my wife I said that’s it I there’s something to this I want to get into nutrition I want to get into the area of more in-depth into nutrition and she says you don’t know anything about it said I’m going to learn so I spent nights and weekends studying flying around the country getting going to postgraduate certifications I was obsessed about it for a long time and I still am as well but anyway I started getting better better of course now I want to help other people with the same problems that I had and I have a lot of reality because I had pretty much every single symptom that every single person has told me in fact all the videos that you were watching on YouTube those videos are probably all about me because and what I did to handle my own body all right so that’s my story so we want to talk about the adrenal body type because this relates to not just myself but a lot of other people but you can see it starts off you know you start off looking okay and then you know start gaining weight in the midsection bigger bigger and bigger so the adrenal is more midsection weight skinnier legs okay the adrenal gland sits on top of your kidney you got two of them and they’re the gland that adapts your body to stress so in other words it changes the physiology of your body to handle and cope with stress stress so if you could imagine a tiger chasing you what would happen to your blood pressure your blood sugar your muscles every adaptation that occurs is like the adrenal adapting your body to that stress State our bodies were not designed to live in a sustained stress environment for that long especially mental stress and what happens over time it burns the adrenal glands out so you have chronic fatigue syndrome so basically I’ll get into the symptoms but that’s really what the adrenal gland does and I think it’s important to know the function oh by the way the adrenal gland if you get a blood test on the adrenal gland rarely will it show a problem until sometimes 90% of adrenal has to be unresponsive before it shows up clinically now you can do a saliva cortisol test and that’s a cool test to do but you have to do it every four hours because it goes on a circadian rhythm okay so but I’m just going to give you all the symptoms so you can kind of indicate it I’m not going to wait for a blood test to tell me I have an adrenal problem because if you have majority of the symptoms then you have it so number one you’re very dispersed thinking all the time excessively kind of thinking about this and you switch gears over here I guess it’s multitasking it’s hard to focus basically your attention goes all over the place sometimes when you go into a room you’ll spot things that are out of order because the adrenal glands are all about survival so anything that is against survival like insanities you can’t tolerate in sanity’s too well or things out of order or things that are incompetent and competent people slow people stupid people like you might they might really rub you the wrong way too much you also have a hard time getting up in the morning you don’t feel bright you don’t jump out of bed and go yeah you need coffee you can’t get out of bed sometimes also you’re tired during the day okay since the adrenal gland is a survival gland what you’re doing mentally is your serve out you’re trying to survive you never feel like you’re surviving though you never feel like you’re really doing well you’re trying but it’s you’re never getting now you’re unsatisfied with your survival and you’re you’re basically solving problems 24/7 why because solving problems is a survival action so you’re basically adrenal glands are causing you to fixate on problems and constantly even if there’s none there you’ll you’ll you’
ll think they’ll find one right even if you go in a room you might be the person that spots that thing that’s not quite right you might have a wonderful day and have that one little thing that haunts you because it’s a problem that just sticks with you like like you ignore all the good stuff but you focus on the bad stuff so that’s what happens and that can keep you from sleeping also the stress depletes certain B vitamins as well this is a someone that’s dispersed so you’re but a bit you’re it’s hard to focus some talking to you but you’re actually over here you’re not really listening all the time so that’s just the adrenal issue your tolerance for stress is not as high as it should be so if you can tolerate a lot of stress you probably know libido is low this is a little fence right here low libido eventually also your blood pressure goes up which way am I going here okay dispersed I already talked about that inhaler because of asthma allergies and asthma our adrenals think about what they give you if you have allergies or asthma they give you steroids Branko steroid inhalers what’s that that’s adrenal hormones so anything that’s treated with adrenal hormones is adrenal problem as most one allergies one look at acne is adrenal high androgens blood sugar issues our adrenal because stress can trigger to release of insulin yeah interesting you could become a diabetic through stress events okay snoring sleep apnea is adrenal as well leg cramps why because the a’dreea the adrenals you lose potassium you lose calcium through the urine Wow interesting also brain fog like you’re always foggy or not is clear hair loss alopecia is an adrenal it’s autoimmune all autoimmune diseases are triggered are treated with prednisone or cortisone why is that because they’re triggered by a stress event and their adrenal issues and because the adrenals control the white blood cells and they control the immune system an area that people don’t look at so what we’re trying to do is I want to connect the dots between this kind of goes beyond the diet and we’re talking about the stress connection to weight and other problems as well hot flashes why because the adrenal glands are the backup gland to the ovaries during menopause so that’s another interesting thing so we have facial hair that’s androgens sinus