How to Fix Knee Pain Fast – REALLY WORKS!

How to Fix Knee Pain Fast – REALLY WORKS!

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okay in this video we’re going to show you how to fix the left knee okay now the only time this wouldn’t work is if you had an actual cut complete sever of a tendon or a ligament or a bone break something beyond the scope but if there’s just pain in the knee what you’re gonna do the way to fix it is you work on the opposite leg okay so let’s say this hurts right here you’re gonna work on the muscle the quat the this muscle right here it’s called the thigh muscle quads muscle right here and there’s one that comes straight right here into the hip and the function of this muscle is just to kind of bring the leg out extend that leg okay so now you can use your hand or you can use the tool I like a tool because it’s it’s easier but the whole thing is you’re gonna take and you’re gonna strip out a strip down this muscle right in the right down the center of your thigh now you’re probably wondering like how is this gonna fix this knee well you’re gonna find out when you stand up it’s quite amazing how to do with the anything on this side of the body is connected neurologically to the opposite side so by working on this side you’re actually fixing the brain and you’re improving the stuck flow because pain is a stuck flow this erases that stuck flow so your brain doesn’t have to just constantly just send signals down pain pain pain pain okay so we’re going to come here and we’re going to press down right in the center if we use the device we’ll come down here and just work out the knots right down the center okay so if you split your thigh and you come right in the center but now here’s the key the most important thing is to take mid thigh and I press it down and slowly come up so let’s loli come up into the thigh right in the center and you want to get all the way up into the muscle close to your hip so we’re going to take this kind of attachment right through in there and you’re going to just press on it now you’re gonna feel like there’s a cigar-shaped muscle right the touch of the hip and that’s the one that comes here you want to get right on that muscle and slowly kind of come down onto that hip right through in here okay now realize that when you find the opposite muscle on this side it’s going to be very very very painful way more painful than your actual knee and that’s just the nature of how it works so in other words you want to use that to know that you’re hitting the right spot so you can also use I like to use this because it’s a little more powerful we can come and just kind of just press down into that hip there and just work that out all those nuts all the way down here okay so you can work that for like one to two minutes and then you’re going to move your knee and you’re going like wow oh that feels better but now we’re not done there’s another muscle that’s slightly to the right of that it’s kind of like right at the angle we want to work on that one so this muscle this is part of the quads we can come up or down but we want to come right down here and work you can use your hands if you want the thumbs if you have strong thumbs and we come right in there and we’re going to just scroll right down that muscle very important to get that the hip muscle right through and here yeah you just want to make sure that this is on it is so we come and we we get now you see we’re not right in the center we’re over about an inch to the right this is very important to get to this hip and again you can use this right here and work out that muscle the name of this muscle is called the vastus lateralis because lateral means on the outside and that’s this means like vast it’s a bigger muscle because it spans all through here so that’s a little Latin for you so we’re going to come right in here and you’re going to find that you’re trying to find the tender spots to the opposite knee and you come right in there and you work that out and of course it’s not easy to press on something that hurts but the more you work this out the more this knee starts to pain goes away okay we come in there we just work this out again I’m inching down this muscle right through here until I strip all that down okay and the last thing we want to do there’s a little muscle on the outside of this leg right here and there’s actually a kind of a sheath of tendon that comes from here and there’s a little muscle right here so that’s the third thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna work on the side sometimes people can lay on the side of their body and have a foam roller do this which I’ll demonstrate a bit but this is the one that I like to do we’ve just come and you can use your hands too but we’re working on the side right through here of your leg all the way down this one is very painful and a lot of people so we’re working on this side here and all the way up into that hip right in there this is the one that will be a little bit on the painful side right through here okay and then right into that hip so you’re gonna work on all these spots now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take my pin out of my pocket and I’m going to demonstrate how I’d roll on this thing right here so this is a little bit different because you want to just come right here and kind of roll your leg on the side right through here and want to come right up into that hip again you’re on your side you’ll be on your bed and just work that out just so your leg is really working this point and then up into the hip right to here again this is all for this left knee right through and here work it out for a couple of minutes and then my hip bones right here I have to go over the hip bone and then come on the other side of it the most improvement for your left knee is going to be this area right through in here okay so that’s all you do for the knee and if it does not work over and doesn’t improve cuz you’ll be doing this once you know once or twice a day for like a week if it doesn’t seem to stabilize it don’t get a scan and double-check to make sure there’s not a tear in your knee because no matter what you do if there’s a tear it’s not going to get better

This Post Was All About How to Fix Knee Pain Fast – REALLY WORKS!.
How to Fix Knee Pain Fast - REALLY WORKS!

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Dr. Berg teaches you how to fix left knee pain using a massage-type acupressure technique. For right knee pain, do the opposite. This works only if you have no tears or severe damage to the knee joint.
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