How Cruciferous Vegetables Detoxify (remove poisons)

How Cruciferous Vegetables Detoxify (remove poisons)

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about the cruciferous detox effect okay so just check this out see this book right here this is called toxicology what in toxicology is the study of poisons look at how sick this thing is okay let me show you something so this is called the basic science of poisons these are all the different chemicals that a person is exposed to pesticides herbicides and it shows you the the effects it has on the body the disease’s it creates where it gets acute its cumulated in the kidney or the liver or the respiratory tract or the skin okay so this is interesting it says that most chemicals that produce systemic toxicity do not cause a similar degree of toxicity in all organs instead they usually elicit their major toxicity in only one or two organs the target organ of toxicity is often not the site of the highest concentration of the chemical for example lead is concentrated in the bone DDT is concentrated in adipose tissue interesting so now check this out biotransformation of the antibiotics what does that mean it’s a fancy term for the elimination of chemicals on the body so your body has the ability through the liver into the enzymes to get rid of poisons okay and the unique thing that you need to know about is that these poisons are fat soluble now they’re not water soluble so they get stuck in the fat cell and that is the obstacle to their elimination because LeBeau trophic which means chemicals that get stuck in the lipids or fats the trophic compounds can be easy readily reabsorbed consequently the elimination of xenobiotics as chemicals often depends on their conversion to water-soluble chemicals by a process known as bio transformation so our body basically has enzymes to break down fat soluble chemicals into water seidel chemicals and this happens in the liver so check out this next part you got a liver right livers on the right side the liver has the ability to detoxify can calls and everyday we’re exposed to pesticides herbicides chemicals GMO foods don’t get me started on that one and the enzymes in the liver basically go from phase 1 to phase 2 and they work together to take these really dangerous poisons and turn them into harmless water soluble particles so that’s what your liver does but the problem is chronic exposure to these chemicals causes the speeding up of phase 1 okay what happens when you when you don’t balance these and this goes too much phase 2 gets overwhelmed and you get a backup of toxins throughout the body so you cannot you no longer can detoxify you actually get sick and this these toxins can spill off into the thyroid into the uterus into the grass cause cancer so if these were working together you can actually kind of get rid of a lot of poisons that you’re exposed to so what cruciferous vegetables will do they enhance this process what they’ll do they actually inhibit phase one so they will slow down an overactive phase once and speed up a Phase two to allow this process not to be overwhelmed but to speed up the elimination of these chemicals now like I said before a lot of these chemicals that people are exposed to have a delayed effect for 20 30 40 years so what affected you way back you know when your kid is now starting to affect you now and that’s why it’s hard to connect the cause and effect relationship and that’s why it’s so important to consume kale arugula bok choy Brussels sprouts cabbage cauliflower collard greens radish on a regular basis so I suggest that you start consuming these if you want a more convenient way to get all of these I have two things one is the cruciferous some of you are already using this this has a blend of all the cruciferous in an organic form and the other form is a new product that I have called estrogen balance I like this one a little bit more if you’re female because it has an additional thing called dim now what is dim well two capsules of dim two capsules of this is equal to 2 pounds of cruciferous so dim is a highly concentrated cruciferous phytochemical that allows this process to happen a lot quicker okay and you would start out taking one of these per day and you would get used to it then you would add two you would need to go past two but anything that you have an estrogen dominance because all these chemicals mimic estrogen in the environment so you’re talking like if you have heavy periods fibrocystic breast fibroids cystic acne painful long periods menopause symptoms hot flashes night sweats this is really good to balance the estrogen so it gets rid of the bad estrogen it improves as a good estrogen it’s not going to take all that jujin out of your body is just going to convert it into the right level and help this detoxification process as well so it has properties it has vitamin E it has kale it has cabbage a lot of cruciferous but it also has the dim tumeric and a couple other things to support the adrenals so it’s like it’s an upgraded version of my ovarian formula but with a lot of enhancements okay so if you’re interested in either one of these you can click the link below and start checking it out get some more information but anyway I wanted to thank you for watching this I hope you learn something new and I will see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About How Cruciferous Vegetables Detoxify (remove poisons).
How Cruciferous Vegetables Detoxify (remove poisons)

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Dr. Berg explains how cruciferous vegetables detoxify the liver in phase I and II enzymatic biotransformation. This means your body has the ability to dismantle poisons into harmless water soluble particles. However, constant exposure to poisons, chemicals, endocrine disruptors cause phase I to speed up, overwhelming phase II enzymes – this is where you get sick. Cruciferous and a concentrated cruciferous called DIM slows down phase I and balances our phase II, so you can detoxify normally. The enzymes involved are called cytochromone P450.
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