issues have to use the bathroom frequently especially at night as adrenal fluid retention cravings for carbs breads salt okay carbohydrates breads and salt because the adrenal gland basically turned your own food and muscle tissue into sugar which raises the insulin all these people are insulin resistance it could come from the stress event as well not just the diet so if you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re not losing weight well let’s look at this let’s look at the cortisol connection because that could be one loose collagen underneath the arms memory loss you don’t go downstairs like okay what am what am I going in here for loss of names why because the adrenal gland activates cortisol that actually decreases oxygen in the brain and kills brain cells upstairs here’s the perfect example of adrenal anything in climb going up stairs or up a hill you get it abreast fast your legs get heavy when you exercise up an incline when you do flat surface exercise you’re fine but incline is what are you going to know you’re going to run out of oxygen really fast high altitude not good a lot of bloating with adrenal because it affects the digestion think about the flight or flight mechanism shuts down a part of the nervous system that affects digestion and you’ll feel bloated after you eat and your stomach will swell so let’s say you wake over the morning stomach is a little bit lower and then at the end of the day you look like swole out to here that’s adrenal could be inflammation to heartburn GERD acid reflux all tell the same thing that’s adrenal low tolerance to incompetent people or low tolerance to stress fly off the handle easily hard too hard to just be calm all the time in stressful environments get tired after you eat like I mean all these symptoms really mimic diabetes don’t they well that’s because cortisol is really close to influence far as what what’s happening cortisol will actually increase your insulin this is one of my favorite books is called the cipa collection of medical illustrations volume 4 the endocrine system by Frank neder I have probably 10 or 12 of these books because they all they go I mean I use them so often but anyway on page 84 this is amazing this kind of summarizes high levels of adrenal hormone cortisol action ok look and look at this you have high cholesterol low vitamin D levels excessive brain stimulation look at glucose increase insulin diabetes gastric acidity these are all the symptoms I talked about look at loss of potassium electrolytes sodium cysts or inflammation arthritis acne immune problems I mean there’s so many issues fat that accumulates an essential part of your body amazing I mean this is the typical advanced adrenal issue where you got the belly fat why aren’t it going there because their body is holding fat around the vital organs as a survival mechanism it’s it eventually grab your butt muscles and turn them into belly fat so your butt becomes your belly okay and then the legs start getting thinner because your body is going to Rob proteins from the quadricep so in other words your Drina ‘ls are destructive they break down protein and your muscles may turn it to sugar and they convert it to the belly fat this is all a survival mechanism so you have muscle wasting going upstairs out of breath stretch marks bruising acne Buffalo Hump but other than that you’re perfectly fine here’s the here’s what happens these two this is what looks like you get two adrenals on top of the kidney and they’re pumping out a lot of cortisol that’s going right into this gut right there so that’s what people look like they get kind of rosacea or red cheeks as well okay so cortisol effects on the joints causes arthritis dementia because of it will just causing plaquing of the brain and decrease oxygen rheumatoid arthritis it’s autoimmune high cholesterol high blood pressure ask your paralysis and diabetes I mean there’s a lot of people that have these conditions but don’t they’re not really educated on the adrenal so does not we’ll want to do is I want to talk about here’s the biggest problem the obvious problem it’s this obesity as a disease that’s not true but what happened in the medical profession has assigned obesity as the culprit they’re not looking deeper I mean this is like in 2013 the American Medical Association voted to classify obesity as a disease in one day 78 million adults 12 million kids were instantly diagnosed with this disease now we can put them on treatment they voted this into existence it wasn’t any type of other like medical evaluation other than they loaded on it okay well what I want to do is I want to show you what to do for the adrenal gland itself so we can go deeper into what’s really causing this problem here’s the problem the adrenal gland has an outside in it inside okay as an outside and inside and the inside is all nerve tissue the outside is all gland tissue the inside of the adrenals have what’s called the sympathetic nervous system now you don’t need to know that all you need to know it’s called looks like the flight or flight mechanism and the flight of fight is like the on switch so in the body you have the on switch that actually turns things on and accelerate things and get things more stress and then there’s an off switch in the body as well it’s called the parasympathetic so in your body you have an on and off switch okay well if you look at the off switch all these nerves that come to different organs the off switch is actually in the top part of the neck right and the lower part here and be on switch is all in the mid-back but if we look at these wires goes right to the adrenal glands so there’s an on switch for the adrenal that sympathetic connection to the adrenal but there’s no off switch there’s no parasympathetic control over the adrenal the inside of the adrenal what does that mean
