How Food Affects Your Mood / Improve Anxiety, Depression & ADD

How Food Affects Your Mood / Improve Anxiety, Depression & ADD

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so today I want to talk about the relationship between your mood and your food there’s a huge relationship the problem is that you never ever ever ever ever want to treat a symptom directly without understanding the underlying cause and that’s the problem of medicine is they treat all the symptoms so if you get depression they’re going to treat it they don’t ask why anxiety it’s a treatment there’s a lot of pills there’s no profit in curing these it’s all about managing these symptoms in fact when you treat the symptom or you diagnose incorrectly you make the patient worse I’ll give an example I had a patient who was depressed and I said when we when we depressed she goes when I was diagnosed I said interesting I said I started questioning more stuff and I said you know what you’re not depressed you’re just exhausted she goes wow that makes sense because I don’t sleep I feel better thank you so I got rid of her depression just by helping her realize the underlying cause okay so let’s talk about this there’s a couple of factors and in the relationship to in affecting your emotional mood and the food that you eat and other things let’s talk about nutrition nutrition first you hear the concept an apple a day keeps the doctor away well that might have been true in 1965 but not now it takes six apples a day now to keep the doctor away if you take the apples and shoot them hard enough at the doctor I’m just kidding don’t do that but the point is that it there soils are so bad right now you need so much food to achieve the same nutrient levels in Europe or in Africa the food nutritional factors are so much more that that’s why they have good teeth good bone structure because they have more nutrition in the soils so the soils are bad in America that’s the food is empty so therefore you need to eat even healthier let’s just take potassium it’s one of the most important minerals in a good relaxed body because potassium is a physiological tranquilizer it calms the nervous system down and you might say that you eat a banana a day well that’s 400 milligrams you need 4700 milligrams just to get your minimum so that would equate to about seven to eight to even ten cups of vegetables or salad every single day how many cups the vegetables are you eating every day so potassium is very very important for two reasons to calm the heart rate down because if your potassium is low your pulse rate is going to go high try to sleep with your pulse rate just going boom boom boom boom it won’t let you relax so potassium is very important to calm the heart down it’s also important to establish good blood sugars and even to help stabilize the sugar so they don’t drop down too far we’ll get into that in a second but I want to just talk about the nutrient factors B vitamins especially b1 B vitamins are used up when you’re in a stress State so when you’re pushing your body and you’re stressed out you’re going to deplete your B vitamins especially b1 and some of the other ones when you deplete B vitamins you become more anxious you have that internal that restlessness restless leg syndrome for example is a B vitamin deficiency the best source of B vitamin E steel fist or get nutritional yeast take a teaspoon I like to put it in plain yogurt put in your calcium whatever but those B vitamins are very very very important to actually calm you down and help you sleep and prevent nightmares as well but don’t buy them from a one-a-day vitamin most these vitamins out there are synthetic and you don’t want to consume synthetic vitamins you want them food base I have one called super nutrients that I use because it has good cognitive function it’s all food base there’s no synthetics and you could take probably three of those and get enough B vitamins if you wanted to do that called super nutrients calcium calcium is important to help you relax calm down and reduce stress when you’re under stress you deplete your calcium calcium goes through you you don’t really absorb it as well so calcium the best source is not from a typical one a day or some of the calcium supplements they sell at CVS because all those are made from calcium carbonate that’s limestone be better off chewing on the cement outside and I won’t mention any brand names that use calcium carbonate sometimes silver but a lot of these top name-brand calciums they basically used rocks which don’t absorb so you need a calcium citrate or have it from cheese or have it from plain yogurt something like that okay omega-3 very very important in cognitive function and even especially for children so omega-3 fish oils for kids oh my gosh huge but the problem is that there’s something fishy about fish oils and that would be that it’s usually rancid so get a higher quality fish oil rather than just kind of like the cheapest brand that you can find get a good one and open up the capsule and smell it and if it’s not visually it might be it’s probably pretty good so if you’re going to go with fish oils make sure it’s a higher quality okay so that’s one thing and then I’m going to talk about iodine when a child is growing or when you’re nursing or when you’re going to have a baby make sure that you consume enough iodine as from a seek seek help source I like sea kelp that’s the best source of iodine and like especially pregnant females and things like that because iodine supports the thyroid children that are mentally retarded