Hormones Made Simple (Part 2) Webinar

Hormones Made Simple (Part 2) Webinar

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hey guys can you hear me I have the notes for you so I’m going to actually post the notes right now you can download the notes there we go let’s see here you can hear me okay alright let’s see to let everyone get on let’s in so we can hear each other let’s say here I post it um so you can download the notes put it out as we go through this and it should be in the chat let me know if you can you see this link because I was wondering if you could see it or not did you guys get the link okay good it downloaded perfect let’s see I’m just going to position this a little bit but it ah okay all right cool let’s see here okay welcome so we’re going to get started eight we are going to talk about this is part two and we’re going to be talking about estrogen and we’re going to talk about the ovary we’re going to talk about testosterone we’re going to talk about low testosterone will talk about the female hormones and as a relates the thyroid and I just wanted to make sure that you guys this link is correct so I’m just going to just test it before I move on just just because let me just see if it works here okay that should work yeah someone said the webinar us is it’s part one but this is part two yeah all right cool so good good good you guys are already asking question and it’s totally fine so let me just kind of what I’ll do is I’ll cover some data and then we’ll answer some questions how about that awesome okay so last week we recovered some information about insulin the adrenals so we’re going to talk about the gonads what are the gonads and see testicle in the ovary as it relates to their main hormones now there’s a lot to know about estrogen we’re going to cover the stuff that only problem that shows up that relates to your body and I’m just going to make sure that my references right here you just check everything voila I have them right here okay cool so I’m just going to open these slides let’s just close some of the stuff down here okay perfect all right got it okay so I can make this a little bit bigger but last time um the slides got stuck so tonight I’m going to just check on to make sure these slides are working okay so we talked about the gonads what are the gonads the gonads are male and female reproductive organs let’s start with the ovary the ovary makes estrogen the ovaries create hormones to create female characteristics it gives the woman their curve certain cultures have different more accentuate occurs because they have more of a certain hormone estrogen controls the menstrual cycle controls making the egg fertile in the uterus and then you have the testicle the testicle makes sperm possible for you Lupita a bone and muscle influences vitality and it also works closely with another gland called a prostate now I’m just curious as I go through this I want to make sure that there’s no words that I give you that you don’t fully get so does anyone know what the prostate does okay can you up to wait just a second here what does the prostate do does anyone know give it a second here okay I don’t know I don’t know someone says it produces testosterone gives us enzymes no no no it’s where the semen is okay so apparently you that’s totally fine so enlarges when you get old exactly so the prostate does really two things it doesn’t make sperm it’s okay when a male ejaculate the sperm goes out and it’s it pushes the sperm it also provides a fluid that goes along with the sperm to help the sperm survive you also have other glands around that that also assist okay so that’s what the prostate does oh you know okay let me go back to my slides all right so I’ll try it enlarged this so we can see and you’ll just have to I’m gonna see if this actually advances you see if it if it worked we see yes it did work okay good so I can do this awesome so we’re going to talk about estrogen dominance this is the most common problem with women but not even before menopause even after menopause and I’ll explain why because as you age you’re supposed to lose your estrogen right but there’s other parts of your body and tissues like your fat cells that make estrogen so if you have a lot of fat after menopause your body can make a lot of extra estrogen yeah your adrenals make estrogen the dreams are the backup organ to the ovaries so during menopause you can have estrogen dominance for that reason and also because another hormone called progesterone drops down to even more than estrogen so it gives a relative increase of estrogen because estrogen and progesterone work together so during menopause if progesterone really drops down to the bottom you’re left with a relative high ratio of estrogen to progesterone you’re still estrogen dominant so you need both of those hormones to work together but if your estrogen dominant you’re going to get what’s called endometriosis endometriosis is the condition where you get a scar tissue that time it develops because of extra estrogen around the inside your abdomen around the uterus inside the uterus all over the place the endometrium is kind of like the lining of the the uterus okay so it’s the whole lining of the uterus that’s what it is irregular periods cellulite especially in that in the outer hips the lower pooch of your belly and your thighs in your butt okay infertility