How to Fix Knee Pain Fast: REALLY FAST (Part 2)

How to Fix Knee Pain Fast: REALLY FAST (Part 2)

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okay guys so in the last video I put the link down below for knee pain I showed you how to get rid of knee pain a lot of you had amazing results and you didn’t even believe it until you did it okay but I left off a really important little end part of it so that’s why we’re doing another video now just to recap if you haven’t seen the video if he hurts on this knee you’re going to work on the opposite muscles that are attached to the knee on the opposite side okay if you hurts on this knee you’re going to work on these muscles over here okay watch the video just so you know what I’m talking about because there’s a whole electrical circuit that this sides connect to this side the hip bones connected to the side bone except your right so you can work on one part in fact another part now the thing is that the only time this won’t work is if there’s an actual tear in which case you’re going to get surgery but let’s just say he doesn’t have a tear there’s no damage he just has pain and and you want to clear an out in it unless the knee so you would massage the thigh muscle okay so we’re going to just come in here and really work the thigh muscle up into the hip we’re going to work the opposite side the outer part of his leg this is called that tensor fasciae latae and the iliotibial band there’s a muscle up here times flesh a lot on you’re going to work all that out up into the hip and again definitely watch the other video because I go into a little bit more and I show you how to do it on yourself and then you would work on the insides right here okay and you’re going to probably get 80% results but now the question is what do you do if it’s not a hundred percent let’s say you still have some residue right so you’ve done the technique and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to reassess it and see where it hurts you’re going to find that the pain is going to be improved but he still might hurt on the outside or the front part or the inside weave in the back part okay so what do you do that happens all you do is you isolate where it is and you do the mirror image okay more so if he says wow it feels better but it still hurts on the outside then I work on the outside of this leg the muscles up into this hip more okay so I’m going to work on these muscles right here and if I work on this side it mirrors this side and this side will start feeling better he’ll feel more circulation you’ll just feel less pain but if it hurts on the front then you’re going to work on the front of this muscle up into the hip right up into the hip and you’re going to find knots that are going to be really sore and that means you’re on the right spot and the more I do the front part here the more this is going to feel better now let’s say it’s the inside right this is where people have the the medial meniscus tears and things hopefully the the person doesn’t have that so if it hurts on this side you would work on this muscle these are the abductors these things hurt like hell so go light so you would work up into the hip and if you were to do this to yourself you can use the massage tool and end of a brush just don’t use a machete when you’re doing that so we come up into here we work on these muscles and you’re going to see all this pain just kind of clear right up and then the fourth thing is if it hurts underneath in the back part then you would work on the back part of the knee you can have the person lay down work on the hamstrings or if it’s yourself you can get a tennis ball you get a massage tool and work the very bottom back part of this knee and this is muscle called the popliteal underneath the it’ll hurt like you know what and we just work on that that back part because it mirrors the where the pain is okay so that makes sense everything gift basically you just want to work on the mirror image of everything and you’ll get rid of that pain okay one last little trick little secret you got to promise not to tell anyone this one because this is pretty cool and the way the electrical circuits work this shoulder handle is connected to the hip this shoulders connected to that hip this elbow is connected to the knee this risk is to the ankle so you can actually affect one thing and create another thing and the only thing I was going to show you on this for the knee is that if the person has knee pain it’s on this side right here right you can actually stretch the shoulder and relieve the knee pain again it’s all about Neurology and you have to do this you can do this by yourself you can hang on something and stretch this okay to handle even the hip and knee and that side and the opposite side or I like to take it like this relax your arm relax it let it go let it go let it go okay let it go okay have it all relaxed and we just stretch the arm up this relaxed stretch relaxed stretch and you’re stretching all these muscles right through in here you’re going to put relief into the knee and the hip on the opposite side okay you can either massage up underneath that shoulder and work on this shoulder to help the hip and the knee on the opposite side and even down into the elbow you can work on that so again these are just little tricks that I’ve done on clients that are they’re quite amazed to relieve pain and go ahead and try them and put your comments down below tell me how it worked press it forget it forget it I’m done press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future event

This Post Was All About How to Fix Knee Pain Fast: REALLY FAST (Part 2).
How to Fix Knee Pain Fast: REALLY FAST (Part 2)

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