it means that over time you can rev up that adrenal but there’s nothing that really brings it down is not like a neurological off switch that you can just turn off and that’s why so many people are almost they get stuck in a stress state and they can’t turn it off so what am I saying I’m saying that all stress tends to accumulate now how do I know that I’ll show you why I know that but just think about it for a second you know you were kid you had injury you had stress you ate food things that were stressful you’ve been through emotional losses and stress if you take someone that has a lot of stress event and their life they need nearly always have bad adrenals versus someone that has enough stress in their life they have really good adrenals so it’s really the accumulation of stress that really wears out the adrenals more than anything look at pregnancy hysterectomy that surgery’s tonsillectomies tonsillectomy infections severe losses my mother-in-law for example she pretty much had almost every organ removed the thyroid ovaries the gallbladder and then later in life she started getting surgeries for other things like a fracture and then going out under anesthetics which is very stressful to the body she has like several of those and I noticed when she everytime she had that she kind of lost her cognitive function and you can see the distress building up on her body she just didn’t recover like she should have but anyway the point you need to know is that your body’s like a pin cushion in your you’ve been accumulating stress for a long time so that’s really what does it and even if you take this takes subjective weight right take a look at when you started gaining weight was it after a stress event was after a pregnancy was it after a loss take a look at that if it was then we know you know we need to improve the adrenals so again the seminars this webinar is all about going beyond the food okay we’re just talking about another angle into why people gain weight so stress does accumulate okay if you take a look at injuries and traumas and infections I mean I I’ve had okay so now let’s get to a little test that I have in my office and this is called heart rate variability what is this saying heart rate variability it actually is a a tool to measure something called the autonomic nervous system so this is an amazing book on autonomic nerves the autonomic nervous system is composed of the nervous system that’s a foundational system that’s behind everything that runs on automatic okay you have two systems you have actually three systems but you have the flooded fight and then you have the it’s called rest and digest so we got the sympathetic and the person think so this little gadget measures both of those states so you can get an idea of what’s happening to a person’s sympathetic nervous system what’s happening to their stress State in a rest state okay you can you can actually visualize the recovery state where their parasympathetic state okay and I’ve tested thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people so and it’s quite interesting I can look at this graph and not even you can you don’t even have to tell me anything about yourself and I can tell you all about what’s going on inside it’s really cool here’s two graphs the small dial here should always be right up here it should be very very high okay and the tall dial should be straight up and down so it should be like a three o’clock and I don’t have a normal here but anyway you can see the tall dial is it should be up and down it’s too high and the bottom dial should be up here and it’s coming down but it’s still pretty high so this person right here is kind of stuck in stress even when they’re relaxed so typically they would be thinking more analyzing can’t calm down can’t sleep but because they’re sympathetic the parasympathetic this is a recovery system is quite high they probably are not going to feel anything bad they’re going to probably cope with stress find and feel fine it’s only when this thing burns out that you start feeling it so this person will feel okay despite having a high level of that flight or flight mechanism okay but this one look at this one this person’s activate are the sympathetic sits the flutter fight is kind of where it’s where it should be but look what the recovery is it’s way down here it should be way over here so basically they lost a recovery this person is going to be a lot worse off they’re going to have they’re going to get overwhelmed by stress easily they’re going to not cope well they’re going to have low tolerance of stress they’re not going to sleep too well because this recovery graph is not there to get them to bounce back so they’re going to have an adrenal issue big time cortisol the hormone for the adrenal that makes your belly fat is one of the hormones that makes you fat and it’s a dominating hormone which means even if you eat good you exercise and you take your vitamins and do everything if this hormone is too high it will nullify all the good things that you’re doing okay so it’s not about triggering the fat burning hormones it’s about avoiding the hormone that blocks these okay so the most important thing it’s a thousand times more important to avoid stress or do things to handle stress than it is to try to stimulate or take something to try to boost your fat burning hormone so just make mental note of that now I’m going to talk about the number one single most important thing if you have an adrenal body type it’s the fixture sleep okay drain okay so don’t sleep they can’t get to sleep don’t fááá sleep they wake up they don’t feel refreshed at night you go through these four waves of sleep and you should feel rejuvenated with adrenal you don’t get that so you’re not going to feel rejuvenated so this is what we need to fix number one exercise essential but what kind of exercise walking low intense walking why because that is lots of oxygen and low stress okay so walking is the best exercise for the adrenal and you need to do it every single day like 45 minutes to an hour yoga is the second best thing but sometimes yoga could be intense to just do the light type of yoga people stress this is another big one right probably fifty percent