How Sweets and Grains Deplete Your Vitamins

How Sweets and Grains Deplete Your Vitamins

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someone recently other question how does consuming sweets and refined carbohydrates actually pull nutrients out of the body so the first question is what do nutrients actually do in the body one of the main functions is that they actually act as a CO helper in metabolism okay and I’m talking about the burning of fuel so what happens when you consume calories without the nutrients your body then has to pull from its reserves certain nutrients to burn that fuel or make that tissue so in the example of burning glucose you need vitamin b1 you need potassium you need magnesium so these three nutrients are vitally important in making energy also you need zinc so anytime you consume sugar you’re pulling these nutrients out and you’re depleting your reserves and this is why sometimes after you consume a high carbohydrate meal your heart beat goes up that’s a that’s a potassium deficiency and that is a b1 deficiency or for example you start holding fluid you get like swollen ankles that is a low potassium high sodium ratio so now we have too much salt vs. potassium we just hold fluid and then of course the magnesium you can end up with insomnia you can end up with anxiety you can end up with feeling stressed so after a carbohydrate meal if you have this anxiety for example that could be a combination of low b1 and magnesium now zinc deficiencies are involved in so many things if this becomes too low you’re gonna find the testosterone goes down your immune system goes down you may even lose your taste or your smell with a zinc deficiency now as far as vitamin C goes the chemical molecule of vitamin C is very very similar to glucose and if given the choice if you had sugar and vitamin C there in your body your body is going to accept the sugar one instead of the vitamin C so too much glucose will deplete your vitamin C so that’s one mechanism right here the second mechanism is when you consume sugar over a period of time or refined carbs you’re raising your glucose you’re raising your insulin you’re eventually going to develop something called insulin resistance now when you have insulin resistance you not only have a difficult time absorbing glucose in the cell you also have a difficult time absorbing other things as well like amino acids like vitamins and like minerals and this is why people that are pre-diabetic and are diabetic usually have a lot of nutritional deficiencies and they have a lot of complications with their nerves with their eyes with their kidneys with your heart and that has to do with the low amount of nutrients that are able to pull in there now if you were diabetic and you were consuming nutrient-dense foods you would have a lot less complications all right so now you understand why consuming the refined sugars and the grains will deplete your vitamins and other nutrients as well thanks for watching hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About How Sweets and Grains Deplete Your Vitamins.
How Sweets and Grains Deplete Your Vitamins

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In this video, I want to discuss a question someone recently had. How do consuming sweets and refined carbohydrates pull nutrients out of the body?
What do nutrients do in the body? – They act as a co-helper in metabolism (burning fuel).
When you consume calories without nutrients, your body has to pull certain nutrients from its reserves to burn that fuel or make tissue.
Eating high carb foods and sugar depletes nutrients like:
• Vitamin B1
• Potassium 
• Magnesium 
• Zinc
A deficiency in these vitamins and minerals could cause problems like:
• Raised heartbeat
• Fluid retention
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Low testosterone
• Low immune function
• Loss in taste or smell
If given a choice, your body will choose sugar over vitamin C. Too much sugar will deplete your body of vitamin C.
When you consume sugar over time, you will eventually develop insulin resistance. Insulin resistance will cause you to have a difficult time absorbing:
• Glucose into the cell
• Amino acids
• Vitamins
• Minerals 
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