How to Burn More Fat While You Sleep Webinar

How to Burn More Fat While You Sleep Webinar

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okay we’re going to get started just let me know if you can hear me hey Katie okay can you hear me all right good you can hear me awesome okay so we’ll just wait a minute for everyone to log on cool so people are just rolling in here and as we’re waiting another minute or so I just want to ask you a question um how many of you have like tell me about your sleep problem is that is that it do you have a sleep problem number one number two visit is it severe isn’t it mild if you can just let me know that would be great just because this is all about sleep today we’re going to talk about tonight I’m going to see si get some feedback from you guys Linda works in a sleep lab well lets you see some interesting things so some people wake up every every few hours let’s see mild I have sleep apnea mild wake up to the night CPAP every two hours trouble falling asleep wake up for how to get back sleep-deprived Wow well you’re in for a treat tonight because we’re going to actually see if we can help you with that um restless yeah I’m just making notes here we’re talking about restless leg syndrome wake up every three hours Wow 23 years of chronic insomnia okay can’t turn off my brain okay so I got the picture alright so welcome to the webinar we’re going to talk about how to lose more weight while you sleep and it’s true it is true you can lose way more weight when you’re sleeping in fact when you’re not sleeping forget about losing weight it’s not going to happen now let’s go ahead and get into the slides let me just kind of click this right here and I’m going to try to find my slide there we go okay some I did this webinar someone told me how to expand this thing to make it bigger um I’m going to try to do that this time they said that press this thing right here so I don’t know if this works but on on your side but it’s it’s it’s to the entire screen on my side so maybe it does work I don’t know but I’m just going to keep going so we’re going to talk about you know weight loss but like sleep is the number one barrier to weight loss if I’m going to evaluate anyone in my clinic the first thing we have to fix is the sleep because nothing else will work if that sleep is not good and a lot of things it’s kind of weird because your lip it’s almost like you’re doing nothing when you’re laying there all night but you’re actually a lot of things are happening in your body especially with fat burning in fact you burn most the fat at night not during the day and so you know I see people that are working out so hard they’re going to the gym they’re trying to count their calories but their sleep sucks and they’re not losing weight I just had another lady um yesterday in the clinic she only loose loses weight when she sleeps so she has a really good night sleep let’s say she sleeps like eight eight and a half hours she’ll probably was close to a pound of fat and I’m like that is just amazing so sleep is like the real key thing and so I wanted to designate like a whole hour tonight just to really thoroughly cover this topic of sleep so we can handle it and it’s going to make your weight loss a lot easier okay so let me just kind of go through here so check this out each night you have these what’s called a circadian rhythm and there’s a certain wave of hormones that come up and down and up and down starting from about ten thirty and going all the way to about eight o’clock and there’s there’s typically about four to five different sleep waves and if you catch them time you can ride the wave and get a good sleep hopefully but if you actually go to bed like past 12 you miss the first wave and then now you have to wait until these hormones kick in to push you down into the in the deeper sleep when you don’t have this mechanism working you pretty much just you’re there’s nothing that pushes you into that deeper sleep so let me just show you something right here we come back here so what happens is that there is something in your body that pushes you into a deep sleep it’s not like like passive it’s an active push down wave in your body that actually is keeping you calm in a deep sleep and you actually go through four different levels of sleep and I want to cover that right now but I wanted to kind of just explain that it’s not passive it’s an active thing so the growth hormone which is basically a hormone that is released from your liver and it it causes the most of the fat burning it’s one of the most powerful fat burning hormones out there you have like six of them this is the most powerful and there’s two things that trigger growth hormone number one high quality sleep actually it’s three things intense exercise and three protein small amounts of protein three rock through the day will stimulate growth from one so growth hormone spikes between 12 midnight and 2:00 and 8:00 in the morning and this is when the fat burning hormone actually kicks in the most at first two hours now that’s where you burn most of the fat so check this out if you you’re going along during the day and then all of a sudden you go to bed maybe like a 10:30 that’s the ideal scene is to go to bed at 10:30 and then try to be sleeping at 11:00 that’s what I do and you’re supposed to go on the sleep here and the eye no you’re not sleeping now we’re going to show you why but this is this is what normal is and if you can do that you’ll actually be very successful now the question is how many hours you need you need um five six seven eight you actually need between seven and a half and eight and a half hours to really burn enough fat if you’re if the depth of sleep is not there that means that you’re going to need a little bit more sleep okay because we need that recharging effect now check this out these are waves of sleep and there’s four 90-minute cycles you know some people there’s five some people there’s three but most people have a four cycle wave waves right here and so you have this light sleep which is called REM rapid eye movement REM sleep is a very active sleep it’s not a deep sleep it’s where you dream and you could remember your dreams and it’s vivid I had a dream the other night I was going told my wife I was kind of weird it was like right before I woke up had this dream that I was going off the road and I kind of didn’t overcompensate I just kind of eased it back up on the road and prevented us from going off a cliff so of course that woke me up right away that was REM sleep now if we look down here this is called the Delta down here and the Delta wave sleep is the rejuvenating sleep this is where you want to achieve this lower level fat-burning sleep it’s when you wake up and you feel refreshed in the morning that’s what we want okay so that’s the goal um check this out there’s a lot of studies that show the relationship between sleep and fat burning and in the pretty credible studies and so I’m going to send everyone these slides as well and I’m also going to create notes on these slides and I will send you those as well and a link if you’d like after we’re done here but the point is that there was a let me just kind of pull out of here there’s this company that I work with um that I see here I just want to see there’s some questions here can’t see slide slides aren’t moving stuck on growth hormones yeah there must be a delay okay so no graph showing all right that’s fine all right as we go through this keep letting me know if this slides work okay because I can I don’t really need the slides but it would be nice to show you some visuals okay so there was this company it was in Washington state and it was drug company and they were talking to another company tha
