Hormones Made Simple Webinar (Part 1)

Hormones Made Simple Webinar (Part 1)

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hey guys you hear me right awesome so as people are walking on I saw a couple questions they’re just going to be recorded absolutely absolutely oh that’s the one to make sure this sound thing is working was working before testing one two there we go how was that JEP better how’s that can you hear me now yeah I just saw that I had it muffled good great awesome okay we’re going to get started guys um welcome this is the first seminar of a series of three seminars and I’m going to break down the endocrine system and try to make it as simple as possible and what we’re going to do is it probably will ask questions as we go through but there’s so many people on that it’s going to be hard to go back and forth I won’t get anything done um so this is going to be recorded no problem and then I’m going to to make it really easy I’m going to send you the notes in the morning so you have all the notes because somehow I I don’t think I could send it with an attachment I have to send it to your email so I want to send the notes to everyone who watches this now to the people registered who didn’t sign on so whoever’s on this webinar will get the notes as well okay now here’s the problem the problem and when you go to a health care practitioner or even a doctor is they’ll look at your blood test and they’re going to look at oh you have this deficiency of hormone and let’s go ahead and give you a hormone okay I like the thyroid hormone or maybe growth hormone or maybe estrogen or testosterone by identical hormones the problem with that is that every time you take a hormone you inactivate the gland that makes that hormone so you weaken the system over time and then you become more dependent on that format but they don’t really look at the whole picture they don’t look at what’s behind it so I want to really touch on that so the first part of the seminar is just to kind of give you an overview of the endocrine system as a whole so you can understand it and think with it and then I’m going to dive into parts of the under consistent in this section and then next week in the following week it’s a very large topic and I am basically have too much information of course in this presentation I’m going to try to cut it down I always have too much information so I don’t want to overwhelm you with data so I’m going to try to kind of take bits and pieces that are important and practical and things that you can apply I want to talk about the parts of inter consistent that show up the most and then show you how you can use this like for example with your fatigue what hormone is that what’s wrong with that how can we get more energy that type of thing so I want to make it right you know applicable to you and not just kind of go through hormones for the sake of understanding hormones so there’s so many different hormones you’ll just like go to sleep if I cover all of them so we’re going to cover all the different glands but we’re going to kind of give you a summary and I’m going to dive into very specific things that I think are important so in this presentation we’re going to definitely talk about the adrenal and also the pancreas but as it relates to other thing because it’s when you have one hormone it can affect this and this Anessa you’ll see as we go through this so let’s see here um what I’m going to do is I’m going to open up my powerpoint presentation let me go right up here and pull it up for you okay good now let me just there we go perfect all right so the endocrine system what is it it’s basically a communication system and the nervous system is a communication system the difference between the endocrine system and the nervous system is that the antico system uses hormones to communicate through the blood and what happens is that the glands are unique in that they make hormones but organs typically don’t make hormones some of them do so that would be the difference between a gland and an organ glands make hormones now what’s a hormone a hormone is a chemical message it’s a trigger it’s a communication it’s sent from one place to another so the whole thing about hormones is that and glands is that it’s trying to create an effect at a distance so the gland makes a communication it’s sent over across the body through the blood and it kind of connects into the cell like a radio wave like if you’re in your car and you turn the radio and you can tune in different stations and cheer different music the exact same thing with the body so that hormone has a might have like 15 functions but if it connects into for example let’s say estrogen connects into the ovary it’s going to tell the ovary to release an egg or make an egg okay but let’s say that estrogen goes to your hips it might say to make fat so the purpose of a hormone is to create trigger something in the called a target organ or the endpoint and it’s just a group of cells that have already pre-programmed functions and so basically hormone triggers these this little program but then the cell does the work okay and then once it does the the work then what happens is that what happens is that the cell then basically activates the function does the work and then sends another signal back up to the original gland to tell it to turn off the message so we constantly have this on/off switch on/off switch back and forth back and forth so you can see it’s a little bit of a communication cycle now this is what the connector looks like the receptor in the cell receives the hormone and then what happens is that that hormone once it’s received activates a whole chain reaction of things so and that’s important because you have like tons and tons and tons of little receptors in the glands that can receive hormones the problem is that these receptors can get blocked they can get interfere with they can get blocked with chemicals that mimic hormones they can get just downgraded and they just don’t work anymore like in insulin like if you have a high level of a hormone over a period of time like let’s say you have insulin that’s high that because you’re eating too much sugar that receptor that receives insulin is going to stop receiving it okay so it’s just kind of like if let’s say you’re you’re married and your husband’s there and you let’s say the wife tells the husband take the garbage out right and he doesn’t comply with that the wife might continue to communicate in a higher volume and if the if the that message is ignored so anytime a message is ignored the the communicator it starts to increase more volume and so this is what happens in in diabetes is that you have all this excess hormone that’s not getting in to the cells it’s not getting into the blood and so you have something called insulin resistance where you have symptoms of high hormone on one side and low hormone on the other side and so it’s really you test the blood you have all this insolent is not working okay so it really has to deal with the communication one part of the body is just is rejecting or not wanting to listen and so there’s just more more shouting so I guess it would be really similar to here talk to someone who just will not stop talking they just go on and on and on and they’re doing that because they’re not really being listened to so really the same thing happens in the body so that’s that’s what receptor is and then we have the last piece of the puzzle that’s called the hormone feedback loop so in the body you have these circuits which means circle or connectors it starts at the brain and it comes down into the body at different levels and it’s a chain reaction of communications and so once let’s say the brain tells the thyroid what to
