How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto?

How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto?

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alright guys so I had this question quite a few times I want to just cover in this video how many nuts are too many nuts when you’re doing keto now we’re not just talking about nuts we’re talking about two nut butters we’re talking about nut flours as an almond flour so let’s just cover each point it’s very easy to overdo the nuts especially when you’re doing nut butters okay if you do too much you’re going to find you’re going to bloat you’re gonna gas and that is because of two reasons okay number one when you consume more fat you need more bile production and a lot of people are not adapted to that yet they haven’t done it long enough to generate enough bile to be able to deal with all this fat okay same thing with your enzymes and your pancreas so eating too much fat too quickly with some people especially nuts can irritate the digestive system especially around the gallbladder and even the pancreas I always recommend alike gradual into this so you can slowly adapt to digesting some of this fat now the next reason is this nuts have certain anti nutrients and certain chemicals that can irritate certain parts of your digestive system specifically the bile duct okay and that’s right underneath the rib cage right here so this is why when people consume nuts in large quantities they can start feeling bloated and it can refer pain to the right shoulder all up to the neck and even cause the pain in the jaw and even cause headaches on the right side of their head even the right shoulder blade right back through here as well so if you have that this could be the reason why and let’s say for example you’re not sure if that’s the reason and you have the pain in the right shoulder blade what what you do is you just massage over the gallbladder a little bit and see if the pain goes away then we know it’s connected and it’s called referred pain from the gallbladder there’s a nerve called the phrenic nerve that goes right up to the neck part from underneath your diaphragm on the right side okay you also have it on the left side too so the pancreas could cause it on the left side but it’s mainly on the right side now also if you’re predisposed to kidney stones okay and I want to complicate things too much but certain people are stone formers and when they consume almonds for example or almond flower it’s higher in oxalates but nut that’s the lowest on the scale for oxalates are the the pistachio those are pretty safe okay now there’s also things in nuts that protect the nut from sprouting and growing into a plant so there’s a term called germinating and that means soaking the nut in water overnight rinsing it out and then drying out the nut in even the oven or a dehydrator and then when you consume them they’re easier to digest because you don’t have these enzyme inhibitors fighting you okay because when you consume raw nuts it’s it’s harder on the digestive system for some people now when you consume roasted nuts they’re a little easier to digest but we have less nutrients in them so to make this complicated topic a little bit easier I would recommend not to consume more than 1/4 of a cup of nuts per meal ok or not to consume more than a tablespoon of nut butters per meal so I wouldn’t combine these I would have either/or and if you still have a problem with this you’re gonna have to eliminate the nuts and you’ll probably do a lot better the good thing about nuts is it’s a good combination of fat and protein low and carb to allow you to go longer but I think people overdo it because it’s really easy to do these nuts because the next thing you know after you consume these nuts or you’re doing the peanut butter on the jar you consume the whole jar or this huge container so maybe what you can do is separate out fourth of a cup and a little baggie and then that’s your ration okay and that might work for you because some people they don’t really have a turn off switch so they just will keep eating and eating and eating I like personally I like the pistachios because you have to work to get those things out but I personally have to have just a little bit of that per meal and I do fine so anyway I hope that answered the question on the nuts and I will see you in the future videos so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto?.
How Many Nuts Can You Eat on Keto?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question of how many nuts are too many while you are doing keto (ketogenic diet). Consuming too many nuts could cause bloating or gas. Here are some reasons why.
1. You need more bile production when you consume more fat.
Eating too much fat, too quickly (especially nuts), irritates the digestive system, especially around the gallbladder and pancreas.
2. Nuts have certain anti-nutrients and chemicals that can irritate certain parts of the digestive system, specifically the bile duct.
If you are predisposed to kidney stones, certain nuts do have high oxalates. Germinating is the process where you soak the nut in the water overnight, rinsing it out and drying it out in the oven so when you consume them, it is easier to digest. Consuming raw nuts is harder for the immune system.
Recommendation: Do not consume more than ¼ of a cup of nuts per meal, and do not consume more than 1 tbs. of nut butter per meal.
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