t I work with that built my assessment to look at the stress and recovery inside the body it’s a little tool and said they wanted to get a hold of this to do some research and in this in the company ask well why do you want to do this research and it was mainly because they found a drug that induces a delta-wave sleep and they found some interesting incidental findings when they do that they found that people lose a tremendous amount of weight when they take that drug but it’s really the sleep but there’s a lot of side effects so I mean there’s a lot of stuff going on with sleep now with people trying to create different drugs to put you in sleep we don’t want to do that we want to create natural sleep let’s see chaos is you’re talking about the waves of sleep you just mentioned down down here and data but LMC growth hormone well um there’s I’m just going to show you there’s four waves of sleep right here and you have a very superficial sleep and you have a deep sleep and the deep sleep is where you burn the most the fat and the superficial sleep is when you get REM sleep it’s very active you have dreams when you’re in the Delta you may dream but you don’t remember your dreams so that’s a all you need to know not that maybe I could just pull it up one more time let me just see I can do that I think I know why I think I know why that happened let me just let me see right here because I have to click a button so can you see this slide now the cycles tell if you can see it the problem is there’s a little delay so it’s hard to quickly ask you a question ok good so I think you can see it alright cool so I think the problem is that I have to click this little button and share with everyone but now you can see what I’m talking about so I won’t be able to blow it up but you could really see the different slides now the other thing I wanted to mention is that I mean sleep doesn’t just block your fat burning’ it does some serious damage or a lack of sleep I’m sorry doesn’t just block your fat burning it increases your appetite it actually destroys your metabolism it increases stress it increases the loss of muscle tone ok so increases muscle loss muscle tone loss you can type it in it and causes fatigue of course we know that it affects your mood and cause depression in fact I would be curious to find someone who is depressed that is also not fatigue I mean it’s also fatigued at the same time because if you actually improve the sleep on a depressed person and increase your energy the odds of them being depressed are go down are very very low because they just they can pull out of it a lot of depression is really chronic fatigue syndrome so they just can’t differentiate depression from body fatigue so that’s right I actually try to improve the energy so it also increases the risk of blood sugar problems and diabetes increases heart attacks there’s this guy in India he was a business person and he would he was an exercise guy he would go out there and work out a hard core trying to be healthy you at five o’clock in the morning he only got five hours of sleep well he dropped out of a heart attack because the increased risk of heart attack especially if you’re pushing your your heart and you’re exercising hardcore and you’re not sleeping a very bad idea it lowers the immune system it decreases your lifespan other than that it’s perfectly fine I’m being sarcastic okay so most the people are saying I could see the slides some people say I can’t see this last no problem I tell you what when we’re done here I will send you the slides okay um all right so so the point is that sleep can really destroy almost every part of your body so um let me just go ahead and click this right here now just as a side note I want to just wait till everyone got on here I finally got my my new app done and hopefully you can see this can you see my new app um it’s a dr. Berg app and it’s been weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks so it’s it’s completely dead now and I have it on an iPhone and I have it on a Android so if you have those smartphones go ahead and download it it’s for free and I put on there all of my videos and I took the voiceovers or the audios on all the videos and I uploaded those too so you can check that out um so and what I would really really really really appreciate is if you guys can write a review when you download it that would be very appreciative um but I’ll just show you if I could just show you my little iPhone right here see how this works here okay so this is the app you can’t even see it right so we got videos and I think the lights reflecting it too weird there we go yeah we just click this right here and then you can watch all my videos in one place so every week I’m uploading more and more videos I have about six hundred additional videos I did not upload because I don’t want to upload them um all of a sudden so I’ll be uploading like one a day because I just been creating a lot of videos so it has the video audio and then it also has this really cool thing documents so you can download so you want to press open if you press open that’s the download and then you could zoom it in and check it out so I put all my documents there so you can check that out and then you go back to the app it has updates audio its audio video and documents so and then you can click if you want to see new updates if you click new updates it looks like there’s like two of everything that’s not a bug what that is that is um video and audio release so they are the same they look the same because they’re just an audio of the video so you can check that out and that’s cool so definitely give me a review on that and also if you see anything that you’d like me to improve in that app just send me an email because we’re always looking for ways to kind of tweak it make it better so that would be great I just have a quick question here and CKY says can you answer a question about ketogenic diet and nighttime weight loss sure what is the question maybe you want to know um if you would do that diet will that help you lose weight yeah if you combine the key the ketogenic diet with weight with more sleep that’s a deadly powerful combination in fact the only thing you have to make and that is adjust your fats because some people will show fat burning in the urine but the problem is that they don’t um they’re not burning their own fat they’re burning the fat that they’re eating so they have to adjust the dietary fats and not have too many but other people can get a get away with more eating more fat if you feel a lethargic or you feel tired um what that means is that you need vitamin b5 okay you can be vitamins so someone sort of patty scissors you’re AB for iPhone or Android it both regardless if you have an Android iPhone it’s it’ll work on both um please create an app for Windows Phone oh that’s interesting that’s an idea I’ll have to do that I will have to do that I will do that for sure okay let me go back to these slides alright let me just go here alright so check this out there is a clock up in your brain and it’s a pacemaker and it’s synchronized to the dark and light cycles and exercise does influences it as well and the name of this clock it’s a real big word is called super Chai’s mechanical I don’t worry about memorizing that but it’s right in it’s very close to the hypothalamus right in the mid part of the brain when this clock has a pre-programmed system that basically allows you to go to sleep and wake up and it’s not a tiny mechanism it’s pretty cool so the reason I’m bringing that up is because a lot of you sit in an office all day you don’t get outside and this whole lighting thing a situation so I do want to talk about that the certain forms of light are good for you and certain forms of life is are very bad for you fluorescent lighting iridescent light is not good full spectrum lighting is the best so that’s what I want to cover right now I’m going to show you a picture of what I have in my office and at home let me see if I can find it well it’s a slide a little bit later I’m not going to jump into that but if you went to the Home Depot or you went to I don’t