do once that’s complied with a signal is sent back to turn off that communication so it’s a very complex but very simple because if you look at like your blood test let’s say you have high levels of a certain hormone then you can kind of see what’s happening the feedback loops are not getting around where it’s not coming around and completing the circuit to turn it off it’s very similar to when you talk to someone if they acknowledge you then you feel heard and then you can stop talking okay so same thing in the body now here’s this this is interesting did you realize that hormones are made out of protein and cholesterol that’s right so your hormones are made from cholesterol and this is what I want to I want to kind of talk about this because I become some people freak out about cholesterol and they’re like oh my gosh it’s so bad and everything but did you realize that every single cell in your body makes cholesterol your body makes 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day your liver makes 2,000 so the rest of the body makes another thousand so that’s 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol and I basically just figured out how much cholesterol that is four sticks of butter 14 eggs or 333 strips of bacon that’s how much cholesterol your body makes that’s incredible so the next time you’re at your doctor’s office and he says oh we got to get you cholesterol down ask them well if the cholesterol is so bad why does the body make so much why does it make 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol and just see what they say because the cholesterol is on a feedback loop too so if you actually eat less your body makes more if you eat more your body will make less I eat a tremendous amount of cholesterol my diet I do four eggs every single day I do cheese I do bacon you don’t have to do that but what’s happening is my body my liver doesn’t have to make as much cholesterol but I have people that have no cholesterol in the diet and their cholesterol is off off the charts simply because your body is trying to make more and so especially all the different steroid hormones the ones that actually are the adrenal hormones or even the thyroid hormones I’m not talking just about bodybuilding I’m talking about most a lot of the hormones that are that you’re dealing with right now are steroid hormones and they’re all made from cholesterol so when you’re under stress are you going to menopause huh you better have the raw material to make these hormones um so give you so give me some cholesterol facts um consuming cholesterol has never had been proven to cause heart disease um you might want to write this guy’s name down um he’s amazing researcher he wrote a book on cholesterol myths and he is like seriously um like researched and he basically he does massive research in the literature and he condensed all the studies and he got actually shows you what they say in a simple way fascinating so there’s two things one is that consuming cholesterol does not cause heart disease and then consuming cholesterol does not increase your cholesterol that’s amazing this is the opposite of what we’ve been taught I mean even Time magazine said it’s okay to eat butter so we know it’s true right I’m being very sarcastic um so a lot of the studies have been altered long ago back in the 50s and 60s and and and some of these current researchers that hold on to this cholesterol idea idea they just they can’t be wrong so they have to be right so what they’ll do is they will maintain this viewpoint and they won’t look at the actual information so they’re very closed-minded and they have a lot of fixed ideas but you’ll have to prove it to yourself really what increases the cholesterol is the refined sugars and the carbohydrates okay now before I get into the summary the summary of um the endocrine system I just want to kind of scan to see if there’s I always want to make sure that people people can hear me and let me just see here okay okay so I’m assuming you guys can see those slides and I tell you what I will send you the slides how about that okay yeah because it could be kind of small on your computer I’ll send you the slides all right I just want to see if there’s any questions now I’m going to open up something here so I can see your questions a little bit better okay the book okay so people are asking me what is the book called the book is called a cholesterol mist and yes I can see the problem is so tiny you can’t even see it so I’ll actually you can search this guy’s name that out copy this into let me just do this right now copy the guy’s name right here and so I just pasted it for everyone to see and you can look them up later okay the point is that um there’s a lot of great um substantial credible science scientific people that are very sane that actually will alone will show you the truth about the whole cholesterol and you don’t have to be freaked out about it all right um someone asked about what if I’m holding fluid okay I’m going to talk about fluid retention absolutely um let’s see can you address menopause we’re going to touch on some we’re going to touch on hot flashes a little touch more menopause as we go through this um okay how do bioidentical hormones work with hormone balance good question here’s the problem with bioidentical hormones I’m not against them I just like to try everything we can before you go I bioidentical because what’s happening is you’re taking hormones you’re going to feel better but your glands are going to not have to work as hard and you’re going to slowly inactivate your glands which means that you’re going to need more and more hormone over time to the point where it potentially it could stop working so you know that’s just my viewpoint so I’m not against you taking them as long as you you can actually try to first try to improve the gland function because why don’t we just fix the gland there’s a lot of things you can do primarily for the gland itself and we will cover some of those items alright a lot of really good questions some questions that are not really related to what we’re talking about but I’m trying to get to some of these if I can okay but very good questions I’m going to save a lot of these questions too because I can see that there’s a lot of specific things that you guys want to know about that pertain to your bodies and I’ll actually try to incorporate that into the next seminar okay all right yeah post menopause so I’m going to cover that whole thing but let me just kind of give you a summary of what’s going on okay with the endocrine system let me just pull this thing up here and here we go okay so let’s start at the top with the hypothalamus that’s that’s this little thing in the brain it’s about the size of a grape now the hypothalamus is the is half nervous system and half gland it’s a bunch of small cells groups of cells all combined that have very specific functions like one little center would cause um like your sex drive or your stress response another one will be fluid balance another one will be sustained wakefulness another one would be stimulating the gastrointestinal system shivering sweating blood pressure maternal aggression protection so a mother protecting their child right feeding leptin that’s the hormone that is involved with with starvation and hunger and things like that and the fat makes it we’ll get into that later lower blood pressure their aging fighting appetite water control and you actually have a clock in your brain it’s that little Center has a name and called super trasmit nuclei not that you need to know that but that clock regulates the timing mechanism and it syncs with the rotation of the earth and the tides and the Sun sun’s light and darkness and it’s pretty cool so if you have sleeping problems it could be a problem with that area of the body and then we have sex for most thermostat heart rate well this little nuclei that is right to my left right here that’s involved in hot flashes during menopause so the same thing that controls thermostat is the same thing that controls the heart rate so that thing that’s why your heart rate kind of goes up but the hypothalamus has all these prepreg
