How Testosterone Affects Mental Performance

How Testosterone Affects Mental Performance

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as businesspeople we know that we have to be competitive we know that we have to be on top of our game and on our stuff all the time to be successful but have you ever really thought about what makes you successful at least from a hormonal standpoint well a lot of times it may just come down to testosterone because testosterone is not just what makes you an athlete it’s not just what makes you a bodybuilder it’s not just what makes you that alpha male mentality on the playing field or on the basketball court or in the gym but it also gives you that attitude and that energy that you need to be successful in business and to do exactly what you need to do every day at the office to build a company in fact there are even studies now that are showing and according to the journal of clinical metabolism and endocrinology it is being proven that testosterone enhances the mental clarity and the mental performance specifically to males now interestingly enough when estrogen levels which is the opposite of testosterone are low men’s mental acuity and performance increases we’re adversely women on the other hand have to have higher estrogen levels to have that same mental performance and mental acuity so there it just proves that men perform better when their testosterone levels are higher however too much testosterone is not always a good thing so you look at the old cliche you look at the old stereotype of a meathead football player or a meathead bodybuilder being stupid well I’m not saying that football players or bodybuilders are stupid but what I’m saying is that too much testosterone can actually inhibit the effects of the brain so that means if you’re abusing steroids or you’re just testosterone levels are too high it can prevent you from being successful at what you put your mind to simply because you’re not getting the energy to your brain you’re not getting the electrical impulse to your brain that you need to make those cognitive decisions that are so critical in business what actually happens physiologically speaking as testosterone helps with the formation of the organizational structure of neurons in your brain what that means is it helps create pathways that are important to your brain to these right decisions it’s essentially altering the electrical channels in your brain what can you do to give yourself a boost of testosterone what can you do to make yourself continually successful in business and continually successful in the gym the best thing that you can do at least from a mental standpoint is keep yourself in a competitive environment keep yourself competitive with yourself keep yourself competitive with others but not so much that it hinders your performance you just want to put yourself in a situation where you’re stimulating the right parts of the brain that are going to continue to stimulate the body to produce testosterone as men we have to keep ourselves in this position have to keep ourselves competitive and that’s just going to continue to drive that testosterone and remember that testosterone is not just for the field it’s for the office too

This Post Was All About How Testosterone Affects Mental Performance.
How Testosterone Affects Mental Performance

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Testosterone isn’t just for muscle. More and more studies are proving that testosterone actually plays a part in mental performance and ultimately success in business.
This video explains what you can do to continue to harness the power of the male hormone to make you a better athlete and a better business person.
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