How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein on a Ketogenic Diet

How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein on a Ketogenic Diet

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about how much protein is too much protein at a ketogenic diet okay now it’s kind of a difficult question because you have so many variables you have the person’s age for example if they’re 21 or 18 they’re going to need more protein than someone like me that’s 30 years old right and then you have digestion the ability to digest the protein the acid in the stomach if they don’t have enough acid then they’re not going to listen up not going to be a good situation or let’s say they’re under massive stress they’re going to eat a little bit more protein or if their metabolism is low if they’re hypothyroidism or some other issue well then they can’t consume that much protein because it’s going to overload the liver and then it’s rector sizing they need a little bit more okay so I have a rule of thumb a formula you can use okay and this is kind of like the top in like you don’t want to go more than this because too much protein will convert to insulin and stop your ketosis too much insulin come too much protein can also mess up your liver and the kidneys it because it’s just it’s just too much for its process so here it is do not consume greater than 0.8 grams times your body weight okay let’s so I’m 6 foot 2 away 195 pounds right if we take that times 0.08 that equals 156 grams per day if we divided by 3 like 3 meals that comes out to 52 grams of protein per meal I don’t want to exceed that ok so what does it look like well if you ate 8 ounces of chicken that’s 62 grams so it’s a little bit more 8 ounces of steak is 52 grams so that would equal exactly what I calculated per meal and then 8 ounces of fish is 45 grams and I do notice that I can actually eat a little bit more fish and not feel as bloated so this is something that I probably would not want to exceed because for example my body runs really good at about 5 ounces of protein so I’m going to cut this back a little bit maybe I’ll do 6 ounces of fish probably 5 ounces of chicken or 5 ounces of steak I do really good on that so the best way is to you know you can use the formula but just see how you feel and see how you do let’s see if here is your energy hi sometimes if you’re your diet is too low in protein you’re going to be fatigued so you won’t want to monitor at how you feel to get that sweet spot but everyone is different all right these are just guidelines so tell me what you think put your comments below press it forget it forget it I’m done press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events

This Post Was All About How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein on a Ketogenic Diet.
How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein on a Ketogenic Diet

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Dr. Berg talks about how much protein is too much protein.
Dr. Berg talks about how much protein is too much protein on a ketogenic diet.
Take .8 x body weight divide by 3 (meals). This will give you how much protein you DON’T WANT to exceed.
8 ounces of chicken – 62 grams
8 ounces of steak – 52 grams
8 ounces of fish 45 grams
But its not an exact science, so also see if you feel on higher and lower amounts of protein. Find your sweet spot.
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