up program things for the brain and it’s going to send the message down it’s kind of like the owner of the football team it’s or the owner the CEO of a business and in this message that goes from the hypothalamus there’s several of them and it goes right down to the pituitary – cheering is kind of like uh management it’s like the coach of the football team he doesn’t do the work necessarily buddies he actually works through other people he takes the message from the owner of the company or the the owner of the football team and he translates that translates that to the workers which are the glands so the pituitary is the middleman that kind of determines what message goes where and you got a front part in the back part of the pituitary and it’s the size of a pea it’s really small so there’s hormones for your thyroid your dream your ovary your liver your breasts even the kidney ovary testicle and so all these messages go down from the pituitary and basically I want to kind of cover some of these hormones okay and give you a little summary right now the first hormone one talked about is something called growth hormone yes it does make you grow if your child and yes it’s people buy it as an anti-aging hormone and it’s very expensive don’t want to take it because of those major side effects if you take it externally but it’s an anti-aging hormone in it it helps proteins build and repair it helps you get lean body mass and it’s one of the major fat burning hormones okay so it comes down from the pituitary and it goes into the liver and that’s where it does its work and really growth hormone doesn’t do all the work but it triggers another hormone that does the work and if you want to know the name of that one is called insulin-like growth factor number one it’s an IG F number one okay again you don’t really need to know that the name just realize that IGF number one really is an extension of growth hormone then they work together and we’ll be talking more about this when we get into like fat-burning there’s several things that trigger growth hormone right especially if you want to lose weight one is fasting intermittent fasting that’s a real powerful trigger for growth hormone and I’ll cover that more later also a small amount of protein will trigger growth hormone not too much small amount and then sleep will trigger it and intense exercise will trigger it but there’s other things that block it like like sugar like stress um sugar stress things like that okay now we got the thyroid hormone so the pituitary sends a signal down to the thyroid tells it what to do but really most of the thyroid hormone comes out as an inactive form it’s called t4 now the 4 and the 3 represent the number of iodine molecules on that hormone so you get the t3 is 3 3 iodine and t4 is for iodine so so 80% of the t4 is converted through the liver and then 20% is converted through the kidney and it’s basically converted it turns from t4 to t3 and now t3 is the active form of the thyroid hormone and that’s where it controls the metabolism also your hair nails collagen your skin temperature digestion carbohydrate and fat metabolism so the thyroid is important we will be diving in deeper probably next week on the thyroid but I just you just need to know basically what it does and just right here I want to tell you some two things about the thyroid hormone it’s very rare to have a primary thyroid problem it’s usually secondary to a liver problem or an estrogen problem from the ovary because most people have a problem with their lack of conversion because either the gall bladders blocked or missing or they’re constipated or they have liver problems or fatty liver and that’s why the fire is not working and so every time they take the thyroid hormone they don’t see any results because the cause is in the liver the other one is the estrogen because estrogen has this thing where it can get stuck in your thyroid and block the thyroid and cause thyroid problem so here’s another indirect cause and here you’re you get pregnant and you get this massive dose of estrogen and then boom your thyroid shuts down well that’s you got to fix the estrogen don’t worry about the thyroid okay there’s another gland called the parathyroid basically that’s just four tiny little glands around the thyroid gland and that controls calcium so when people have their thyroid removed Wow if you have your third move you better make sure you keep your parathyroid glands then we get to the adrenal glands and I’m sure that if you watch my videos you talk a lot about adrenal the adrenal is unique and then it has an outside and an inside the outside is all gland the inside is all nerve tissue so it’s pretty cool and so it has functions from anti-inflammatory effects to blood sugar control to stress control hydration control blood pressure control cholesterol control and vitamin D control so it does a lot the gonads that’s the ovary and the testicles so the ovary is basically create female characteristics um curvy your hips thinner skin higher voice um where whereas testosterone gives the male characteristics facial hair deeper voice things like that so the ovary controls the menstrual cycle through its hormones it makes eggs controls fertility okay whereas the testosterone produces helps produce the sperm helps libido bone and muscle influences and vitality okay then we get the pancreas it controls blood sugars so so you have another part of pancreas that releases enzymes to help digest food as well so if your pancreas is dysfunctional you’re gonna have a lot of digestive problems and also diabetics have a lot of digestive problems because of the pancreas you can’t have a bad problem with the pancreas like insulin and have a real happy enzymes that come out and do all the great work of digestion just when one goes down the both they both go down okay now before we get into this next topic I want to make sure that I’m answering questions because we have to have I want to actually have a two-way communication so Karen says she has insomnia sleep apnea I sleep for hours at night I stopped sleeping and up all night fall asleep at 5:00 started to take supplements not working I now take bioidentical hormones and I’m sleeping for hours but waking up okay alright so let me do this hold on one second okay okay so um let’s just touch on the sleep right now okay the hormone that triggers sleep problems let’s let’s look at this book right here this is that this is an endocrine book right here and there’s a chapter here on the adrenal gland now the adrenal gland is a gland on top of the Qt and it curled controls stress but look at Laguna does especially during menopause instead of getting a deep deep sleep you get a light sleep and that’s because the adrenal gland is too high it’s like too many hormones when the adrenal the adrenal is the backup gland to lean over so check this out these are your adrenals these are ovaries so during menopause the ovaries go in retirement and the adrenal actually has to back up the ovary it’s a backup organ so if your adrenals are stressed out during menopause it’s going to and it’s not going to back it up so what’s going to happen it’s going to stimulate something right here and send signals up to the brain and that little part that I showed you that controls temperature and it’s going to send surges into the body and cause hot flashes however this gland is going to stress out during menopause and be a little bit more energetic and so the off switch is always on because this is all this is all adrenaline here this is flight-or-fight so it keeps your body in a constant stress mode so you won’t be able to turn off and sleep there are various things that you can do nutritionally activation wise and I’ll show you some nutrition later but this is a tool that can be gotten to and I use this it goes right on the back of the neck and you lean back and you hit these two points that activate the sleep centers that’s one thing you can do the other thing is you can do acupressure on the adrenal glands as well and that can be learned in my little book here yeah there’s a book that you can get on the to
ol that shows you how to do the adrenals so there are actions that you can do to help sleep but the cause of it is the adrenal okay all right so I switched over the messages to all private so only I can see them so that way you guys can focus a little bit better how about that I think that will work out best all right but I can still see your messengers um don’t worry I’m going to record this so that’s not going to be a problem someone says where can I get the tool on the website on my website dr. Berg calm um all right so let’s see here is there a test for pancreatic problems yes well the first thing you want to test you can indirectly type the test the pancreas by checking the blood sugars and you can also do a test which I think is invaluable and that would be an insulin test you can also check Enza enzyme test but I like to check the insulin because you might have normal blood sugars but your insulin is high because you have a problem with the insulin and that is a situation so I think a lot of people have a problem with insulin or they don’t know and that’s why I’m going to cover that today okay so I’m going to cover a very important topic right now for you guys and that is on this little thing called electrolytes this is a very confusing topic electro is a Latin word for Amber because in the ancient times they would take amber which is resin from the pine tree and they would rub it on fur and it generates this little static electricity that you can take a feather and it sticks to it so they call it electro and then light is Greek word for loose so we have this this um kind of loose electrons