know you went to any store that sells light bulbs or even and order some full spectrum lighting you should put that on a little lamp around your computer because right now there’s a lamp or right button my computer that has full spectrum light if I didn’t have that I would create a lot of strain in my my computer my eyes and so it does affect the sleep pattern so so the goal is to get some light during the day out some natural sunlight outside you know it’s hard in the winter but you need to get out there because if you’re in a building all day long and you drive home it’s dark and you try to go to sleep that is going to start to screw up your sleep cycles right there because you because what happens is we have the situation where darkness triggers the hormones that help you go to sleep light inhibits those hormones okay so you have that whole stimulus enriched in an hibbott ending factor of the light and dark cycle so we really need to figure that out and I think the best way is to get a simple inexpensive light bulb maybe by your office or in your house that you can have that you know shining on a little bit on your face or in your eyes actually really the key is the I don’t like shine the light inside your eyeball but you can just put it so some of the light goes into your eye because that’s the trigger is the retina the retina is an extension of your brain so your eyes are an extension of your brain so goes right in now look at how complex this circuitry is in your brain and I actually went through this and I just kind of design this chart by taking a lot of references and things just to wrap my wits around it because there are so many different electrical circuit boards in your brain that are controlling the sleep cycles and then go down are affected by the liver and the adrenal gland and the bladder and these other parts of the brain but I don’t want to confuse you with that so I just wanted to show you the complexity that goes on and then when we get into the last part I’m going to show you how we can influence some of these circuits because it’s really just a circuit now as we do this webinar I want to kind of bounce back in forth to your questions so Michelle says what kind of bulb was that you want to get a full spectrum light full spectrum lighting light bulb or whatever I have them in kind of these some longer bulbs and I have smaller bulbs so Julie talks about I never remember my dreams that is a B vitamin deficiency Deborah let’s see let’s see a question says I have a problem with my body feeling very heavy if I go to the bathroom at night is the bead deficiency are you just talking about your whole body being heavy um yeah I try to clarify that I’m not sure what you mean by that can hormones work during a nap absolutely there’s nothing wrong with taking naps in fact if you’re not sleeping during the night time it’s best if you take a nap because you can tend to recover some of that sleep why if I’m sleeping around seven hours and really good I’m not losing weight oh okay well here’s the thing sleep is this one factor there are many many other factors that effect weight loss so just because you’re sleeping does not mean you can eat what you want it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise but if you’re eating good and you have the right eating plan and you’re exercising everything is really cool and your body is really healthy then you just plug in the sleep but there’s always a reason why you can’t lose weight sleep is one of the biggest things so Dell says what about with hot flashes well that’s the next thing I’m going to talk about hot flashes so we wanted to kind of dissect the reason why you can’t sleep and it could be hot flashes it could be your bladder digestion pain let’s just take from the top hot flashes your adrenal glands are the backup organ to the ovaries so during menopause at fifty fifty two the adrenal glands on top your top of the kidneys they back up the ovaries during menopause if those adrenals are weak going in the menopause what’s going to happen is that all those problems with your period and having bloating and cramping are going to manifest in a different way as hot flashes because those women may get hot flashes they usually had bad cycle cycles before menopause so what does that mean with hot flashes it’s actually a estrogen deficiency and it’s a progesterone imbalance it’s really a low progesterone but the best thing that I do is I use that product ovary support right here this this is a product a lot of women have it’s mainly for menstrual cycle problems but I use it for hot flashes because it handles if there’s too much estrogen or not enough estrogen and you take three before bed and that should handle your hot flashes it just has remedies in there to help balance your estrogen naturally but it doesn’t have estrogen in it because that you don’t want to take estrogen but hot flashes will will be one source of and I’m not sleeping and that that’s what we need to fix because the cause of sleeping problems is different from certain people okay so since right here my friend recently had a uterine ablation will this cause problems estrogen it creates a trauma and uterus and it could create problems with sleeping why can I sleep more than four hours even without having hot flashes well we’ll get to the other reasons shortly oh yeah Sean says you use ovary support no I don’t use I do not use ovary support I actually recommend it for women that have flashes however I’ve had men have hot flashes so I haven’t recommend that product though um what about night sweats well that’s the same thing as hot flash as far as the remedy a hysterectomy can this be a problem yes because that forces the adrenals to have to do like back up that organ absolutely so yeah that is a situation when should you take B vitamins before with or after eating food the B vitamins typically you want to take them more in the early part of the day but um not always some people when they take them can’t sleep other people can sleep better so I would test it out at certain parts of the day but really it doesn’t matter with food or without food or a certain part of a but I like to have a little bit more in morning because the vitamins can increase energy and you don’t want to have that red fritter bed all right so let me get back to the slides here all right so we talked about hot flashes no your bladder let’s say your bladder wait wakes up does anyone have any bladder issues like you’re urinating through the night but at least once if you do there’s several reasons for that there’s really there’s like four reasons one would be maybe there’s a fibroid and fibroids are caused from excessive estrogen so you would want to fix the excess estrogen and that’s an ovary problems Wow so yeah everyone’s actually getting up her a lot all right so we get fibroids it can cause it if someone has fibroids one of the best thing to do to shrink that is to consume cruciferous vegetables you could also the other thing that will help shrink fibroids is doing a keep ketogenic diet because when you eat carbs it does make think things grow like tumors and cysts and so if you cut out that all the sugars that will help shrink the fibroid because insulin makes things grow so does estrogen now also enlarged prostate will also cause you’d this comes from high testosterone so there’s any men listening in and you have that the best thing to do for high testosterone is to support the liver with cruciferous a lot of cruciferous vegetables that’s the best thing I know to actually balance the testosterone because testosterone works with the liver okay then menopause when women have a problem with their bladder during menopause it usually comes from a decrease of estrogen so again the ovaries support formula would help to balance that now on occasion the person is so depleted from estrogen I don’t recommend this routinely but only after you tried everything else I would recommend some organic non-gmo soy milk because that will give you a little estrogen to help you but I don’t like to do that but a small amount here and there would be totally fine okay so let me ju
st I’m going to pause here and answer some questions I was told my problem is cortisol wake me up well I’m getting to that shortly I have thyroid symptoms and I’ve been eating kale shakes for several months which doubt should have follow Kito or a moderate car plan well if you’re a thyroid type I would pretty much do a combination of things because if you’re doing the kale shakes you want to make sure you take some seek help because you want to actually have more iodine but usually thyroid is secondary to the high estrogen or low gall bladder I would suggest going to my youtube channel and look up those videos I have actually now just go ahead and get my download my app and you can check out all the videos on the thyroid and I talked about the cause of that let’s see taurine yeah Torian is good amino acid I’ve tried it with a number of adrenal cases it’s I’d seen mixed results sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t someone wants to know examples of vegetables well number one the type of vegetables that you guys need would be especially with the cruciferous would be the kale of course the broccoli that cabbage red cabbage is really good I like arugula you can also use bok choy any of the mustard greens with chard those are some serious cruciferous vegetables that will actually help anti-cancer and also help