of people that I see they’re stressed out because of other people relationships their marriage their kids parent co-workers oh my gosh it’s crazy so you’re going to have to deal with that but just realize that that could be the culprit so you really need to either get new friends get new family get new co-workers if possible I don’t think that’s possible but the point is that you need to deal with that and avoid situations as much as you can but that’s a big one so you don’t look like that right there lots of space is good change of environment go go invocation get out there get space don’t sit in your room or watch TV watching Street TV is not a stress reducing thing because it’s constantly here you’re not getting enough space you’re looking at a screen with pictures okay but this is a very therapeutic thing in fact I know people even when they have food allergies they’ll go to another country they get space they eat like crap and they still lose weight why is that because of the space I had a guy a patient who he would get space like this his belly literally would shrink and he’d come back and it just blows up so I know that that’s important because look at with the dream all you’re thinking all the time right and all the thinking activates the adrenal so you want to actually get in a situation where you just stop just analyzing things so much and that’s why it’s important to get out there and walk and not to turn the computer too often the sugar has to go we need to bring the sugars down to zero because the sugar will deplete nutrients and raise insulin and block any chance that you’re going to lose weight okay hidden sugars are fruit yeah fruit grains including oatmeal can block your ability to burn fat yogurt has even the plane has like ten grams of sugar alcohol will also mess up the liver and bump your fat burning’ for at least 48 hours look at look at an apple an apple has 1
9 grams of sugar unfortunately I used to recommend eating apples but I’m going to tell you right now I don’t recommend that anymore okay in my book that I’m updating you won’t see that anymore we recommend not consuming apples because the amount of sugar and also a lot of Margie ml so we want to avoid fruit especially this sweet apples now let’s see you’re not trying to lose weight well you could probably get away with it but I’m just telling you there’s a lot of sugar in these apples unfortunately but I don’t want to deprive you okay because every time I tell people not to have something that’s what they want it more so there are things that you can do as substitute foods so you can eat these food to not feel like you’re deprived I have tons and tons and tons of alternative foods you can search dr. Berg keto friendly eat meals and you’ll find these recipes all over I recommend that you start making some the next thing you want to do is increase potassium why potassium not only is the physiological tranquilizer and calms the dreams down but we need about 4700 which would equal about one two three four five is 10 bananas or five avocados every single day now instead of doing the bananas and avocados I recommend doing the salad a big salad about seven to ten cups not an all in one sitting of course I do it but you don’t have to just a couple of big huge salad today and I highly recommend that you do that because that will give you a potassium you cannot fix adrenals without the task and the calcium is needed to also lower insulin potassium will helped restore the adrenal glands and help you sleep it’s very very vital as far as protein you want three to six ounces you want three meals a day or two meals a day okay but make sure that their protein and fat and you add the vegetable to that as well you don’t have to consume what I consume if you’re a vegan you don’t have to consume this this has happens to be what I consume I four eggs a bunch of bacon nitrate free organic without sugar paleo and I do a lot of times an avocado and I’ll probably put some cheese in it that’s what I do but I’ll probably consume this I’ll do this like pie 11 o’clock in the morning and then I won’t eat until maybe 4:30 sometimes I’ll I’ll do three meals maybe I’ll do a late dinner small one but sometimes I’ll do two males but I’m not having snacks because the intermittent fasting not eating between meals is really powerful because that will trigger hormones that will block your ability to lose weight so in a minute fasting is basically not snacking another thing I used to tell people to do is snack bad advice so I don’t recommend it two to three meals a day no snacking so how do you do that you want to add more fat at the meal so you can go longer without eating what is that going to do well fats neutral it won’t trigger the insulin factor okay it allows you to go longer intermittent fasting will help the adrenal glands why because every time that you fast it takes the stress off the digestive system and it gets you to burn fat which is a better fuel system it’s more efficient and sugar if you actually rate sugar in your blood Sugar’s go up and down guess what that does to cortisol and adrenaline it jacks it up so we want to do in a minute fasting okay alpha soda vinegar vital to help with your visceral fat in your gut it actually helps break down fat and it’s really really really good for keeping the pH correctly balanced so your body can maximize weight loss and it also have blood sugars and cortisol all right so now that you know about the adrenals what do we do about it okay how do we fix it plan a right here you need to go into a desert island or some island and just for the next six months and rejuvenate okay that’s plan a so I’m good right and you’ll come back you lose tons away if you can’t do this right now okay there’s a plan B and that is the Drina body type kit this is the most popular comprehensive kit and I want to explain what it does okay this kit is composed of the sleep aid okay sleep aid used to be the adrenal night formula what I did is they upgraded it and I added lv9 and trip to man tryptophan