usually I have an iodine deficiency because the mother was deficient and it transported over to the baby and i neva know some adults that are mentally retarded as well because they don’t have enough iodine iodine supports the thyroid the thyroid helps the cognitive function of the brain but I like to have it from the food base not a synthetic or like a rock so take it from sea kelp next thing blood sugar is very very important if your blood sugar is not perfectly level at 100 if it goes too high you’re going to get brain fog you’re going to have loss of memory when the blood sugars go down you’re going to have irritability a DD you’re going to be edgy so just from blood sugars so the blood sugar relationship to t between cognitive function on a physical level it’s it’s huge it’s very very important I used to have brain fog all the time and then one day I started to change my breakfast from a carbohydrate cereal to a protein breakfast I think I was having buffalo burger or even a piece of fish and then I went to eggs oh my gosh I felt so much better like a like a helmet lifted off my head so you want to make sure your breakfast is protein because that actually stabilizes the blood sugars through the whole day if you skip a meal skip breakfast or have a carb breakfast in the evening you’re going to have low blood sugars now having low blood sugars doesn’t mean you’re just you should eat more sugar it just means that you didn’t set it up where you have good protein in salad or vegetables in that potassium to stabilize your sugar so when your blood Sugar’s drop down have a salad have some don’t eat sugar that’s not going to fix it and so we want to make sure that we don’t eat sugars because it’s going to spike and then come down you’re going to help with a low blood sugar and then you’re going to irritable so the bottom line is you have to avoid sugar okay seven cups of salad we talked about potassium will help stabilize your blood Sugar’s and it’s great for diabetics protein breakfast very very very important that kale shake and get the recipe off the website kale shake in the morning is wonderful to establish the blood sugars through the whole day hormones hormones
influence your brain as well serotonin it’s a pleasure hormone and that’s how psych drugs work too they recycle that last drop of serotonin you have over and over and over again tricking your body and thinking it has more than it really does so when you take these psych drugs they end up causing a deficiency over the time even more and the need for that medication Rises over time so it doesn’t have a long-term good solution and sometimes when the doctor doesn’t have a plan to get you off the medication then you end up mean more and more and more on different ones and to the point where it really ruins the body so you want to start building up serotonin with a good diet before you even get these symptoms now next thing is cortisol that’s the stress hormone and that comes from all types of stress you push yourself over the years you work two jobs you don’t sleep maybe you don’t take care of your maybe you party too much and you go into the flooded fight mode and you will get anxiety as a symptom from cortisol so anxiety worry thinking all the time that’s a higher cortisol adrenaline adrenal problem which needs to be improved through natural means one ways is through walking each day through maybe acupressure stretching pulling the stress out or sleeping or keeping the diet good or avoiding stressful people many many things you can do but if your body is stressed out all the time your course level behind you will be stuck in anxiety but the problem is you don’t want to treat it directly you want to find out why PMS is there a relationship between your cycle and your mood if so then you need to support the ovary because I know some women that can get very irritable that time of the month or even certain times of the month if there’s a pattern to it tyroid the thyroid if it’s a physical problem you you can get depression you can be apathetic like you don’t care anymore so there’s a hormone aspects to your mood as well that should be supported to nutrition okay so now we want to talk about sleep oh my gosh without sleep you’re going to have a lot of anxiety you’re going to have worry you’re going to be in stress mode because sleep is a natural repair for for body stress without sleep you can’t rejuvenate you can’t recharge the body and you will have all sorts of mood issues without sleeping you try to take your kids to the grocery store when they’re tired they’re going to be cranky okay so and the question is are you exhausted are you tired or are you depressed I found mostly you’re tired and you’re going to feel the press from being tired so you don’t want to take a 5-hour energy drink to stimulate the body you want to get more sleep so the more stress you’re under the longer you need to sleep so don’t get seven get eight hours okay so a lot of problems with anxiety it can’t happen when you’re sleep okay so take a look at the relationship between your mood and the physical part of your body versus just a mental problem and it’s huge and this is what’s missed so if you’re having any type of mood problems look at the nutrition look at the blood sugars look at if there’s a glandular imbalance look at your sleep and never treat a symptom find the root cause

This Post Was All About How Food Affects Your Mood / Improve Anxiety, Depression & ADD.
How Food Affects Your Mood / Improve Anxiety, Depression & ADD

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