you know shrink a fibroid all right um is soy okay for hypothyroidism well again I’m only recommending the soy if you have some serious hot flashes and you’ve done everything and nothing’s work but I don’t recommend silly if you have a hypothyroid because the destra gene will slow your thyroid down more someone Claudia had a cervical cancer and my uterus moved in to get my ovaries radiated so now we know your adrenals are working at over time and that’s going to put a lot of stress on everything else so we’re going to get to the adrenal glands the last thing okay now digestion let’s talk about that your digestive system has a whole bunch of nerves in them you have actually more dudgeon your digestive system than you do in your spinal column so all those nerves can go right up to the brain and create a lot of problems with neck muscle tension in your neck very active brain so if you’re getting bloating and going the bed with a bloating stomach that will easily cause you to stay up all night so with some slight minor tweaks with your digestive system and this is a very important point I’m just going to make a note because if you have any digestive problems and you’re going trying to sleep you want to clean that up you know and it could be that you’re eating foods that you’re bloating that you shouldn’t be eating like even the cabbage or the broccoli or the cow if you blow with that then steam it or eat some other vegetables but you don’t want to bloat and go to bed because that’s going to prevent sleeping if your stomach is really working good you’ll sleep a lot better because you have less tension in your neck because all the stomach stuff refers up to your neck and the other thing is that you want to make sure that you don’t eat right before bed so you’re all bloated especially fatty foods if you’re doing the ketosis diet and it’s a lot of fat and protein you don’t want to do that late in the evening because it’s going to sit in your stomach so it’s very important to go to bed maybe with just like not necessarily hunger but so you’re not you don’t have too much food in your stomach okay so that would actually help you Mary says I awakened with charley horses in my legs and gee well that is a calcium deficiency so you need calcium magnesium before bed um I was taking adrenal supplements but I was super tired all the time what is the best time to take them well it really depends on what supplements you have I’m going to recommend my adrenal fatigue formula in a little bit if you want something for sleep that works really good and in the adrenal de if you want something add more energy during the day but it really because there’s some adrenal stuff that that’s good for just general boosting you and there’s other ones that calm you down is drinking for 4 ounces let’s say for 8 ounce glasses of kale shake in the morning too much uh no not necessarily um especially if you’re not putting too much fruit in it I think you’ll be fine with that that camel is some really good stuff just make sure you put some drink some lemon juice somewhere in the day so you can rig make sure you don’t get any stones any suggestion grinding your teeth at night that’s a B vitamin deficiency and also someone says I’m hungry when I wake up um if that’s a problem then maybe have a little bit more food at dinner but I I wouldn’t worry about that too much do you know about santa process elements yes I know a lot about Santa process supplements that use them for 20 years that I’ve been to the farm six times I studied royally so I’m I’m very knowledgeable about that would a banana be good right before that no because it’s a carb you don’t want to do carsick or beg what you want to do is you want to do maybe some celery listen a little bit of peanut butter maybe a little bit of nut maybe some hummus with some like celery celery something like that but you don’t want to do too much right before bed good questions by the way all right so we talked about digestion now we want to talk about pain now if you have pain in your back whatever then you’re not going to able to sleep so we want to fix the pain so you’d want to get that handled I just did a seminar on how to get rid of pain a lot of people flew out and came to the seminar and a lot of people got the program so if you wanted some help with that you can get that do-it-yourself version even if you have low back pain or knee pain or whatever and also I have a lot of videos on pain you can check it out on my actually on your new app okay now I’m going to talk about heart your heart a tired heart will keep you up at night as well and I’m talking about high blood pressure I’m talking about high pulse rate so a lot of people when they go to sleep that blood pressure try to sleep with a a blood pressure like 150 over a hundred you it’s like too much pressure going on the body so the simple remedy for high blood pressure is vitamin k2 in d3 and I’ll show you that another slide that it works like a charm it actually strips off the calcium that builds up in arteries and it will bring your pressure right down but a high pulse rate is a patan see em deficiency okay so I think you probably know this most of you because I’ve covered this so many times but you need about seven to ten cups of vegetable per day to get your greens okay so you need seven to seven to ten cups and that would be like seven to ten ounces so these baby lettuce leaf packs in the in the grocery store they come in these little packs so just read a label how many ounces it is it could be 18 ounces and eat half of that so you can do the vegetables you can do you can blend your vegetables with kale you can also eat other vegetables you want to have a variety and so I’m always eating combining a little red cabbage with kale and arugula I love arugula and I’ll do spinach and I’ll do this so you want to mix it up but that vegetable will increase potassium in your pulse rate will come down a normal pulse rate is like 70 but it gives people that it’s like it’s over 100 so Claudius’s sometimes I wake up with a pounding heart that’s a low potassium so you need more potassium in your diet um will calcium magnesium help with achy legs no there’s something else for the rest of leg and that would be vitamin b1 so so it’s the B vitamins okay but make sure you don’t get a synthetic vitamin that will not work okay let me just pull this up right here okay now we talked about the heart now we talked about so let’s talk about sleep apnea alright sleep apnea sleep apnea is not not a sleep problem it’s a breathing problem where the oxygen goes lower because it’s an obstructive thing but check this out there’s a nerve there is a nerve that comes out of your brain stem comes right of the brainstem it goes to the back of the sinuses and that nerve becomes atrophied it actually it lose
s its tone when you have high levels of cortisol adrenal stress and all the back of the sinuses in the throat will can actually become really lacks and kind of hang out and create like a flat there and obstruct your air so sleep apnea is really an adrenal problem okay so in other words we come back back to the Drina so now we covered all the other things now we’re going to talk about a dream because that’s the number one cause of sleep problems and I wanted to cover that the last part of the seminar because so many people have stress Michelle asked a what about meditation helping sleep Michelle I want to talk about meditation I think you should do the opposite of meditation to sleep and so instead of like fixating on something or focusing on something even with your eyes closed or whatever I like to extrovert myself before bed I like to go for a walk in the evening and look at things and get my attention going out versus reflecting internally because all day long I’m focusing on things I have to reverse the flow and get out of my head so like getting your sleep you know what happens is that people have a problem with their attention there their attention is fixated on a certain thing and they can’t unfix ate it and just turn it off like that so what they should do is get involved in some activity that you can control your attention on thing else that’s not involving your work your problems just pushing your attention to something else because what happens you go for a walk and you’re looking at the tree but you’re thinking about work then you’re at work you’re thinking about the tree so we want to control the attention by going out