How Long to Get Into Ketosis After Your Cheat Day

How Long to Get Into Ketosis After Your Cheat Day

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hi guys I’m going to do a video on ketosis after cheat day well first of all I want to know whoever said you could actually cheat on the program anyway I don’t know who made that up I mean ketosis after cheat day is very is equivalent to marriage after a cheat day you might end up with some problems right because what happens is it took you 2 to 6 weeks to get into ketosis because your cells have to adapt your enzymes have to adapt and you’re going along and all the sin you have a cheat day well you think you can just like a switch and pop it right back well if it took two weeks to get into ketosis how many how much time you think it’s going to take to get back into it after you cheat it could take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours if you’re lucky but sometimes up to a week yeah I’m sorry to tell you that and so there’s some variables I want to talk about if you’re 23 years old and you’re a guy and you’re fairly thin you could probably flip back and forth with no problem but if you’re 50 or 60 year old female that has been and diets it’s going to be a situation because the metabolism is still not repaired so in other words if you cheat just realize it’s going to take a long time to get you back into where you started from now sometimes people will when I evaluate them I find out they haven’t gone back to the original eating plan it’s somewhat of a modified ketogenic diet where their each day they’re eating a little bit of the wrong food well they’ll never get back into ketogenic ketosis because the whole hallmark of ketosis is low carbs really low carbs ok so the variables are metabolism so that’s going to predict how fast you can get back into ketosis if your metabolism is good you could probably get back to and fast also your age that’s important not whole long you’ve been in ketosis if you’ve done this for several years your system is finally efficient where you could probably switch back and do it pretty easy but if you’ve done this you stirred last month and you you lived your whole life on sugar it could bump you way out of ketosis and I keep getting this question you know I had my cheat day and I’m not back into ketosis and it’s a week I says well you’re not quite there yet so and I don’t know who gave you authorization to cheat anyway but I never did so and then how well you’re sticking to ketosis when you’re doing it and then how much you cheat so if you’re cheating the whole day versus let’s say one meal that could be a variable as well so I just wanted to point out that I think your cheat should be a healthy pleasure food that you can actually make with these recipes I’ll put some links below like you have the keto bombs you can do with chocolate you can do with almond flour and really enjoy that but if you’re going to just carve out that could be a problem and just have the expectation that it’s going to take some time to get back alright thanks for watching

This Post Was All About How Long to Get Into Ketosis After Your Cheat Day.
How Long to Get Into Ketosis After Your Cheat Day

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Dr. Berg talks about how long it takes to get back into ketosis after your cheat day. However, there are variables involved.
1. Your metabolism
2. Your age
3. How long have you been in ketosis beforehand
4. How strict are following your ketosis plan
5. How long you are cheating for
Many people do not calculate the correct estimation of how fast your body can get back into ketosis after a cheat day before they can start burning fat and losing weight. First of all, it takes time for your body to adapt and develop new enzymes and metabolism machinery. Adding more carbs, stimulating insulin will then shut down fat burning for at least 24-48 hours, or even up to a week depending on the variables listed above.
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