that can be generated in the body so let me just show you I forgot to show you one thing here I’ll show you what electrolyte is okay so we have some water right simple water and we have some salt okay so I’m just going to take some salt and I’m going to pour it in the water don’t try this at home I’m just kidding at a dry sensing one I’m just going to stir this up okay so it’s dissolving so the sodium chloride and the other of minerals and this is sea salt this is simulating salt are disconnecting so now we don’t have sodium chloride together we have them sodium chloride okay now this fluid is now more electrically conductive so it can conduct electricity so electrolytes our minerals that are in a solution that conduct electricity and it can generate electricity okay so in your body your cells are little batteries so the cells use electrolytes to actually generate a lot of your electricity and they have little tiny electrolyte new minerals so you have sodium you have potassium you have calcium magnesium but the two big ones that do most of the work are sodium and potassium okay sodium-potassium so there’s something called the sodium and potassium pump and it’s in the membrane of the cell on the outside so the cell is kind of like distance sides which goes in and out most of the goal of this this pump is to keep the sodium on the outside of the cell and keep the potassium on the inside of the cell so when you keep two different electrolytes separated like that through a barrier you can create electrical activity in charge so I let these electrolytes this little sodium potassium pump is there to generate energy for you and to create something called active transport which is basically the ability to pull in nutrients glucose amino acids vitamins calcium controls calcium absorption so it also helps generate energy so the potassium pump you have like eight hundred thousand to thirty million pumps per cell and they’re working hard in fact they they use up 30% of your food energy so they take a lot of energy to work and so what happens is that those little electrolytes that little pump is working hard to give you energy so if you’re fatigued chances are those you don’t have enough of one of those electrolytes so the reason why I talk about electrolytes right now is because the the biggest common problem that I see with people is that they have an electrolyte imbalance and it is related to hormones and I’ll show you that related to one simple mineral okay and that is well let me see if you can guess can anyone guess what mineral is the number one deficient mineral the mineral that you need massive amounts but most people don’t have in their body let’s see if you can guess what it is okay so mrs. iodine magnesium magnesium potassium calcium good so if you said potassium you are correct okay now potassium is kind of like the most important electrolyte that you can possibly have why because you need out of all the vitamins and minerals and everything you need the most potassium out of anything anything at all you need close to 5,000 milligrams per day of potassium now why because it’s essential for this little pump so let me kind of get into what this means and how you can relate this to your own bodies okay so this little electro of the sub sodium potassium pump allows nutrition fluids they go in and out of the body in other cells it allows electrical activity go through your nervous system and it allows the muscles to work correctly this is what it looks like right here so we got the there’s this content exchange of these two minerals back and forth back and forth and there’s other pumps too but this is like the main one that I believe it’s the biggest problem out there right now especially for blood pressure fluid retention and diabetes okay so this is what it looks like and you have a lot of these little pumps and they create a lot of health for you if you actually have enough of the mineral now sodium is really really easy to get and most people do not have a sodium deficiency okay you have a potassium deficiency so these little mineral generator pumps convert chemical energy into electrical energy and believe it or not um 60% of your nerve cells use the sodium potassium pumps and they basically need a lot of energy to produce that so this explains why so many people have a nerve fatigue and muscle fatigue okay it’s because of this and also even the calcium the calcium that you use to help relax the muscles it can’t work if there’s not enough potassium if this pump is not working interesting so they control the energy in the cell the muscle the nerve um blood pressure nutrients in the cell fluid volume calcium and hydration okay so let’s take a look at all the things that can create a potassium deficiency or the effects of the potassium deficiency first of all you’re going to prevent calcium from being allowed for the muscles to relax well guess what the arteries are muscles they have contractile tissue and the arteries will start to get tense from a calcium problem and that’s why they are high blood pressure they have calcium channel blockers so what’s the solution the solution is not to avoid salt like they’re telling you it’s to add potassium to the diet not in a pill form but through food or if we concentrate okay I mean look at the sixty percent of population adults have high blood pressure that is insane it’s so easy to fix also potassium efficiencies see potassium is a relaxer of the body it calms things down and then if you’re low on potassium you’re automatically going to have more sodium so you can have more fluid because they work in a teeter-totter effect low note low nerve conduction that’s a weak heart that’s arrhythmias that skip beats any type of electrical problem with the heart I recommend going with the potassium sometimes magnesium as well low muscle strength so this is interesting have you ever like walked up the stairs and your muscles kind of run out of endurance that’s a potassium deficiency now I’ve talked about the adrenal causing that but we’ll but that’s really it boils down to potassium deficiency so if you don’t have endurance with your muscles if you run it a gas and a cramp fast or especially up incline you feel heavy it’s a potassium deficiency but the biggest symptom would be fatigue people are tired because they don’t have the electrical generators making the energy for the cell so they’re going to be tired because they don’t have enough potassium okay hearing loss is a potassium deficiency because the hairs on t
he inner ear need potassium you can even actually have lowered mood like depression from potassium or fluid retention and this is it this is another interesting thing too at aciem is needed to generate stomach acids so if you don’t a potassium it’s really hard to release the acids in your stomach amazing it okay interesting so here’s a question I have for you what foods have high in potassium does anyone know can you tell me see if you can guess bananas avocados green very good very good you guys are smart yeah very good yes so so potassium the highest source of potassium is in B tops the leaves of beets okay you have potassium in all the leafy greens you have potassium in seaweed in spinach yes you have potassium in bananas but the problem with bananas it’s too high in sugar okay the problem with potassium in coconut water it’s too high in sugar celery actually is a little bit lower on potassium but avocados are huge now here’s the next question how many cups of salad you need to fulfil your potassium requirement per day let’s see if you guys know this okay good you guys you’re trekking with me seven eight ten seven to ten very very well done someone said to know a little more than that okay here’s the next question how many cups of salad or vegetable do you consume per day I want to know if you’re actually doing the seven or nine cups okay someone said zero two six zero ten not enough not enough three two four okay cool alright not a problem but what I want to impress on you is the importance of why you’re doing the salad not just for potassium but for all the nutrients but if for your own energy level prevent blood pressure and you’re going to see it’s also going to prevent blood blood sugar problems and blood pressure problems and it’s going to give your cells that work materials to build the sodium potassium pump so you have more basically I’m trying to find my better my cell phone battery here my we charger you need this is more with chargers okay so then you can actually start building things up um now let me