there and looking at things and just observing things and getting attention for about an hour that’s it’s like a it’s like a thing you have to practice over and over again but that’s very very important it’s not bad to use a CPAP machine if you need it as a transition but the alien mask is not very comfortable so we want to get it to the point we don’t need that and there’s an acupressure tool boom I have this this is it right here the acupressure tool most of you have it but this goes right in the back of the neck on a couch or tall back chair and you can set this thing right for the second bone in the neck and I have a a book that goes with it that shows you how to do the sinus points and this will open up your sinuses now why because all the nerves that go to your sinuses to the brainstem are right in that area so you’re actually steaming in your nervous system in fact there’s even a very bad treatment that they’re going to launch and you’re going to see a lot more of this unfortunately in the future they’re using it’s called Vegas stimulation they’re actually using electric electricity implants in your arm your nervous system specially the nerves back there for all sorts of conditions one for sleeping one for sinuses four for sleep apnea I think this is very bad because they’re going to put chips they can put right now they actually have a in Harlem New York they opened up the biggest brain center you can see in Marik’s they’re going to have a lot of children come in there and study their brains I’m nervous about that because they know they’re having this little chip that they can insert into the brain and then they can monitor different things and create stimulation of the brain with electricity which is I can just see what is going this is like really bad you know like anything with a chip that they can control electricity in your brain is bad is folic acid equivalent to b1 now folic acid is a different B vitamin it’s one of the B vitamins but it creates different effects okay and we’ll get into the B vitamins okay so now I want to talk about this adrenal adrenal gland right adrenal gland sits on the kidney um it’s a tiny little gland and it can create a lot of misery for you so let me just kind of talk about the oh here just to the side now that heart blood pressure vitamin d3 k2 I have some in my website if you wanted to get mine but it’s I would take one to one ratio take like three of each in the morning for blood pressure works pretty good again I’m not telling you it’s going to cure your blood pressure but just work with your doctor but it’s the remedy that I’ve seen gos success with okay adrenal fatigue let’s talk about that can you guys see my slides are you tracking with me here I can’t see slides yeah Lorraine says do you mean a conventional medicine a yes conventional medicine Elect yeah it’s almost like certain companies are shifting okay you can see myself certain companies are shifting from certain drugs into electrotherapy and I just don’t like it I do not like it at all because I just I think you know shock therapy is very bad and I don’t like any stimulation I mean even hospitals now are doing this procedure they’re putting these electrical things and brains like like a hundred a week in different hospitals so I don’t know where this is going but it’s not good okay so now check this out there are some this might be shocking to you but there are some people that are addicted to caffeine coffee I know it’s hard it’s hard to believe that but um they need coffee to wake up so caffeine alright so if you need coffee to wake up chances are your adrenals are pretty pretty tired now if you are addicted to coffee maybe you could just have one cup in the morning and have it like a small cup public that and just make sure that when you put don’t drink coffee in the evening or at lunch only in the morning and then also make sure that you don’t put um sugar in your coffee put xylitol in your coffee and not honey xylitol also if you want to put cream put organic cream don’t put that like other cream it’s not good so one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue is need for caffeine in the morning and I had a artist draw these by the way I think they’re pretty cool um thinking thinking thinking how many of you do a lot of thinking and you can’t seem to turn it off sometimes does anyone have that problem go ahead and let me know but here’s what happens with the adrenal um you’re analyzing everything and what happens is because the adrenal has to do with survival well everyone’s doing a lot of thinking dude renal clam is a survival gland and so if you can think about what happens when the adrenal gland kicks in the adrenal gland adapts to stress and sort of threatened survival states so an adrenal gland gets burnt out it’s way to compensate is to activate all the things that are like like your mind active mind and your mind tends to solve problems so you’re solving problems like very very fast and that’s all you do is solve problems so your attention gets fixated on a problem on plan a and then Plan B and this isn’t work Plan B and that’s all it does all day long it can’t just extract and not think about anything else and it’s all about fixing things and making things better and then the tolerance for anyone that is the opposite of that is very low so insane people you can’t tolerate insane people slow people incompetent people people that make mistakes you don’t have patience for those people you might have a great day but that one little problem just stuck to you and that’s adrenal okay so that’s going to affect your sleep because if you’re sleeping and you’re analyzing everything on the planet why beef right before bed then it’s just like a party in your brain right you just can’t turn it off I want to see if anyone has that problem oh yeah Doris is a human felt or Michelle says that you’ve been following me no haven’t based on the symptoms you described your videos identify myself as so most adrenal fatigue yeah that’s a very very common um someone needs coffee of dry drivers you can’t stand them yeah I hear you okay yeah so we have this thing called racing thoughts that is an overactive adrenal and you know what happens is this all stress accumulates and I want to describe the stress and I’m not talking about physical stress and talked about mental stress I’m talking about threat of loss bad things happen to people all the time in the wrong place you know and someone loves you or you have a loss of loved
one financial disasters threaten a job loss relationship stresses relative stresses goals are achieved unhappy in your job like all that stuff just kind of builds on a person so you have to actively extract get from the body we’re going to show you some techniques but it is possible to do that because all that stuff weighs on the adrenal and in our society when you actually on you get up in the morning you’re on your cell phone you’re on a computer and I don’t really use my cell phone very much because I am very sensitive to magnetic fields I can feel them and so I actually bought a magnetic field monitor so I can check things and I want to show you how this works so okay now watch this is my cell phone see how that goes up there so I don’t want this thing on my my head so this basically the thing about magnetic fields is that it alters it alters the the adrenals and also the brain it can affect you because now my computer all my computer stuff is about three feet over this way on the bottom and I have my filing cabinet right down here between me and the computer so how that before I was feel like I was being fried but what you can do is you can get a quart an extension that goes into your ear with a little mic right here not a bluetooth just an earphone that you can talk and you can listen that way you don’t have to have this right in your head right here this stuff you talk on the phone all day it’s going to affect your sleep okay you’re on the computer all day it’s going to affect your sleep you need a light a full-spectrum light by your computers to offset some of that that that light that’s coming off the computer which is not full-spectrum it’s pretty bad so I went through my office and I’m just like finding everything like it’s all around me these electric power cables and when you when you’re sleeping make sure you don’t have any electrical devices by your head now keep them away and then maybe you want to sleep in a tent in your backyard