How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restaurants

How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restaurants

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hey it’s Thomas de Lauer with optimized CEO and I’m going to address something that a lot of you are probably dealing with that used to drive me totally nuts especially when I was going out to client meetings all the time having to go out to client lunches and client dinners and that was not being able to control where I was going to eat wasn’t able to decide well hey I want to go get a salad especially when you know you’re trying to eat healthier you’re trying to perform at your best but a lot of times you’re at the mercy of what other people are going to decide for you so more often than not just given that I was living in Texas at the time everyone always wanted to go out to tex-mex they always wanted to go out to Mexican food and the problem with Mexican food is there’s not a whole lot of choices that are really going to be conducive to the lifestyle of trying to be a top performer in business and in health but I wanted to give you a quick tip that you can use when you go out to eat specifically at a Mexican restaurant now I want you to choose fajitas and the reason I want you to choose fajitas is because you’ve got a nice low carb option that you don’t have to opt to the tortilla you can literally just eat some meat some of the veggies some of the peppers and you just simply don’t have to put it on the tortilla and a lot of people will say well the meat is cooked in fat the meat is cooked in lard but the thing is is that lard isn’t always bad when it’s not combined with a carbohydrate and you’re not spiking the insulin that lard can actually be a good thing and depending on where the Mexican restaurant sources their lard it could actually help that omega-3 balance in your body and give your body the healthy cholesterol is that it needs to promote healthy testosterone production so don’t necessarily be afraid of that and the nice thing about warning fajitas is you can order it for the group the entire company the entire group of people that you’re with all your colleagues or your clients that you’re meeting with you can order fajitas for 3 or 4 people and no one’s going to even notice that you’re not opting for the tortilla so it makes it a really simple way to go out to eat go out to a restaurant stick to your diet keep your brain healthy keep that performance driving hard and still look your best and not hurt the productivity of your company and hurt the direction of your coming give it a shot but he does aren’t always so bad

This Post Was All About How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restaurants.
How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restaurants

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Eating at restaurants is difficult. But Mexican food has to be one of the most difficult. I also created a cheatsheet to help you order at any restaurant here:
In this video I explain how utilizing certain parts of Mexican food can actually help you lose fat and get in not only better shape, but think better throughout the rest of the day.
So many of us have to eat out a lot as part of our careers, but once you can arm yourself with what to eat at what restaurants, you can benefit from those situations, and also inspire those around you.
Mexican food uses a lot of lard. And generally speaking, it is not the best thing to eat, especially when it’s combined with refined carbs… But the trick is to avoid the refined carbs altogether and opt for things like fajitas when you go out to eat at Mexican food restaurants.
If you’re traveling a lot and business lunches and dinners are bringing you to restaurants, then you have to check out this video by Thomas DeLauer that shows you some of the ropes.

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