show you my salad okay what I you guys want to see that let’s see here um right there good alright oh I forgot something why are we so deficient yes you’re not eating of salad that’s true low dietary potassium but it can also be because your dream ills are stressed out it can also be because the thyroid is not working do you know the thyroid actually controls the production of those little sodium potassium pumps so it could be you just don’t have enough so but we’re going to assume that you have enough okay check this out drinking too much water also depletes your electrolytes and this is interesting because I people fight me at a fight me honest even on live TV shows they’ll call in a dietician will say oh yeah you’re going to drink so much water yeah just flushing on your potassium out drink when you’re thirsty alcohol will block but deplete potassium surgery will deplete potassium that’s why when they do a surgery they give you a potassium IV because of the trauma on the adrenal this dumps all the potassium caffeine a diuretic diarrhea vomiting sweating all will deplete potassium sugar will do it having insulin resistance that’s kind of a pre-diabetic State will do it because insulin triggers this little pump to push the sugar into the cell so if you’re missing potassium insulin has and you have insulin resistance oh my gosh your cells are really really really really depleted okay so check this out this is how many cups of salad you would need this is how many avocados this is how many bananas you would need okay but this is my salad um now I have an entire avocado on there I have some tomatoes at peppers and I have probably about 8 cups of salad okay and avocado so heavy it’s waiting down the salad this is a typical thing that I do twice a day I have probably more salad than most people most most vegetarians okay okay so now we talked about potassium but now the question is what about hydration like your tissue hydration just water really hydrate you know it’s electrolytes that do you know you need some water but it’s the electrolytes so I want you guys to do a quick test to determine and just so you know I’m going to give you the slides I’m going to give you the recording because somehow I think somehow the when you’re watching this live it’s kind of blocked you’re not able to see it all the time okay so I will give you the slides no worry about them okay so this is what I want you to do with your your back of your palm I want you to pinch your skin like this pinch it good and then I want you to let it go and I want you to count how many seconds it takes to to disappear back at your hand okay go ahead and do that right now pinch your back of your skin and just let it go down and see him like do this right here and count how long it takes to go back into your your body it should be within one less than one second if it’s there two or three or four seconds it stays there you have a serious electrolyte problem okay you serious electrolyte problem and your tissues are completely dehydrated okay the way we’re going to fix that is you’re going to have a lot more potassium and what that’s going to do with your skin like I’m 51 years old I know a lot of 51 year olds that look old I think because they need more salad because your skin the hydration the potassium the electrolytes are essential for healthy skin so if you have a problem with that just work on that you can keep testing that to have more hydration into the tissues okay let me just make sure I’m answering any other questions right here um let’s see here okay all right awesome now um let me go back to the salad thing alright okay that’s my salad the other thing that I take is I take wheatgrass juice powder now let me just explain something I don’t know if you guys saw in my last video that I did with my wife on wheatgrass it’s kind of comical you should check it out you can go to you my youtube and just check for wheat grass the most recent one but I want to show I want to show you something here I just want to show you something on wheat grass this is the this is kind of what I take I don’t know if you can see that maybe that you can’t really see that let me see this is some seriously dark green aromatic raw nothing’s heated over 106 degrees the wheatgrass juice is grown on ancient seabeds in Utah which is basically an old ocean floor so the poles in all the trace moves this is not a wheatgrass powder it’s a wheatgrass juice powder and a lot of you are already taking it and so what you do is you mix this with water and I take probably two teaspoons a day that’s it you don’t need more and for energy if I don’t take this I’m not as energetic and its really the potassium in here because one teaspoon is equivalent to a trea 17 by 17 inches of wheatgrass so you’re getting a food base now I it’s just like extra I’m doing enough salary I probably don’t need that but this gives me some a lot of micro concentrated greens and blood of other nutrition but mainly I think it’s the electrolyte balance that helps me the most because it builds up my sodium potassium pump allows the everything to go through so the people that I have on that are starting to notice more and more energy but the point is that people that are fatigued one-for-one you ask them how much saladin doing how much green are you doing how much potassium it’s usually like small amounts if you go by potassium which I never agree on a recommend um it comes in 90 milligram tablets you need 4700 milligrams you’d have to have a whole bottle of that stuff so it’s not practical divided pills potassium Plus this is the complex that like it’s a whole complex of nutrients that you can take but this is I want to show you right here this is the adrenal the adrenal gland causes potassium loss okay so the adrenals stress deplete your potassium hormonal e insulin depletes your potassium so by having enough potassium in your bloodstream you can actually improve the adrenals you can improve insulin so the more stress the more potassium it take to lower stress and call the dreidels down when your stress you deplete potassium when y
ou eat sugar and you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic you deplete potassium so you can imagine we’re dealing with the mineral that’s this is something that in the reason I’m spending more time it’s so common and it’s so easy to fix and almost everyone they see has the problem and then you fix it and it feels so much better okay so I don’t want to beat a dead horse but that is something that you want to think about and start increasing the potassium and it gives you a reason to start eating more salads okay some of someone someone asks how how can I get it in my seminars I always get people a little discount on products so at the end of the webinar well in fact let me just post it right now just so you can have that yeah so if you wanted to get some wheatgrass you get a discount 10% off but you also get free shipping so you get you have to buy three and it’s good for 24 hours and you can order it and there’s a coupon code in there that when you press the button and you could basically get more discounts off than you could normally get and there’s no shipping in the US I can’t ship to anything out of the u.s. though for free shipping unfortunately I’m sorry so that’s a little discount there okay so now let me show you something not now but later watch that video and wheatgrass because I try to make it entertaining okay so adrenal the adrenal gland produces three main hormones what is called cortisol that’s a stress hormone the other one is the controls minerals it’s called aldosterone and potassium in salt and the other one is called antigens which is like a testosterone so those are the three main hormones we’re going to talk about cortisol in this presentation okay when you have a problem with cortisol you have blood sugar problems you get a Buffalo Hump you get belly fat must weakness low vitamin D levels cataracts bone loss high blood pressure high cholesterol memory problems which I’ll come back I’m going to come back to that in just a little bit because I have some really hot stuff on memory that you have to if you have any type of people in your family of dimension you have to stay tuned for that acne low tolerance to stress vertol ago that’s a loss of the pigment on the skin it’s like a little white patches inflammation cramps in the cat’s heel spurs allergies a need for coffee acid reflux a high blood sugar immune weakness round-faced anxiety so these are just all the indicators of adrenal problems um now here’s