that’s why they give you birth control pills more estrogen to get to make you not fertile PMS mood change is depression all these different things fibroids ovarian cysts breast lumps thyroid nodules so those are all of the symptoms of estrogen dominance okay there’s more the next thing you need to know is that during a menstrual cycle you have these hormonal shifts at day 14 you have the spike of estrogen that spikes up and spikes down so in other words day 14 is a very different time period for the cycle in that you’re the most fertile that’s when you’re ovulating that’s when the egg is being released down these little tubes fallopian tubes down to the uterus become fertilized so you have this spike of estrogen so estrogen is the hormone that spikes at day 14 okay it just comes up and it goes down you also have another hormone called luteinizing hormone that’s for the brain and follow the assuming that hormone that’s in the brain tube from the pituitary but don’t worry about those at this point the thing you need to know is estrogen increases at a 14 and progesterone increases about a week before your period so if you have a problem like one week before your period you know your cycles on that step or you have moodiness or craving or whatever we know it’s progesterone if it’s during ovulation we know it’s estrogen okay symptoms of high and low estrogen uh too high breast tenderness bloating emotions up and down pounding headaches weight gain yeast infections depression excessive growth of the fibroid fibrocystic breast joints pain water retention irritability blood sugar issues now if it’s too low you’re going to hot flashes night sweats insomnia mental fogginess decrease sexual drive in lubrication so draw vaginal dryness depression fatigue frequent urination migraine headaches memory and concentration problems dry skin osteoporosis other that you’re perfectly fine okay just want to make sure that your your um okay so I’m just going to kind of answer a question as we go through someone says that I thought they said I thought you said if you have a hot flashes during menopause or postmenopausal that meant that you have too little estrogen but you also have a belly fat that would mean that the estrogen dominance so you have too little too much okay very very very good question here’s what happens it’s very very similar to estrogen resistance ins
ulin resistance shows high levels of insulin on one part of your body and low other say in with core so you can have symptoms of high cortisol and low corstel because you have cortisol resistance so when the estrogen becomes high downgrade and become resistance and so you have symptoms of low and high at the same time that’s really what’s happening and so lying in the vaginal area so you become dry so you it’s not going into it’s not the adrenals are not backing them up effectively so you get hot flashes night sweats so it’s it’s not clear-cut and that’s why when you take estrogen and you have um flashes for example you can get rid of hot flashes just like that by taking HRT hormone replacement therapy but then it creates all these other problems of estrogen dominance so it fixes one thing but gives you another problem like cancer so that’s what happens um now let me just see if there’s any other quick questions here okay slide didn’t advanced darn it okay so we’re dealing with that again okay so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go back and forth so we can make sure lines okay so I won’t go like five slides into it so let me just go to the next slide right now okay estrogen therapy okay so here’s what happens women some women take estrogen a lot of women are stopping to take that taking the esterday each Norman placement therapy like they did like 10 years ago or 20 years ago because it has some side effects okay stroke my mother she worked as a nurse and I was able to acquire some of the records in the nursing home of people who had been on estrogen therapy or hormone replacement therapy and I noticed one common denominator there all had strokes which is interesting so too much estrogen can lead to blood clots okay cancer women who took estrogen are four to seven times more likely to develop cancer now why does this relate to the endocrine system because use with women there’s so many receptors for estrogen like especially on the breast in the uterus and the ovaries and that’s what’s happening of the estrogens going too high but from my viewpoint this is just my opinion I don’t think this is coming from necessarily your estrogen it’s coming from the environmental estrogen okay now there’s another question that someone said well what about hormone replacement therapy like bioidentical hormones okay is that better that’s better but my thought is that if you’re going to go on HRT or a bio identical hormones what I would recommend is that you first try to fix the real problem okay it’s not normal for you to have symptoms even past menopause if your we are working properly and don’t buy into that oh yeah everyone has is meant to produce less those hormones but it should be fine so my whole suggestion is to fix the ovary support the ovary the ovary is controlling the the estrogen and the progesterone and the testosterone so why would you take a hormone because you’re going to you’re going to inactivate your own hormones that are producing that okay now someone