this really does affect yeah my husband says it’s like me in jackboots in a single lightbulb over his head okay have you tried changing yourself sitting at the computer capacity yeah so basically we want to undo some of the adrenal damage kind of because see some people can’t sleep yet during the day they’re so tired but they can’t sleep that was my problem that was my problem with 20s I was exhausted but I couldn’t say there was nights i didn’t sleep one minute i dark circles i would lay there and i’m like twelve one two three it was torture it was torture so I know what that feels like and it was terrible okay so let me get back to the slides here okay this is a this is a picture of you thinking about your son’s bad grades the dishes um cleaning your inbox at work right look familiar Tyra can’t sleep so you get on your computer in the middle of the night bad idea you should read a book I’m fortunate these computers are really kind of kind of wiring our bodies in our nervous system because we’re staring at just this this thing about two feet away from us and it’s a it’s a picture you’re looking at pictures and these pictures are stuck there even when you go to sleep and that’s why I’m telling you you need to get out and walk and get outside um maybe you’re here’s another symptom of adrenal low endurance like you just don’t have the stamina you don’t have the endurance um loss of strength you climb up stairs and you’re out of breath your legs are heavier craving salty chips that’s an adrenal symptom right so there’s a couple nutritional things that you can do one is potassium but I like to get that from the food lots of vegetables magnesium you get it from the food same thing a lot of vegetables magnesium will help the heart a lot especially for blood pressure the B vitamins are essential b1 b3 b5 this one’s a really important one for the adrenal and b6 b5 and b6 are kind of like that cofactors in a lot of hormones and neurotransmitters that help you sleep so those are really those are burned up during stress and then of course vitamin C because vitamin C basically makes you beat the adrenal so it helps the the production of adrenal hormones and most of the vitamin C in your body is stored in the adrenal and so stress can deplete vitamin C best vitamin C you can consume would be in bell peppers and green beans believe it or not so here we go exercise right go for the best for sleep is long walks I’m talking like an hour just getting space not listening to music just getting to a park looking at stuff the problem is it’s getting darker and we can’t do that right now so yes I do exercise in the dark on my bike with lights but it is a problem unfortunately so you’re going to probably have to take a little vitamin D vitamin k2 because it’s getting dark but you want to maybe spend a little time maybe at your lunch for a walk to get outside and you see me in this left slide I’m looking at things you need space that is what we need when you exercise you you stress your body and then you recover with sleep you don’t want to spike your pulse rate too much you wanna a low stress long duration type of exercise where you’re calm and you’re feeling good and you there’s no stress that would be the best thing get out there and go walk and and get space um the other thing is that how many of you work athletes in your former life when you’re growing up or let’s say high school or college how many were like very athletic and as you’re typing I’m going to answer some questions is it okay to walk in the morning for dinner totally fine now if you have pain with your back Jane you can’t walk far I suggest you go to my website and get that pain program that I have that you can do it yourself and help help with pain and I do a lot of demonstrations with that so we can get rid of your pain um yeah so there’s some people that were athletic some people were not well the point that I’m making with the athletes is if you go through your like early time and you’ve you’ve done some intense workouts we like even myself college wrestling pushing myself and then I stopped working out for ten years my mitochondria are so big so I can generate a lot of energy if I go to work and go to bed at night there’s too much energy in my body so I physically every single day have to extract this energy by working out and so I’m doing all sorts yeah Tracy was in the reserves 20s yeah I was five years in Army Reserves Fort Jackson South Carolina but what happens is that I have to physically workout now to extract energy so every day I ride my bike I run I do all sorts of things my backyard I’m lifting these logs right now they’re very heavy across the lawn and I’m cutting cutting wood so for me that’s the best thing for my body because I can and I’m also doing those ropes where you actually go back and forth on the tree I’ll actually did do a video on that that’s a really good workout um now Lindsey says for the last several years she hasn’t had no motivation to exercise to workout and I’m only 31 years old yeah well I think what you have to do Lindsey is really work on your sleep and and your BA and your foods in nutrition first okay so you can generate the energy to be able to work out okay because I don’t recommend working out unless you have the energy but I do want you to walk you can always walk ok so so in other words if you an athlete you’re going to have to physically exercise every day more intensely to get the energy out maybe you might need to keep your pulse rate low if you can’t if you’re not recovering um but that’s basically what you have to do now the other thing I want to mention yeah chopping wood is I mean I can for me my body was designed to chop wood I can do that all day I just love it my body loves that chopping wood so as my wife she likes me chopping wood um ok so the other point I want to make with sleeping is some people have a breathing problem they’re not breathing that well they’re like air hunger there sighing frequently and that could be because two reasons one that is more of an acidosis type thing because when you’re on a ketosis diet you’re burning fat your pH will become more acidic and I just did a video
on that of people too alkaline but you can be more acidic too and the breathing what you do is if you if you take calcium magnesium just one on an empty stomach or before bed that will help your breathing if that’s what it is okay other reasons why you can’t breathe our vitamin C deficiency is severe vitamin C deficiency where you have bleeding gums to Beca beer or spider veins so you want to consume a food base vitamin C for that ok so that’s just some tips on that let me just kind of go right here Oh is a picture of the full spectrum light you can get it ordered on Amazon or just get it it’s called natural light balance like I would get one for your office and then for you you know just to cutting so you can get some of this light in your face so if you don’t you can’t go outside you can least get a dose of this stuff okay so let’s talk about stress extraction there is an acupressure technique many of you have been on my other webinars you’ve seen me talk about acupressure you know it’s so funny though if anyone thinks acupressure is weird it is not weird how else are you going to extract your body stress you have to physically manually pull it out and we deal with acupressure acupressure is not weird like versus what’s weird to me is taking a pill taking a drug but acupressure is I’m not talking about like traditional acupressure I’m talking about the acupressure that that I developed because I basically work on the different stress points okay but those points you can create some serious improvement very fast by extracting stress now the point that I want to talk about is right in the brainstem back here you see that point back there and it’s called the look locus coeruleus in there appendicular now what the heck does that mean those are two little centers that control the sleep and awake patterns of your body so you take you see this try this is a tripod you got the thin one you got the wide one and the medium you did for different people I’m going to take the wide one I’m going to stick it on these points right back here about the brainstem and I’m going to sit back and I’m going to kick up my feet and I’m going to just lay here for about two minutes and I do this every night before I go to sleep I do this acupressure tool and I’m going to hit those points for