How to do a Real Health Evaluation

How to do a Real Health Evaluation

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about evaluation how to evaluate someone evaluation is basically taking all the information and digesting it analyzing it to come up with some type of outcome cause reason why something happens this is rarely done in medicine or even in alternative health care because what happens is they’ll take the symptom and then they’ll give you a treatment whether it’s a pill a surgery or even a vitamin right so let’s say for example you have low vitamin D levels well then you give you they give you vitamin D why what causes they don’t look at aligning this like with the underlying cause or why would you have this symptom in the first place vitamin D deficiencies can come from yes they can come from lack of Sun dietarily but they often come from high cortisol which is the stress hormone or it could come from a lack of digestive juices to absorb that vitamin because it’s a fat fiber vitamin so let’s say you have fatigue well we can give you Red Bull or some stimulant or we can find out Wow maybe it’s your sleep problem you know or high blood pressure maybe it’s a buildup of calcium and arteries maybe it’s an adrenal issue but we don’t do that we just give the person a treatment and for the rest of the life they they keep doing it so here’s what you know symptoms are effects they’re not causes and when you treat the symptom you hide this real problem and you continue the problem longer at medicine they’re basically made all those symptoms effects actual diseases but they’re really symptoms and so that’s why these people never get off the medication so I’m gonna take a case here’s a case that lady from she’s Paris France and I took her information we’re gonna write all her information on the board to show you how I jest and analyze it and evaluate it and I also have the blood test here as well so let’s see what we come up with in the next section okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to evaluate a case I’m going to show you how we do this the goal is to kind of take all the information and put it in buckets and see if we can align it with an AK we’ll cause the problem with most people’s they start treating each symptom separately so this lady particular ladies sir she’s from Paris France she actually has all of her information right here which I gathered and her blood test okay so we’re gonna take all this information and we’re gonna digest it and come out and see what see what we find so the first thing I’ll do is I’ll put it in different categories or sections I might put all the adrenal symptoms in a bucket the thyroid symptoms a menstrual cycle pain blood sugars digestion cognitive circulation so I’m kind of sifting it down and I’ll now take a little piece of of something and then I’ll try to understand it we’re trying to interpret what the body is trying to do with these symptoms so the first thing I’m gonna look at is that she has liver high liver enzymes okay so that’s interesting and then she has acid reflux bloating constipation bad breath varicose veins is a liver problem and coded tongue that’s a digestive issue so so we know bloating is decrease bile okay bile is that stuffing your liver in your gallbladder it helps you digest fats B I I’ll eat okay so that actually helps you absorb a lot of the fat soluble vitamins okay so we we know that right there acid reflux could be an adrenal symptom okay so let’s look at the adrenal stress sleep apnea now the interesting with sleep apnea is that is a deficiency of vitamin D and k2 those are two fats I have a vitamin so that could align with a lack of bile because without the bile you can’t absorb these nutrients into the body causing sleep apnea same thing with sinus all right so that’s interesting and then let’s take a look at she also has pain in the heart that’s chest pain that’s angina and left arm so that’s more heart related now one of the remedies if you research angina is vitamin E and vitamin e – those are fat soluble vitamins so that would align also with the low bio that’s interesting now all of the like the fibromyalgia that’s pain all over the body what treats that is a lot of fatty acids some unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids so a lot of the healthy fats Omega threes our anti-inflammatory so let’s let’s just kind of assume that if she doesn’t have the bile she can’t digest the fats to help her with the inflammation so that’s one cause it could also be adrenal – so I’m always I’m just sorting things out right now to see if it all connects oh this is interesting she’s on thyroid medication but she still has cold hands and cold feet and loss of eyebrows okay so we know the thyroid actually converts t4 to t3 through the liver through the gallbladder and guess what that’s involved with the bile so chances are this thyroid problem could possibly come from a low bile issue as well that would align with its the first thing I’m trying to look at here now let’s like take a look at this hat has to eat she has to eat now and if she doesn’t eat now she gets