a here’s the point that I want to talk about um a lot of people have diabetes a lot of people have high insulin and they don’t even know it and their their diet isn’t better you’re eating better but they still have the problem I want to show you why okay so here’s my favorite book again the adrenal increases insulin because it increases sugar because for quick energy so you can become a diabetic by having an adrenal problem interesting you can have blood sugar problems by having stress in fact if you’re a diabetic and you go through stress your blood sugar goes out of control okay so now that’s a–that’s a affect so how do you know they have that if you clean up your diet and the diabetes doesn’t clear up did we know the adrenal is involved so so let me show you this right here so we have high cortisol that’s from the adrenal so that’s activated by stress okay and then that’s going to increase glucose okay let’s sugar because your body makes your liver mix it and now we’re going to increase insulin now insulin is a hormone that prevents any chance of burning fat it’s a fat making hormone it makes fat and it also if it’s too high or a long period of time it becomes insulin resistant and I have to just cover this because I would say the majority of people that I see have this never even really they have it and they go through menopause to get a belly fat and then they start getting a liver problem and then they get insulin resistance because that can see if you have any of the fat in the belly that you have is really insulin yes it’s coming from cortisol but it’s all it’s cortisol is activating insulin causing the belly fat so how do you know if you have too much insulin just look at your belly let’s see that’s the reason so check this out we have the liver you have the pancreas okay the liver is a hundred times bigger than the pancreas pancreas makes insulin but over a period of time you get insulin resistance and the receptors for insulin get blocked okay so they can’t absorb it so now the insulin doesn’t get through so this is high insulin right here so now in the liver we have low insulin okay because it’s not going in there in the blood we have low insulin so if you have low insulin in the blood guess what’s going to happen to the blood sugar it’s going to go up so we got high sugar that’s diabetes because insulin is supposed to lower sugar but it’s not there because it’s being blocked it’s called insulin resistance and this is being created by having too much insulin over a long period of time make sense now so now you can have symptoms of a low insulin and high insulin all right at the same time so you can’t go without skipping a meal without feeling weird tired you have blood sugar problems where you feel dizzy sometimes your head hurts you crave sweets you um you’re you’re tired after you eat sometimes you’re not satisfied after you read this is insulin resistance I’m gonna show you to fix it I’m going to show you how to get rid of the belly fat – so a lot of you have heard of the glycemic index where basically you um you eat sugar and it activates insulin right and so you know you need to have a low carb diet okay but there’s an insulin index and there’s a couple things that trigger the insulin index one is protein not any kind of protein low fat protein so the more the low-fat protein the more the insulin goes up so whey protein powder is very high trigger for insulin index so look at you go to the grocery store and you look at the wall of all these protein bars they all have either soy protein isolates or whey protein it’s all very lean low fat protein and sugar it’s deadly combination because if you had sugar to this you’re really going to spike it but there’s really only one food that doesn’t activate insulin fat so what you want to do is you want to include more fat and you want to make sure your meat that you eat or the protein is not too lean get the fat of your piece of something don’t worry about the low fat anything okay if you if you have morphed out of your food you keep the instil low the goal is to heal the system now I talked about growth hormone and that intermittent fasting also helps you lose weight but it also intermittent fasting helps insulin because when you don’t eat you don’t trigger insulin because every time you eat you and your insulin goes up a little bit so what we want to do is we don’t want to do snacks in between the meal if you’re not hungry for breakfast you don’t want to consume a breakfast just keep going because the breakfast that your body is eating is your belly that’s what it’s we want to eat right so if we basically don’t raise insulin so much if we eat infrequent and maybe have two meals or three meals a day with no snacks you’re going to heal the insulin you’re going to heal the the belly fat it’s going to go down dramatically but the question is how are you going to go for one meal to the next without snacking you’re going to increase more fat with the meal you don’t have to go crazy but just start increasing slowly to the point where you can go longer longer long without eating what kind of fad do I eat I do eat bacon I also have brie cheese I don’t have low-fat cheese brie cheese I have avocados I have nuts olives peanut butter add little treats I kind of priced you probably show you what I have in the freezer of these chocolate no sugar seeds they’re really good so this is how you heal this there’s other things you can do as well you can have apple cider vinegar with lemon a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or I like to do two tablespoons in water with a little lemon and then I drink that with each meal okay now for those of you that are like like addicted to soda I wanted
to show you something that I also get for my kids it’s good it’s called Z BIA and this is a soda they have different flavors and slavered with the stevia I love it it’s carbonated it’s there’s no no sugar in this it tastes like a soda so there are things you can do okay so let me show you some more on that right now so insulin pulls the sugar out and here’s the thing when the insulin is spiked you will not burn fat I’m sorry you won’t burn fat in fact burning fat is called ketosis you’re in ketosis um all it takes is a tiny bit of the wrong food like sugar to completely knock you completely out of ketosis it’s it’s harder to get into ketosis and it’s easy to get out if you eat if you actually have these foods refined sugars or juices and things like that but you’ll find that over about three days to a week your cravings and your heart will go down down down that means the insulin is working okay do you know that insulin also messes with your bladder wetting bedwetting leakage of urine through coughing sneezing exercise um even men that think they have a prostate problem it’s really an insulin problem they’re getting up all day all night long even women that have leaky bladders it’s not that it has to do with insulin this is cool because you can actually handle your bladder problem if you fix insulin all right so now this gets really interesting I want to mention the vitamin b1 deficiency no vadym B one is probably equivalent to potassium in fixing blood sugar problems fixing adrenal stress because vitamin b1 is one of probably one of the most unique vitamins that I’ve ever you know learned about it acts as a helper to help break down sugar so it’s involved in carbohydrate metabolism without b1 you won’t break down sugar that well and you’ll have sugar problems um interesting the biggest symptom of b1 is dementia and memory loss okay because without b1 your brain actually atrophies you get nerve damage in the feet in the hands with diabetes and that’s called peripheral neuropathy I can be totally corrected by the way that’s why because of the Beeville and deficiency lost some nightmares is a classic b1 deficiency very vivid dreams deema irregular heartbeats increase heart rate heart enlargement so the cardiovascular in the brain and the nervous system is the big one here’s the the thing when you go through stress you deplete b1 and you also deplete potassium when you go when you eat a lot of sugar you deplete b1 and potassium so the causes of low b1 are high dietary sugar or diabetes or stress white rice what right wife’s they polish the rice they take off all the B vitamins the shell and then leave you with this white rice if you eat a lot of white rice you will become deficient and be one big time so diabetes can cause a deficiency of b1 alcohol caffeine so b1 is a really good thing to consume and that’s why I put it