says I had hysterectomy so I take estradiol for hot flashes and night sweats it took them away but I recently started having night sweats again so I started taking your cortisol could that be taking too much in causing night sweats well what happens is the cortisol support is great typically for hot flashes especially if you if you actually have a real true deficiency of adrenal and ovary hormones because it basically helps you build more hormones it’s not for people that have high cortisol as for people that have low coarse or low the correct action for the remedy for hot flashes would be my ovary support formula because that just supports the gland but then if it’s really severe then we add the core social support so so the goal is to support the ovary as much as possible and after you’ve done everything you can if you still have problems go ahead and take the bioidentical but I don’t I won’t just recommend going right to that right away because your side effects cancer especially if a woman has taken estrogen over seven years that’s like them that’s like the cut point cutoff point and I’m also talking about birth control pills and I know that’s the situation for a lot of women and I do have some solutions but the problem is that birth control pills or replacement therapy it just gives you a lot of estrogen so estrogen therapy also creates tumors it decreases testosterone now depo-provera this is a type of synthetic progesterone it’s injected every select three or six months actually I think it’s every three months and it gives massive massive amounts of hormonal you know interference in your body in fact in the 1973 the FDA denied the Peru of depo-provera but of course they didn’t put it on the market it just has some it has some serious side effects like breast cancer weight gain breast tenderness I do not recommend depo now it’s more convenient for women because you just get one shot and you’re good for three months I understand that but think about if you have to take something to turn off your period for three months you think that might create been creating a problem for your body yeah it is um alright so no another question is what if I don’t have hormones what if I don’t have ovaries okay then what you need to do is get get a spare skin go find them clean them up and put it back now just getting what you need to do is you need to support them with different things because you have a backup organ I like to support the adrenal if you don’t have ovaries because the dream will make the same hormones as the ovaries and so what you can do is you can take the support the adrenal and you should be fine because the adrenals should take over and start backing up the ovaries okay that’s what I recommend everyone’s asking about breast tenderness and breast cancer I’m getting to that point um and someone also mentioned my mother took des when I was pregnant when she was pregnant with me des is a is called step diastole the best role diethylstilbestrol I can even talk and that is a massive massive spike of estrogen so des was used to prevent miscarriages for like 30 years until they found that it caused miscarriages so it creates a lot of problems for women and in the offspring hormone only for the thyroid it creates a lot of problems so as we get to the seminar I must show you if you’ve been exposed to DES a couple things to detoxify yourself okay all right so now the next thing I’m going to talk about is the estrogen thyroid connection let me show you something okay so just bring this forward right here you can see this okay okay this is the thyroid these are ovaries the estrogen is interesting because it has the ability to decrease the thyroid hormones okay Wow the way okay so estrogen can block the thyroid it can fit into the receptors of the thyroid gland so when you increase the thyroid the ovary hormones like estrogen and will lower the thyroid hormones and that is why during pregnancy so many women develop trans because of the high estrogen most thyroid problems are secondary to high estrogen during a pregnancy estrogen dominance taking birth control pills other sources of estrogen okay there cause of thyroid problems here’s your liver the liver debates the thyroid hormones t4 to t3 most thyroid problems are not primary they’re secondary to either estrogen dominance or a problem with your liver or gallbladder okay there isn’t that third condition which is the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s or grades which almost always occurs during a stress event so because stress activates the adrenals that would then cause autoimmune Mona’s is an adrenal problem okay so I just want to get into that and I’ll show you what to do about in a little bit but let me just kind of continue on with my slides okay now the thyroid hormones are made from iodine so the t4 to t3 represent the number of iodine atoms in that thyroid hormone okay so um the conversion process from t4 to t3 also needs another mineral called selenium so you need both of these minerals to have a thyroid work very very well so iodine you can get from sea kelp seafood cranberries navy beans potatoes but we don’t recommend t