uncus uncontrollable cravings okay sugar cravings well what happens that can that’s a blood sugar problem and what stabilizes hunger or cravings is the fats that go into the brain when you eat them especially the fat nutrients to satisfy the brain so I do know that she did mention that when she does protein in low fat she has severe sugar cravings okay about an hour after she eats so this is also a failure to digest fats because especially if she eats and she gets she’s still not satisfied that’s really what’s happening or you’re craving it just means that she’s not able to pull those fats into the brain and digest them to satisfy so she’s not hungry anymore so that would explain this right here this this because she craves cheese it could also be low potassium and it coughs would be an adrenal as well now look at this high a1c so that is a blood sugar each issue that’s a higher sugar but she has symptoms of low sugar so we know she has a blood sugar issue because it’s too high or too low and that is gonna mess with you or cognitive function so if you look at cognitive she feels out of it brain fog no focus no concentration so right there what I’m gonna I’m starting to think with here is that she’s not getting the fuel to the brain see the brain runs on sugar fuel and fat fuel and the problem with running in sugar fuel which I think she’s been running on she’s gonna have highs and lows highs and lows brain fog irritability all day long so we need to switch her to basically the better fuel source which is going to be ketones or fat so that’s going to handle the cognitive okay so we have acid reflux constipation well guess what if you don’t have this bile you have no lubrication for the bowel so you’re going to get backed up okay and then you’re gonna Inc as a resultant of that a chain reaction you’re gonna get undigested food and bad breath coated tongue and and also bile is very very alkaline and it neutralizes acid so that could be acid reflux could be a possible symptom of a low bile – okay so let’s let’s take a look over here we have circulation cramp cramp II CAF’s she mentioned basically she feels that she has low blood flow severe deficiency of blood flow to her calf’s but she really describes it as severe muscle cramp to the calf so that might feel like a circulation but it’s a serious calcium and magnesium deficiency okay and those minerals need vitamin D to absorb into the tissues so this would make sense because if she doesn’t have the bile she won’t pull in the fat soluble vitamin d3 to absorb the minerals because the minerals are transported with the fat side of vita
mins so instead of getting our calcium I would or magnesium I would just fix the bile because that would help her absorb the food that she’s already eating and absorb the fat side of vitamins so I really see so far she has a fat side with vitamin deficiency because she doesn’t have the bile from the liver okay so there’s liver damage here for some reason now there’s also a lot of Drina symptoms right here can’t sleep at night extreme fatigue and that right there is a high cortisol situation that could cause the bile problem in the first place the other thing that could do it is this over here heavy cycles mean high estrogen so it could be that the high estrogen from the cycle being out of balance that could also interfere with the bile production because women that are an HRT hormone replacement therapy that’s high estrogen or birth control pills end up having gall bladder problems on the road as one side effect so estrogen will affect the gall bladder so again that’s it’s all starting to unravel this mystery is unraveling here and so she’s on synthroid which is thyroid medication but it’s not really working and she can’t sleep that’s why she’s tired so really what I’m looking at here is I would support the adrenal for sure that seems to be at the root of it but I’m gonna give her some bile salts purify bile salts that should take a big chunk of this problem away and then see what’s left so when you evaluate you always take a little pieces of it and you see if it lines and yes this definitely aligns with the gallbladder and liver and the bile also even if there’s scar tissue on the liver like cirrhosis or fibrosis one of the great treatments to break that down is the bile okay so that’s what we’re going to recommend will change your eating will make sure that her breakfast is high in protein and fat but we’ll give her a little gallbladder support to digest that fat and the other thing that we might want to do is make sure that she’s consuming food with vitamin D vitamin k2 and vitamin E 3 but what I’d like to do is first give her this bile and see if these symptoms don’t go away because she might just have an absorption problem okay so I just wanted to show you how I evaluate and just how I look at things because the problem is we don’t want to start loading up with a million pills and start treating symptoms okay so I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How to do a Real Health Evaluation.
How to do a Real Health Evaluation

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