in my dream formula but here’s the problem with b1 if you have b1 and you’re and you try to buy it most of the time it’s synthetic it’s really hard to find a food base natural b1 and that’s what I put in this product over 50% of the of this ingredient are very specific natural food based B vitamins to help heal a lot of the adrenal problem so one of the indications for taking this would be a feeling of stress buildup of anxiety can’t relax nervous tension excessive thinking so we use that to actually help the adrenal so you also another way that you want to handle the B vitamins is you want to make sure you avoid eating sugar so then you won’t become deficient so now I want to show you and I’ll send you this eating plan that I’m going to recommend this is what I want all of you to start eating and again you can skip the breakfast not a problem if you’re not hungry but I just wanted to show you that we don’t want to have any snacking in between the meals it’s the myth that you need a meal to stimulate your metabolism you don’t show here we have eggs avocado again this is samples of foods that if you don’t like them you don’t have to eat them just pick what you like but look at I have eggs and bacon avocado I have outside of integral lemon drink you can do a hamburger patty or even a steak you can do sardines you can do brie cheese as a little font for breakfast to get you to go from breakfast to lunch without being terribly hungry now look at when we get into the lunch this is where we need our salad our vegetable large quantities eat the salad first then the protein then you need a little bit of fat we have the brie cheese we have peanut olives avocado nuts pecans are really really low on the insulin scale okay and then we have fish and all the people who are on this webinar I’m going to send you the insulin index if you guys want it okay if you really want to I’ll send it to you okay I’ll put it in the notes so look at we have this drink again we have this lunch and now the question is did you have enough fat to be able to go from lunch to dinner without needing for snacks if you did great if you didn’t add more fat the next time the fat is there to get you to go from one meal to the next now if you’re thinking in your mind oh my gosh I might actually have too many calories well you have to realize that you’re not going to lose weight unless insulin is healed and if you do this you’re going to be less hungry and you may need just two meals a day now the key with this whole thing is the vegetable in the potassium because I don’t know if I told you this yet but ketosis or fat-burning also depletes your potassium so that’s why I always recommend the vegetables because if you do if you look up the ketosis diet and you eat all this fat they don’t really recommend enough vegetables so you end up with all these like reactions and body problems and you’re doing it unhealthily because you’re you’re dumping all this fat into the liver so you have to keep your vegetables very very high if you don’t like vegetables then you’re going to have to blend them um maybe with a little bit of a stevia or something like that and then you can actually drink your vegetables you can do kale or spinach now for dinner we have the salad we have protein and more fat again right now what I do I have to have breakfast I have to have a lunch but I don’t really have to have a dinner I didn’t have anything so far and it’s nine o’clock right now I am I snack a little bit but I don’t really eat anything and I don’t have any snacks other than these three meals or two meals a day okay I cover the hot flashes that’s really an adrenal but I didn’t tell you what nutritional thing that I use for that I use what’s called the ovary support simply because it has adrenal extract and it has ovary and uterus and pituitary that seems to be the key factor to turn off hot flashes and you can take this before bed and get three of those in you you won’t have a hot flash now I’m really bad cases of hot flash that like that need more support I will use cortisol support now what does course I’ll support this is not something for everyone it’s not for everyone it’s only for people that are severely burned out people that have severe hot flashes severe asthma bad allergies in terrible inflammation that’s what this really just works like what I mean like magic so if you have chronic autoimmune stuff or chronic arthritis or joint stuff or pain or this is what I would recommend and I also the works great on hot flashes so it’s for the burnt the real burned out case because it’s really powerful it’s very strong and it’s not for everyone so I just wanted to mention that there’s two types of adrenal though there’s high adrenal and low adrenal now the interesting thing when you have low adrenal you’re you you very very thin in your tan but you’re very sick you have a lot of inflammation so with high adrenal problems you start getting all sorts of issues with blood pressure cholesterol belly fat liver fat sleeping problems etc and again because the inner consistent is so broad I had to kind of just chunk away at the adrenal but we’re going to be talking about the adrenal more and then the other two seminars okay so I just want to leave off with this this little discount but there’s an
other one that for those of you that already have the wheatgrass and you wanted to do and not some other products I have another kit and you can do what you want but this is a new kit that I put together that has the adrenal Knight formula which helps sleeping and how it’s adrenal de formula together and it also has a wheatgrass in it as well and it has my book and apple cider vinegar plus um I think another real common thing that I didn’t talk about is the stomach pH if your stomach does not have enough pH and it’s too alkaline you will get heartburn or GERD so let me just go ahead we just go ahead and add this right here yeah so GERD acid reflux bloating is really a lack of stomach acid so as you age you lose the stomach acid and your stomach can’t digest so one of the things that I recommend is something to acidify the stomach in the past I recommended gallbladder support which is awesome but I recommend the outside vinegar before you do the gall better because gall bladder is alkaline and if you try to fix the stomach and you don’t have enough acid you might have you might neutralize the acid a little bit more so I always like to sit up on the stomach first make the person really digest better here when the pH is really good your stomach is good your you can start absorbing proteins and minerals so the apple cider vinegar plus is a combination of like one pill is a half a cup of apple cider vinegar and a combination of betaine how to chloride in one little pill now this person needs like three with the meal but this is a really good this is my latest combination that I’ve been using with great success he would take go better with meals the wheatgrass juice the adrenal and it also comes with a really cool bonus that you can have create your own meals exercise programs give you tools to pull out stress it’s an online program in my book with some I show you also the additional changes that occur that from the recent addition which I’m working on so you’ll get that as well but I wanted to give you a little discount for those people who wanted to get a kit and don’t have those already okay and it’s discounted and there’s free shipping as well if you’re in the u.s. okay now some questions does apple cider vinegar influence positively on the blood pH – absolutely the thing about the adrenal is the adrenal causes alkalosis that means it causes your body to become too alkaline that’s why you get acid reflux so by acidifying the stomach you really get the pH in you get the potassium in and your stomach your system starts kind of settling in there and these are the things that I’m finding most common with most people is that they have page problems they can’t digest and someone says does it contain pepsin know the acidifier xin there will activate your own body to make cuts of pepsin I do have pepsin in my gall bladder formula and pepsin is an enzyme a very powerful protein enzyme how much do you take you take about two to three with the meal okay but I also if you get the kid I explain how to take it um let’s see all right so got your book handle edition all right that’s cool does it contain hydrochloric acid yes we pertain how to court yes it contains something called betaine hydrochloride and then in water the petain separates from the hydrochloric