to actually enhance the formula I had this last night I’ll take one before bed had a beautiful sleep I’m sleeping longer with it and I wake up feeling refreshed no grogginess there’s no hormones there’s not anything in here that’s going to activate the wrong hormones there’s not melatonin for example it basically supports your adrenal gland and helps you get into it rejuvenating its sleep and I take this one before bed and it’s awesome okay number two cortisol adrenaline cortisol relief this product used to be my adrenal day formula I added an ingredient called a Shogun de added more of at 200 milligrams and that also helps lower cortisol even more so it’s mainly for high cortisol when you take this you take it during the day and you just feel stress-free you’re going to feel like calm it’s going to take that tension out so the combination of both of these take this at night this turn the day one with meal you’re going to feel really really good okay you don’t really have to take this with meals you can just spread it up through the day you can take maybe one in the morning to at night or it doesn’t really even matter you can take them all together but this right here has nutrients to support the adrenal gland itself and rejuvenate the Drina function the gall bladder why are we recommending a gall bladder what does that have it to do with anything well this has a lot of different gradients and many people have a justa problem they have basically your your stomach is fat because they get a lot of bloating right so this reduces bloating for from digestion because it has bile salts and it has enzymes and helps things for the stomach it’s very comprehensive but it also has purified bile salts that help dissolve visceral fat on the gut so this is more of a fat dissolving thing okay and then we have the trace mineral what is the trace minerals trace minerals are basically plant-based minerals plant-based minerals are 15,000 times smaller than regular minerals the plant-based minerals are good for building proteins collagen hair nail skin so when you lose weight the last thing you want to do is end up with loose skin this makes the skin tight it makes this college and look good it makes your skin look great it’s good for nails it’s good for hair so this is really good for your protein so that way when you lose weight you look good so you you don’t look bad this kit also comes with a really cool body type program online program that give you a lot more information on many different topics related to the adrenal and then also the digital version of the book okay this gives you a lot of background data on the adrenals and the other body types now there’s also two very cool bonuses that it comes with one is a meal crater which you know you’re going to wonder what am I going to eat right well you’ll have access to a very cool program for the rest of your life included to basically within 30 seconds pick the meals that you want press a button and generate an entire week of foods okay and you can set it for three meals a day or two meals a day and boom you have the whole thing now you can actually not focus on what you’re going to eat tonight you already have the plan for the whole week it’s awesome okay so that will help you and then the second bonus is this cool booklet okay this booklet is how to burn fat and fix your metabolism this is a summary of my new book that’s coming out that I don’t have out yet but it’s coming out that you can get through in about 20 minutes it’s just the key things you need to know and it’s a quick read and you just follow this and you can jump in and get started this lot of people just love this booklet and you can buy it or you can just get it as part of it but it allows you to get the nitty gritty and what to do and also how to address the insulin connection as well so I’m going to throw that in there as well and so that’s the kit now right now I’m doing a special you can get 10% off the entire kit so I put a link on this page or do
wn below depending on what you’re looking at okay so here’s the kit right here this includes everything I can’t promise you that the 10% off will be activated when you’re watching this because it’s for a period of time so you just want to check to see if the link is still working it’s not working just you know get it for regular price but here’s the point a couple questions people want to know how long does this laughs if you’re taking the usual amount which is one of these before bed this will last three months if you’re taking one with a meal this should last about one month sometimes this is two meals the last two months or one and a half months and then this will last depending on how many you take sometimes is just one you’re taking sometimes and three will last between one and three months and this lasts between 1 and 3 months depending on how much you take but usually saying these two products are really not long-term products you may like to take this on a period of time or over a period of time and you may want to take this if your life is very stressful but it lasts three months so this program will last anywhere between one and three months okay but the knowledge that you’re going to learn from the book and the summary charts and videos are priceless so if you want to get the kit click down below and please send me your success story thanks so much for watching

This Post Was All About How To Fix Your Adrenal Body Type.
How To Fix Your Adrenal Body Type

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Dr. Berg talks about the Adrenal Body Type. This type has a series of symptoms:
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3. Asthma
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5. High blood pressure
6. Low vitamin D
7. Buffalo hump
8. Diabetes
9. Inflammation
10. Acid reflux
Here’s what to do:
1. Low intensity exercise
2. Sleep more
3. No sugar
4. Lots of greens (7-10 cups of vegetables)
5. Protein 3-6oz
6. The Adrenal Body Type Kit
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