about two minutes and I’m just going to let go unconscious because it’s it’s a it stimulates natural you don’t have to put electric things in your in your head you can just do it manually and it relaxes the tension in the back of the neck and the whole spine relaxes you can sleep really good so that’s one point this other points I’m going to show you too you know you can take your thumbs impress those points it’s more difficult like this but you can sort of do it if your if your shoulders are okay I use a salt I use my couch actually and then I’ll go in my bedroom and I’ll I’ll do these points right here okay now these points are the adrenal points I’ll start with my right side and I’ll work out this point and then I’ll work out this point and I’ll work at this point and I’ll slowly work up this side and then I’ll slowly work up this side and I’ll find pockets of tension that I’ll work out and and then I’ll do my mid-back so there’s several things that you can do to help extract the stress from the adrenals and I’ll show you the book that I have on it and I’ll show you where you can get the device in a minute but the point is that these are the adrenal points and all of you should do these points every night if you’re not sleeping so you can actually but I actually do it on myself but I’m doing on someone else there too okay I just have to touch on this this is really cool I want you to type in um if you’ve ever had an injury to your head skull injury so type in if you’ve ever had a head injury where your head hits the cement or even unconscious or your head hits something because I’ll tell you one thing um if you had an old head injury that could be the reason why you’re not sleeping and why is that I can’t tell you the number of people that I’ve run across where I’m doing all the normal things and all of a sudden I hit the skull points I’ll do the acupressure and skull points and boom they go right to sleep so let me show you something you got these sutures that come through here and right through in here and you can actually press down down into these sutures and start really working these points with your thumb you can have someone do it too and that’ll give you a lot of relief in your skull but the key is this if you hit your head let’s say on this side then you want to press into the injury or you can press on the opposite side right here if you hit your head right here you want to press down into the injury if you hit your head back here you want to press down an injury or the opposite side don’t press where you hit your head press on the opposite side when that your skull is really relaxed and you can actually you can even use this thing right here you can kind of come into the same gently press forward and work on the sutures it basically opens the whole skull and your head just feels so comfortable so it’s something that oh well all of you have had concussions oh my gosh full of ladder yeah so I think some of you are going to need more advanced work and I have them a lot of you listening what came flew out who did came to my seminar I did it’s a four-hour seminar I have it all recorded it’s on my website you can you have to purchase it but it’s a course that you can take on acupressure I teach you everything I teach you all the adrenal points all the advanced adrenal points I’m showing you some superficial things right now and if you if you if you have a serious problem you need to get that and that will help you and it’s um I condensed I took out all the silent period so it’s actually only three hours but it’s some pretty powerful stuff because I actually give you all the techniques in that and you go send the shopping cart all the way down on the left hand side dr. Burke advanced acupressure okay so now next thing when I get into is let me find this thing here oh this is a here I did a seminar this is recently and I’ll send you the slides you can click click this later but we are able to demonstrate these techniques and everywhere in the room it was amazing and you’ll see that before and afters and then I had everyone practiced it so they loved it now I’m going to talk about supplement support um and then this is a this is called the stress kit there’s an adrenal formula there’s a night formula and a lot of you that are listening already have these products but I’m just going to show you if you don’t this is the tool you can get up that link and it comes with this one and this one right here now this one you take one before bed if you have a real seriously problems you take two this has all the food for the adrenal to actually help calm the adrenal down helps the recovery helps the neurotransmitters it has every single nutrient to support the precursors to the neurotransmitters it does not have melatonin I didn’t want that in there because that messes up the gland that’s a hormone this has glandular extract for the adrenal and the pituitary so it’s pretty serious adrenal stuff and then and also you might want to take one maybe two before bed and you will be sleeping better sometimes if you if you have a bad problem and you need like let’s say you wake up at 4:00 you can take one more and then really go to sleep now this one this one’s during the day and you take 3 to 6 so this handles like stress it has all of the natural B vitamins there’s no synthetics but and it comes from nutritional yeast but not the type of yeast that gives you a yeast infection a lot of times people when they get nutritional yeast the end up with a yeast thing like an overgrowth this one doesn’t have that version ok so it’s pretty pretty awesome it has to be 5 would be 3 to be 6 to be 1 so this is really good in combination with this for sleep and stress okay so you’ll feel calm and your tolerance for incompetent people will go way way up so all three of those and then the book if you do
n’t have the book and you have my device already just call us we’ll send you one and you can also get the download too but we send this out and it goes through all the stress points right here so that is what what you want to do so um let me just pull this up again yeah so basically for those of you that don’t have this you need to get this because this will handle the adrenals from two different angles from a nutritional angle and from a stress angle you’ll learn a technique to pull stress out and it’s it’s the most popular kit and it’ll roto-rooter any type of adrenal issues that you have nutritionally this is just the formula right here all the different things it has in it GABA um for toe root root which is amazing it has a food base vitamin-c complex anterior pituitary not the posterior the answer to help that whole pathway so it’s some serious nutrition for the adrenal and then the day formula has a combination of a lot of different types of potassium minerals as well as calcium magnesium and nutritional herbal things for the stress from the adrenal so that’s that’s what that has in it let me just come back here let me just pull up something for you see here I’m trying to find this thing here okay yeah third is okay so yeah so basically that’s the stress kit for those of you they’re asking how can I get those products go ahead and get that if you don’t have that end we’ll ship it out like tomorrow and you start taking it in the meantime use an end of a brush for your adrenals and start working on them don’t use a knife like that you know you’re going to hurt yourself because someone has some questions how late in the day should I take the adrenal day formula you can take that one all the way up until dinnertime is not a problem um let’s see here okay so let’s see here oh yeah is it suitable for vegetarians absolutely now the gland the adrenal day formula has in it vegetarian products but the adrenal night formula does have some glandular extracts but I have a lot of vegetarians that consumer because it doesn’t have hormones it’s organic and it basically it really helps them sleep because it’s it’s a little bit difficult to take something without those glandulars and have it really work well because you don’t want to take one glandulars with hormones too um let’s see here would it be safe to take if you add cortisol for drain for yeah it’s basically designed to lower and balance cortisol so it’s it’s for people that have high cortisol levels do the adrenal supplements have any side effects like skin darkening no no no because it improves the adrenal what causes the skin darkening is um low