hat strawberries we’re not recommending fruit our berries right now selenium Brazil nuts you can get oysters tuna sardines eggs spinach and seek help okay so we need those two minerals and you can really help the thyroid function if you actually have those minerals in there in the diet the problem is because the soils are so low with these are trace minerals you never really see them in the diet anymore you have to take them extra in an extra form like you know if you eat seaweed or sea kelp or you have to consume more of and outside source or a supplement to get those hypothyroidism a low thyroid then can lead to slow gonads or actually a hypo ovary or a non functioning ovary so we need that thyroid to work if that thyroid goes down you have a cascade of hormonal problems that go really really wide to a lot of problems okay so we have to be able to figure out is the chicken or the egg in my experience the most common things and you have to ask the person when did it start to get the clue of the primary problem and was it a pregnancy was it a stress event was it a thorough it ectomy when they took with our it up see if you if you know that then you can find out if it’s the chicken or the egg now the breast tissue I’m guessing I’m hoping you can see these slides okay for the breast the breast sized is controlled by estrogen so women that have larger breasts have more estrogen it’s definitely a symptom of estrogen dominance but not necessarily all the time you can have small breasts in huge hips and happy estrogen dominant okay now a lot of women go to the doctor to get a breast exam to make sure they don’t have any lumps or precancerous benign cyst or and the breast okay so we’re going to talk about that but here’s the thing um fibrocystic breasts which are little cysts in the breast or even benign cysts in the breasts they’re all pre they come before cancer a lot of time a lot of times you have a lump that turns into something over time so it goes sometimes from benign to malignant okay so what we want to do is we don’t want to wait until you’re 55 6 years old until you get cancer Morgan I’m going to show you how to actively aggressively prevent cancer because by the time you get it you’re going to be so freaked out about it you’re going to be you know in a fear state which is not a good place to be and then the doctor is going to scare you into removing your breasts or taking out the lump or doing invasive surgery and chemo and radiation and that’s just a lot of times it’s unnecessary because it can be prevented okay so before I go on to the next thing I wanted to see if there’s any questions that you guys have let me see pitching underneath the breast symptoms of breast cancer no that is not a symptom of breast cancer um postmenopausal bleeding let’s see about to turn 60 let’s see you may have low amounts of vitamin A that could be causing the bleeding uh article states certain amounts of vitamin A build up in the listen Kathy if you have a lot of vitamin A cannot it’s almost impossible to become vitamin a toxic unless you’re taking a supplement of vitamin A that’s synthetic come too toxic from vitamin A from food unless you’re eating bare liver or something like that okay where they have super concentrations of vitamin A so it’s highly unlikely that it’s vitamin A I’ll get into some remedies and solutions for that so this little still sticking alright sorry about that I will um I must go send you guys the slides and I will also not do too many slides at one time okay I’m going to show you how to prevent breast cancer okay um I was act for mood swings I’m going to show you what to do for that as well you guys are in the right place tonight because I’m going to show you some stuff that really works that’s very effective um I thought I would start to fall under yeah my flower a certain fall to the birth of my daughter and it means that you had a spike of estrogen and the estrogen blocked the thyroid and so when you take two you may find that all your symptoms don’t go away because the problem problem is not your thyroid it’s the estrogen dominance that you need to clean up okay good questions alright so let me show you the next slide here menopause here’s what happens you know of course when you go through menopause you can have a drop in in estrogen big-time but you you have way more deficiencies of progesterone than you do estrogen so the relative ratios of estrogen progesterone I will show you that you have too much estrogen so you may not be estrogen dominant but you have way too much for um for the levels of progesterone and so you have what’s called unopposed estrogen which means it’s out of balance it’s very similar to sodium and chloride so salt in potassium so let’s say for example the body you’re consuming too much salt without potassium you get fluid retention so then you would you can avoid salt but if you took more potassium you can actually lower your relative ratios of sodium by taking the opposite mineral so the is that during menopause the natural thing to happen is the adrenals take over and yes you’re producing less estrogen but you may need some help to support the back-up Oregon the hormones during menopause which is the adrenal okay so a lot of women actually get results with progesterone creams and I’m not opposing that and it’s love that’s natural but let’s kind of look at the whole picture first before we decide we’re going to start taking hormones hormone creams hot flashes you can see the adrenal glands are the back up to the ovaries if that ovary stops working then the adrenals um also can’t back them up because