How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer

How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer

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what’s up guys it’s Thomas flower and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about inflammation and when we think about inflammation we think about inflammation in the body meaning you bumped your knee and it gets inflamed and it gets swollen well that is part of inflammation but I want to talk a little bit more about inflammation in other aspects of the body what a lot of people don’t realize and when they come to me with their diet issues and they can’t lose weight they can’t lose fat they’re losing muscle what they don’t realize is that the body actually has inflammation issues in the gut in the brain and inside other aspects of the body so when you hit your knee on something that gets inflamed yes that is inflammation and that’s just it at a very surface level and you can get an idea of what’s happening the knee becomes swollen because your body is attacking that area and it sets up that inflammation as a form of protection so that the body can fix that area and heal it and that inflammation serves to prevent injury so here’s a little bit of outside-the-box thinking when you eat something and your body has a bad reaction to it it’s something that your body just for one reason or another had an allergy to or sees as a foreign object or seen as a foreign body you’re going to ingest it and your body is going to have an immune response where it causes inflammation of the intestine or even the stomach line and what this does is it creates an inflammation that prevents the absorption of nutrients so there’s a lot of things that tie together such as you know the malabsorption of nutrients leading you ultimately into a calorie deficit which triggers a poor leptin response which can therefore cause your body to hold on to those nasty pesky stores of body fat and lose your precious muscle because as far as your body is concerned it’s not absorbing nutrients so inflammation plays a tremendous role in how much weight you’re losing how much fat you’re burning how much muscle you’re holding but nobody wants to talk about it because everybody just wants to address you know how many more supplements to take or how much more protein to take it’s this big wide-open area that no one wants to talk about well for me and my wife’s autoimmune disease I was able to discover exactly what I needed to do to change my diet to stay lean 365 days a year honestly I’ve been asked so much how I stay so lean how I do it all the time how I’m always photo shoot ready how I’m always magazine shoot ready the simple answer is I know my body and I really want to teach everyone how they can learn their body so that not just aimlessly going out eating certain things that are causing a reaction inside their body that they didn’t even know was happening so you could be eating something that’s causing inflammation in the gut that’s therefore causing what’s called a leaky gut it’s making your brain inflamed it’s making it so you can’t think and you’re becoming a zombie have you ever gotten to like 2:00 3:00 p.m. and you have to you know take a nap because you’re tired what if you didn’t have to do that what if you didn’t have to take that 5-hour energy at 2:00 p.m. like the commercials tell you to see the supplement industries want you to think they all you have to do is take a pre-workout or take a supplement to fix these issues the fact of the matter is it’s diet related and vitamin related well but you have to do is you have to know your body I have clients that eat chicken day in and day out and they just can’t lose weight or eating chicken brown rice and broccoli and asparagus and they’re eating everything as they should but for some reason they just can’t break through these plateaus well you have to learn your body you have to learn that maybe your body isn’t like chicken maybe your body’s having an immune response and therefore it’s coming inflamed I was a 260 pound bodybuilder that could not get lean I knew how to get big that’s something that I can help people with too but as a male I knew how to get big but then I realized that this was not fun it wasn’t fun being a big bodybuilder plus I could never give lean I was always soft but then I started learning what the immune response of certain foods was on my body and I was able to slim down to a shredded 195 and be happy here and that is what it all comes down to is knowing your body and finding a healthy medium and with women I’ve had so many women that can’t lose that stubborn belly fat or they can’t lose cellulite because their bodies are just resistant to whatever they’re eating and especially as we get older we have to start getting a little bit more tricky with the diet you can’t just go mainstream with a boilerplate plan you have to really analyze what is working for your body and I encourage all of you to research inflammation a little bit but I’m here to help you understand exactly how reducing the inflammation in your body is going to help you have a pain-free life help you lose the unwanted body fat that you want to lose and ultimately help you live just an amazing life doing the things that you love going to places that you want to because you have the energy to and whether you use that energy to work out more or to spend time with your kids is entirely on you but I’m here to help you understand that so take a look around look at some of my other videos but I’m here to help teach you workouts recipes and an all-around lifestyle that is going to absolutely blow your mind with new information all right thanks guys stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer.
How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer

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How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss with Thomas DeLauer is an enlightening look at the negative effects of inflammation within the body. Learn how your digestion and nutrient absorption can be altered by inflammation as well as what you choose to eat. It can even affect your muscle retention. Find out some of the ways that you can change your dieat to stay lean 365 day a year! Click below to Learn more about How Inflammation could be making it hard to lose weight!
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