so you actually have how to chloric acid in there it’s a really good stomach acidifier and I use it a lot and I personally take it as well um okay cool alright so someone that says no hot flashes should I take delivery no if you if you don’t have hot flashes oh your bladders waking you up um yes yes if you have a bladder problem I would take the ovary stuff so ovary stuff is anything for female reproductive problems if you’re menopausal it’s not just for hot flashes it’s for menstrual problems heavy periods and things like that but again if you have a severe menopausal stuff we do the course whole but not necessarily for everyone can I take your gold butter and HDL together no what you want to do is you want to take the potato that the acidifier is the episode of vinegar plus before the meal take gall bladder after the meal okay so that way your digestion is perfect um with adrenal problems cause low energy for someone trying to go on keto yes because the adrenal spikes cortisol so live with the adrenal what we do is we try to support the adrenal lower the cortisol help you sleep at night reduce stress during the day add the potassium okay to help calm things whether you do salads or up side of integrity I’m sorry the wheatgrass that’s fine but those combinations calm the nervous system make you strong or give you more endurance you have more energy and you start healing it’s a really good combination we’re going to be talking about polycystic ovarian syndrome next week for sure um let’s see my husband was low testosterone yes we’re going to talk about testosterone X for testosterone we want to heal the liver there’s a product called them the cruciferous food that’s the best thing for the liver function to improve the liver function test downstream goes up also you want to work on sleep as well can you show the wheatgrass this about discount again yeah I can show that right here we press ok there’s a wheatgrass link how long discounts for for 24 hours okay you can get them you know in the future but I’m giving you the most discount and free shipping if you get it within the day just as incentive also I do this on the webinars kind of a give people a little extra um what do you suggest without without a gall bladder you need the you need the outside of vinegar plus product because that will allow the liver to produce more bile and then you’re going to also about a week after that you can eat the gall bladder formula and I’m completely out with that right now but when I get that intake it because that will give you a vial to help you digest fats so the combination without a gallbladder you don’t have the sack so you’re going to be bio deficient so you even need bile because if you don’t you’re going to your visions going to go bad eventually because you don’t have vitamin A the skin goes bad vitamin D deficiencies vitamin k2 deficiencies vitamin D deficiencies other than that you’re perfectly fine I have slightly elevated estrogen and testosterone what would cause that we are going to get into Rachel we’re going to get into that topic next week you’re going to love it I’m going to show you a lot of great techniques hair loss we’re going to cover that as well hair loss uh one thing that I use for that is I use tres menos my liquid trace minerals I have a guy that buys a case of the liquid plant-based trace minerals every month I’m like what are you doing with this he goes I sell it all on my co-workers because my hair my nails my skin it really gets the hair back if but if you have high levels of adrenal hormone that can also cause hair problems too male pattern baldness alopecia things like that um how much good fat to eat every day it really depends on your digestion go light and start increasing it radiantly the goals not beat a lot of fat the goal is seen enough fat to go from one male to the next so it’s adjustable just play around with it that’s whatever you need at first when you’re healing insulin you’re going to need more but then as you heal it you’ll need less because your system is more efficient and you’re burning your own I’m telling you if you follow these principles you can if not get rid of diabetes improve it tremendously you can get tremendous energy from this from these recommendations as well the workout that I’m doing right now I’m lifting logs this big around this tall dead from from the ground 20 of them moving across my yard and then moving them back every night because that’s like them my body craves like lifting chopping wood it just loves it so I like a baby when I do that what do you do for loss of menstrual cycle I would take I would do two things I would take the ovary support formula for sure and I would also add the seek help because you need iodine okay those are the two things that I would recommend and then if that doesn’t fully handle it email us and I’ll let yo
u know what else to do because there’s several other things you can do um okay if you heal the adrenals can you reverse long-term baldness it really depends if its genetic I’ve had people completely bald get their hair back it’s really a 50/50 chance I don’t know sometimes you can sometimes you can um period changes on a taquito genetic diet not if you’re doing enough vegetable and you’re doing enough nutrient because when you go on a ketogenic diet you can lose potassium and then calcium so you live to put these electrolytes back as well it’s three eggs okay for women absolutely your body just will make less cholesterol it’s a meeting ton of salad no grain small portions of protein good fats avocado turkey but haven’t lost any belly at all I’ve been eating this way for three weeks in advice so so what I want to recommend is make sure you’re not snacking make sure there’s no hidden carbs no sugars no grains make sure your digestion your digestion is good and so here’s the thing if I think it’s Renee if you’re doing all the right things and you’re not losing weight in your belly I have a question are you losing any or let’s say you’re not losing any weight are you losing any belly fat a lot of people lose size but not weight so check on that check your size if you’re still not losing weight and you’re eating when you’re not hungry like three meals a day then do go to two meals then add exercise but I’ll also look at are you sleeping are you sleeping okay do you have any other body health problems you have any digestive problems do you have any hot flashes do you have any bad menstrual period those are the things that we want to fix to take your metabolism up to the next level so there’s there’s other things to look at how much trace minerals one dropper full a day is plenty what do you do to clear cataracts that basically is b1 I would do the adrenal day formula if those vegetables are not available in India then hat try to find a comparable and maybe just spinach if you if you could tell us how much calcium and easy we need not to overdo it well the calcium magnesium you have to be careful in that because a lot of people have too much calcium and they need more of the vitamin d3 in the k2 to mobilize the calcium so I only take calcium magnesium if my calf’s are tight or cramping other than that I get my calcium magnesium from a little bit of cheese okay um but it some people need it to sleep but you don’t need as much as you think oh well okay listen I want to thank all of you for your attention your questions your interest I know I kept going and oh and an hour and a half I only meant to do this an hour but I’m going to be doing this next Wednesday I’m going to send you guys the notes tomorrow morning okay next Wednesday we’re going to do another seminar in the following Wednesday we’ll do another seminar I’m taking all your questions I’m going to include those into the seminars okay so don’t feel like you couldn’t um you know get that data by by feeling that I didn’t answer all your questions I will make sure that we try to get as many of these as well okay because you’re just just a lot of questions and we’re running out of time but I want to thank you all for my your attention and your wonderful comments and your questions okay and I hope you learn something I want to cover give you the most important stuff and go ahead and start applying this immediately if you want some of the kits go ahead and take advantage of Alice any of the links as well again but thank you and have a great evening but probably n if you’re in another part of the world it’s morning okay all right I’ll see you guys later have a good one

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