they’re tired you’re going to get hot flashes so with menopause we want to always support the ovary in the adrenal at the same time okay I’ll get into what to do in a second in a minute um now I want to make sure my slides are advancing okay let me just I’m going to do one at a time I want to talk about something called polycystic ovarian syndrome you might not have this but some people might have it and I might just need to cover what that is PCOS now poly means many cysts on the ovary or disorders could be could be called PCOD disorder or PCOS but in reality it’s not really a cyst it’s a follicle which is very different than assists they should call it Poli follicular ovarian syndrome but they don’t it means that polycystic ovarian syndrome is going to produce more androgens energy are the male hormone so you get facial hair a deeper voice you get acne you get belly fat all right but the question is why are you produced why um why don’t men have this problem you know what I mean they have high estrogen because like you might say well it’s the high level of androgens that’s causing this problem right it’s it’s really the question is what causes this and I’m going to tell you it’s not there’s another mechanism here and that is this it’s insulin insulin can increase insulin has receptors in the ovary next to the androgen receptors when you have high levels of insulin it can trigger an excess of androgens that’s the cause and effect relationship and that is why every single person with polycystic ovarian syndrome has insulin resistance but what they’re telling you is that polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease that has an Associated symptom of insulin resistance that’s incorrect this is the cause of that how do I know that because all you have to do is correct in some resistance and this goes away okay now I’ve done webinars last webinar on how to fix instant resistance I have videos and YouTube on my blog how to fix insulin resistance so I’m not going to get into it because I have a lot to cover but I’m just letting you know if you have PCOS you have to bring insulin down down real low to be able to do this so watch other videos actually correct that okay so that’s polycystic ovarian syndrome okay good next association we’re going to talk about the Ola the prostate okay the prostate is a pump and the question is what causes prostate enlargement okay now on the webinar we have a bunch of women and a few men and I’m going to tell you or you can actually even talk you know if you’re if you’re married I
‘m going to just like here that’s a little bit better okay close the shades worked in it okay so um here’s what happens a lot of times we’re us men are told that we have to this is ridiculous trying to get this light I think as this it’s reflecting off this thing here a lot of time men are told that what causes prostate enlargement is excessive testosterone a very powerful testosterone called DHT okay that’s testosterone but it’s true why do men when they get older have prostate enlargement but they show signs of low testosterone or you know lower availability erectile dysfunction um prostate enlargement urination problems they have all the symptoms of low testosterone if high testosterone caused prostate enlargement that doesn’t make sense so here’s the truth there are treatments out there that treat prostate enlargement with DHT which is high powered testosterone so they’re actually taking testosterone to fix the prostate because the truth is it’s high estrogen so estrogen increases and make things bigger testosterone doesn’t the truth of the prostate enlargement is that these men have too much estrogen and they have too little testosterone okay so that’s why they lose some of the hair on their legs this can become smooth their voice starts go starts to go higher that a lot of urination problems because it’s high levels of estrogen that’s what causes it so what they should do is lower the estrogen to be able to fix the prostate okay Oh again I want to just check if there’s any question so I’m sure there is um someone says that what can change the health of the sperm oh I’m going to cover that says estrogen I’m going to talk about that you guys are already there with me if you had your thyroid removed you’re gonna have to take all right hormones okay so because you’re going to need to take it but I’m going to recommend taking a natural thyroid hormone so like armored thyroid if you can find it all right I’m going to also talk about if you have PMS I’m going to talk about what to do for high and low estrogen so no worries on that it C can you have PCOS without ovaries no you cannot but you might have symptoms of facial hair and that could come from the adrenals arian only occurs if you have ovaries can you reverse facial hair yeah absolutely but you have to fix the insulin resistance watch the videos from last week please show me stretches for exercises waiting from your video just yeah we’re not going to be doing exercises of this um if your voice is lowered as a result a PCOS is reversible absolutely these hormones and can bounce back okay you can you can do a lot for your hormones and so don’t have a biome that you can’t reverse a lot of these issues okay all right so now I’m going to go into the next section here okay testosterone what does it do produces facial hair produces sperm prostate growth