cortisol like really excessively low cortisol that’s Addison’s disease this just balances it to a normal level um Mary since I take the adrenal d-day formula it’s amazing how much calmer I feel when I take it yeah it’s awesome and plus the quality of the bees in there are so good I mean it just helps with all the the different chemical reactions that occur because when you go through stress you deplete your bees so it really helps with a lot of different things for health and sleeping um someone said the screen has not moved in last 15 minutes well I’ll send you the link because it is working another other people can see it on the supplements gluten-free and non-gmo of course they are I am very much against GMO and gluten so yes melatonin is that bad well yeah because it’s a hormone it does work but the problem is when any time you think about this melatonin is stimulated by darkness melatonin stimulates and converts to serotonin which goes through this whole cascade of sleep patterns when you take melatonin directly it causes the pineal gland not to have to work anymore making you dependent on the melatonin so now the pineal gland starts to shrink more and more and more and more to the point where it dries up and you don’t it doesn’t work anymore and you need one more melatonin to achieve that so it kind of it throws off it’s not the best thing to take in the world I mean you can take it on a short-term basis but I don’t like it very good questions how truly operation date well these are on some of them have expiration dates some of them I have the manufacturing date and they’re good for three years after the manufacturing date but they’re actually good for you the longer because I I’ve taken some of mine for a long time and I’ll like I won’t take them and I’ll take them they still work but you know I mean it’s good for at least three years um you said three to six a day on the adrenal day oh okay so you want to take if you if you want to see a dramatic results do 2 to 2 with meals ok as the maintenance do one one one but this will create some calmness I mean I saw this husband and wife and the wife was very stressed out so I told husband I said give her one of these before shillings and then put her in the back seat she’s gonna want to take a nap because she just she was so high-strung so it just calmed right down and he came back and he Isis how did she do she goes would be you’re right she just like wanted to take a nap she felt so calm but it’s not necessarily for fatigue it will calm the Drina ‘ls and you’ll feel more relaxed so you can sleep that night um are the B vitamins methylated well guess what they’re naturally method ated because they’re all from nutritional yeast but they’re they don’t have the part that creates the yeast overgrowth so yes they’re natural they’re not made synthetically you don’t want to consume synthetic B vitamins and it’s hard to find natural beauty items so yes these are the real deal and that’s why I wanted to create something with natural developments how much time taking the formula can I see the sleeping proof it should work the first time you take it ok this one I like to take a half hour to an hour before I go to bed so I can wind down but you don’t need more than two okay and then you do the acupressure on yourself as well there are seven places when you do the acupressure you do the next point you do the adrenals you do there’s other points that you would use and then you can take it where you go but a lot of people love this thing and it just helps them sleep I I created this for myself because I had a sleeping problem and and I said I wanted to be able to treat myself so that was pretty cool and I also give you a link to show you what to do to get rid of old injuries of your head Addison’s disease is a low adrenal and the remedies for high adrenal and Load renal are the same so you do the same protocol for high low because it’s still a stress case can I give my adrenal day to my seventeen-year-old absolutely yeah there’s not really an age limit yeah there’s there is magnesium and calcium in the adrenal support but you can always take extra not a problem the only thing I’m against is taking too much calcium and calcium carbonate that’s limestone do not take calcium carbonate ever that’s very bad what about using 5-htp 5-htp is a precursor to l-tryptophan which turns into tryptophan which is turns in the serotonin it’s the whole pathway I like that I like health tryptophan I like 5-hydroxytryptophan the ingredients in here work a lot better but sometimes I might use both if I want to create a even a bigger effect like let’s say I’m flying across the country and I had to ask I need to go to bed a certain time I’ll take this in l-tryptophan five hydroxy 5-htp basically will will work but I like l-tryptophan a little bit better if I’m going to be traveling because it’s stronger because 5-htp turns into l-tryptophan really says I had one of those bulbs and it made a huge difference well that is awesome I love it and don’t don’t forget as you actually improve things don’t forget to take a nap – because it’s okay to take naps to try to recover this the B vitamins in folic acid what are the B vitamins well folic acid is one of the B vitamins and folic acid is in the adrenal de formula as well uh will the adrenal day-and-night work if I work out nights absolutely it will work what about taking out tryptophan with adrenal night yeah yeah you can take that now that would enhance enhance the sleep effect really t
his is how much longer is the web webinar going to be not very much longer I’m just going to answer a couple more questions because I plan on doing one hour and it went over again when you think about valerian root valerian root makes me feel kind of tired you know when I wake up groggy I need to eat something with adrenal formula because my heartburn yeah you probably need to eat something with that not a problem but if you eat the problem with l-tryptophan if you eat protein with it it won’t work so you have to not eat protein without tryptophan that’s an amino acid it won’t go in just a little side them so why not take glandulars with hormones like melatonin because it’s going to inactivate your own gland any time you take a hormone your glands don’t have to work anymore so that’s the problem so I want to thank you guys for coming on my webinar I hope you got some tips and I really appreciate your interest do me a big favor and write a review on the app if you see any bugs email me and I want to I want to fix them I hopefully there’s not any bugs but I’m gonna I’m going to create a lot of um new videos that relate to some really cool stuff coming up in the next couple weeks so thank you very much it was a wonderful talking everyone and I appreciate all your wonderful comments and have a great I have a nice night ok we’ll see you soon

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How to Burn More Fat While You Sleep Webinar

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Dr. Berg talks about the importance of sleep and losing weight. Poor sleep can createL
Increases hunger
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Insufficient Sleep Undermines Dietary Efforts to Reduce Adiposity
Sleep Well and Stay Slim: Dream or Reality?
Insufficient Sleep, Diet, and Obesity
Dr. Berg discusses about the importance of sleep and losing weight. He discusses about burn fat at home. The growth hormone is a very strong fat burner hormone and there are 3 things that trigger this hormone – Sleep, Intensive Exercise and Small Intake of Proteins throughout the day. Considering normal sleep patterns you need somewhere between 7.5 – 8.5 hours of good sound sleep to burn fat fast. There is a relationship between sleep and fat burning. Poor sleep can increase hunger, slows metabolism and weight loss, increases stress, increases muscle tone loss, causes fatigue, lowers mood, increases risk of diabetes, increases risk of heart attacks, lowers immune function, decreases life span. The main reasons for poor sleep are hot flashes, digestion, pain, heart, sleep apnea, stress. He then talks about fat burning foods that should be included in our regular diet to lose weight. For better sleep it is essential to improve our lifestyle and adopt healthy eating habits.
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Dr. Berg, 50 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.
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