How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates!

How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates!

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I want to talk about body stress now right now you’re sitting there and you have body stress as well it might be in the your upper back it could be in your neck it could be in the back of your skull could be over your chest it could be in your stomach it could be in your lower back or your feet so body stress is a form of tension or tightness that accumulates from many different stressors over time so it could be from injury it could be from surgery ankle sprains falling on your knee falling on your tailbone getting hit in the head with something whiplash injuries you name it I mean I remember as a child I want I was very curious about things so I wanted to see I had a BB gun and I wanted to see what would feel like actually to shoot my toe don’t ask me why I wanted to do that but that was a big mistake actually I wanted to shoot my toe and see if I could pull my foot away from the little B be coming out in time and obviously you know what happened I shot my toe and it really really hurt so that was an injury created some tension of course it was through my shoe so it didn’t really create any damage but it did hurt so there’s many crazy things that people do as kids that end up hurting themselves I remember going down the street no hands I hit a mailbox flipped upside down it’s amazing that I’m still alive I’ve been off motorcycles off cliffs hitting trees wrap myself around poles telephone poles all these things I had wrestling injuries fracturing a lot of different bones including my neck shoulder and leg so that would be example of stressors and then you have surgery removing of your thyroid your appendix your tonsils that would be a stress of the body and infection sore throats viruses sinus that would be a stress you also a physical stress of going through your menstrual cycle every single month and having that experience you also have the emotional stress of any losses the stress of being married having kids having upsets family stresses you have chemical stresses drinking alcohol is a chemical stress eating a lot of junk food is a chemical stress over a period of time you know creating trauma on the pancreas and the adrenal on the liver so you have that stress and you have exercise maybe over exercising now exercise can reduce stress if it’s low intensity and so I’ll come back to that in another video but these are stressors that cause body stress which is an inappropriate body reaction if it’s chronic in other words when things stay there too long and become chronic that would be an inappropriate body reaction because you’re supposed to your body’s supposed to adapting remove the tension after long after the injury but really what happens if this is present time and this is your past your body parts of your body is are still reacting to these older injuries and traumas and situations so that’s pretty much how it works and then as you get older this tension builds up and you’ll see people their posture becomes over like this they become really tight they have a lot of stiffness and tension so body stress is inappropriate body reaction it’s basically certain muscles and tissues that are in contracted state and they will not relax or turn off okay so at a very small microscopic level body stress is the inability for a certain part of your body to turn off let’s take a look at when you go to sleep at night if you lay there and you just are aware of your body you might find your head won’t turn off your mind won’t turn off you feel restlessness in your legs tension the chest tension your back that tension prevents you from sleeping it prevents you from rejuvenating it prevents you from recovering and guess what that’s going to prevent you from losing weight because fat burning must occur in the recovery phase or the rest period when sleeping not during stress okay so that’s the relationship between body tension because it activates a hormone called cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone by the adrenal gland and that hormone has the capacity of producing fat around the organs internally deep inside around your intestines that would be called visceral fat deep abdominal visceral fat that your body is trying to protect the vital organs by holding fat around the gut but body tension is another protective mechanism because if you stub your toe and the toe starts to develop like scar tissue body stress is going to create that tension is going to protect it by stopping the motion so your toe doesn’t move like it should or your back or your joints don’t move like they should so body stress actually stops motion in the body so we have a contracted state we have a lack of motion in the body so it’s really a loss of communication in that body part that creates this random tightness because when you injure yourself or traumatize you lose communication and when you lose communication into a body part let’s say say your pancreas then the pancreas does what it wants to do and it can produce a lot of insulin or and then it’s stuck it’s burnt out or let’s say you have a toe that’s damaged in and you lose feeling and circulation and limb fell and communication becomes numb so old injuries stop motion and create tension and create a situation where you have a lack of healing in that body part so the body stresses tension or tightness and it gets it stuck in the body it accumulates and there’s several things that we do to remove or diminish body stress number one we want the person to sleep we have to fix the person sleep because that’s where they recover that’s where they heal that’s where they recharge and in order to sometimes sleep you have to remove the body stress but then body stress does improve with sleeping so we use accupressure to remove body stress is our main tool so acupressure is a unique technique and I developed it so it’s not traditional it’s not like working on the muscles generally it’s a specialized technique that I found that works on the turn off mechanism and the turn on mechanism so you have this muscle that’s not turning off it’s stuck on so this technique turns that body part off so you you actually release the tension and you elongate the muscles and you relax the body so that’s what we get a big history of all the things that ever happened to you injuries surgeries infections etc etc and then we apply the technique to all those body parts in the location where you traumatize yourself extracting we’re not really extracting stress we’re basically getting the body to turn off and relax in those areas because really this body stress is a reaction to the stress it’s not something stress is not something you can bottle it’s just your body is stuck on and so we have to turn it off and when you use acupressure and put the person into a really good relaxed state now they can sleep now they have motion now they have nerve circulation blood flow they have more communication and now the how better recovery and with recovery comes more better metabolism and more weight loss so that’s kind of how it works good nutrition is also important in reducing body stress especially certain minerals like calcium and potassium and then of course exercise walking is really good to reduce body stress it might be temporary but it’s still a valid therapy so we have sleeping exercising acupressure we have nutrition and changing of environments sometimes if you’re in a job that’s very very stressful you need to get another job change your environment if you’re in a marriage that’s stressful you have to change that situation so you just by going on a vacation your change of environment is very good for body stress and people sl
eep from that so I just wanted to kind of create a little video on what body stress really is and the tools to extract this from the body by basically working and turning the body off and reducing tension

This Post Was All About How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates!.
How Body Stress Affects You & Where It Accumulates!

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Body Stress is the physical tension or residue of tightness or contraction that gets stuck in the body.
But in reality, it’s not something that is stuck. It is the body’s reaction to stress that is stuck. The body experiences some overwhelming stress and reacts by tightening its muscles. This tightness then continues to stay tight long after the stress. This is an inappropriate body reaction.
Body stress is a tightness that will not let go and relax. In other words, the body is stuck in guarding or protection mode. The body will continue to react to trauma and other stress long after the stress is gone. The body or brain has lost its control over the body part that is reacting to stress much like a house that blew a fuse. Sustained stress for a long time, overwhelming stress or a sudden shock or injury tends to create this chronic tension.
Where does stress accumulate in the body?
 Around the injury
 Around the infection (sinus, throat, chest)
 Around the heart
 Around the gallbladder
 Abdomen
 Adrenal gland area (anterior and posterior)
 Flight or fight area (in the mid-back)
 Upper neck area to back of skull
 Under the clavicle area
 Areas of over strain (feet, back, etc.)
Body Stress is form of body protection. The body is stopping motion so as to avoid getting hurt again. If you pull your muscle, the body will then, afterwards, protect the muscle by keeping it contracted or tight. Of course, this only has a short term benefit. There is no long term benefit. It’s an inappropriate action because the danger is long gone.
Acupressure is our tool of removing inappropriate body tension (stress).
Chronic stress from multiple injuries, emotional upsets and losses, pregnancies or infections or even sustained environmental stress over time can accumulate in the body.
Physical body stress can be measured through our testing. Over time, as stress accumulates, it can create all sorts of health problems including extra weight gain. The adrenal hormone called cortisol has as one of its functions to store fat in the belly and is triggered by stress.
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