only when you’re growing as this as a you’re growing initially but as soon as you hit like 20 years old stop growing okay strength muscles a sex drive bone muscle that’s what testosterone does alright this is what I want to talk about right now um a lot of you are probably wondering like why did that might have estrogen dominance why why is there so much estrogen after why are people getting breast cancer it’s because there’s this environmental estrogen I don’t know if you knew this but um there’s a term called endocrine disruptors or we can call them environmental estrogens because endocrine disruptors basically are all the different things in the environment that mimic estrogen okay and so it’d be like pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides heavy metals like estrogen so they act like your own hormones all right there in your in the the weed killers in your food there in the in your lawn there in the they’re all over the place gardening there at the they’re like new furniture has endocrine disruptors I there in the food supply there in the vegetables that are in the plants or the corn and the soy that feed the animals so they’re all over the place so it’s hard to be come to these things now you remember um DDT it was banned in 1971 um DDT is still being found in over 50 percent of children okay nowadays that it was banned in 1971 so what I want to ask you right now how can this be possible how can anyone be exposed to DDT but because it’s been bad did anyone tell me where this DDT is coming from and I’ll wait for your answer as I answer another question oh yeah it’s in you just want to know what was the natural thyroid it’s called armor they have other ones too like natural thyroid hormones okay the armor is one that I know it’s like a natural it gives you all the hormones okay okay so someone saying the soil of soil the soil all right so Vivian you’re correct third wheel word world countries countries like Mexico South America see in the US in the winter we get our fruits and our vegetables from third world countries which there we sell are DDT to Mexico and South America let me buy the vegetables back in the winter that’s where you’re getting it from DDT DDT was banned for a reason so we got DDT um still out there um it’s also in the soil probably not as much as it was 30 years after DDT was banned Americans still consume trace amounts of the the insecticide along with 20 other banned chemicals welcome to Planet Earth now the next thing my talk about it said the GMO okay genetically modified we’ll have to give you a t-shirt GMO oMG WTF are we eating okay what are GMO then the result of genetically altered foods so they take the DNA from one species and they artificially forced it into the genes of another unrelated plant or animal the foreign genes may come from bacteria viruses insects animals or even humans okay that’s what GMOs are okay don’t worry it’s worse glyphosate okay now I have to make sure that you’re seeing this slide can you guys see that okay lye phosphate is pretty good it is Roundup Ready that is the main herbicide we killer it’s basically um in all the GMO oh because the reason why they make the GMO is to resist that glyphosate herbicide so they can spray on the corn the soy the wheat the beet sugar cotton the mangos the papaya so they can spray it so they can basically have this plant resist that and sprayed more so these foods always have residue of glyphosate okay so I just want to let you know that is the main chemical that you’re being exposed to right now against your will don’t worry that gets a little bit worse um widely it’s the most widely used herbicide over 600,000 tonnes in 2008 all right it’s in the United States 33 percent Brazil Argentina China India in India glyphosate is found in the urine at 93% of Americans tested Wow were they getting this from well you don’t have to label GMO foods anymore so no you never did it in the US I think in Europe you can label them but that’s where you’re getting it but don’t worry Monsanto said that it’s safe they say it’s classified as a practically non toxic chemical so you have nothing to worry about right they say on their website that over 40 years of use 800 studies over 60 countries and it’s completely safe however there’s been some studies done by some really critical people a credible scientist that found they did the studies a little longer than three months okay and they’re independent studies and they found that they developed tumors and died earlier okay so but what’s interesting it’s very hard to find this research because it’s been retracted they basically force them to reject the the data which is is just incredible that they did that they’re so powerful okay glyphosate is banned in France Netherlands Brazil Colombia Bermuda so it’s mainly in America we just you know we use it an MIT researcher stated that glyphosate herbicide will cause half of all children to have autism by 2025 that’s another length that is fascinating because we you know a lot of research is on vaccinations but you never would think that would be on these GMO foods as well now I don’t know if you can see this slide but there’s a there’s a little bit of a conflict of interest between Monsanto who makes glyphosate or roundup ready and the government so there’s a lot of the peop
le who worked for months ahead to even the vice president now okay okay even the works for the actually elected to the Supreme Court used to work for Monsanto so you’re wondering why there’s so much corruption but you don’t have to look very far now here’s really what kind of blew me away and there’s a cold Monsanto Protection Act where it was signed that if if at any time there was a lawsuit he found that GMO foods were dangerous or whatever this would protect Monsanto they can continue to sell it and they will not get in trouble okay so this is Monsanto their sister companies for jente Dow Chemical Company Bayer DuPont so they basically passed a law to protect themselves which is incredible incredible so I wanted to press you anymore so let me just see make sure there’s any let’s see if there’s any questions oh you couldn’t see the slides I’m gonna send you all the slides it mows are banned in Europe that’s awesome I love it that’s funny Monsanto’s cafeteria in England advertises that they are not serving of foods in the cafeteria that is hilarious Wow interesting okay so let me get to the next slide yeah all right so let’s so let’s go and write into the solution now that you’re done being depressed okay um is this one little amazing mineral called iodine iodine decreases estrogen dominance awesome awesome awesome iodine decreases insulin and helps insulin resistance iodine increases testosterone it also iodine decreases the risk for cancer iodine supports the thyroid the ovary the breast and the uterus okay so that’s really really cool the problem is that in the 70s we had 50% more iodine in our foods than we do now the other thing that’s interesting is that if you’ve heard of women with cysts and fibrocystic breast especially fibrocystic breast or cysts on the ovaries so fast with iodine um it’s really it’s a fibrocystic breast as a precancerous thing and you get a little iodine I like to give seek help and that goes away okay so iodine is the known anti cancer simple remedy all right so now is iodine salt absolutely not unless you have sea salt and only then it’s going to be a very small amount now ayodhya salt does have iodine more okay and that’s a there’s two types of iodine there’s elemental from rocks and minerals and then you have plant based iodine which I like because your body can absorb it better that’s why we use seek help seek help is one of the best sources of iodine okay interesting interesting interesting okay I know there’s some questions hang in there all the problems of iodine deficiency dry skin cysts any cysts that you have anyone to body fatigue thyroid problems ovarian probs see what I wanted to mention was the you know here about iodine with the thyroid iodine is for the ovary just as much as the thyroid your ovaries female reproductive organs need iodine trace nose to get rid of a lot of problems including hot flashes okay and for a lot of women not 100% of time but in a lot of women cognitive problems menstrual irregularities weight gain a breast pain enlarged breasts during a menstrual cycle cold feed infection psoriasis type 2 diabetes thinning the hair depression puffy face miscarriages goes on and on and on okay so I will send you the slides okay so here’s the next slide hopefully you can see it so we know that low thyroid causes low testosterone and low iodine can cause low testosterone and high estrogen causes low testosterone so guess what you’re going to actually recommend for a male to improve their testosterone iodine seek help that’s one of the best remedies okay now does anyone want to know how to get this crap out of your body because we’re all exposed to a tremendous amount of chemicals that they pumped in there we want to talk about how to detox our bodies specifically the endocrine system okay the endocrine system your endocrine system especially because it’s matron fat is just probably filled with endocrine disruptors and the inner constructors affect you later in life as it breaks down and it gets in the system lady come in and we worked with her and we did very very very well with her thyroid and I was working with her doctor and she basically she was great and she left and then she came back like two months later I said what happened to you she goes well is doing fine and then I went going to detox I end up with a thyroid problem yeah because all this crap out of her liver too fast it went in a blood stream in locked up her thyroid okay so you want to detox like correctly I’m going to show you the best type type of things to do this but I want to just mention this is a really good look on the side effects of estrogen therapy and I wanted to show you the top things that are kind of ignored like the doctors say well you just take a churchy not a problem but the big thing is it causes cancer and the big things that causes strokes so not only do us trojan in your bodies that it’s locked up in there but it’s coming from the environment coming from chemicals okay there’s the world World Health Organization actually did a whole bunch of research on endocrine disruptors okay so I looked at through all the research found because I said why don’t they clean scrap up it’s because of the EPA has an endocrine disruptor subcommittee membership the people the organization that it controls endocrine disruptors are a group of scientists that work from like Monsanto Dow Chemical frito-lay Sargento pesticide companies they’re all involved in what they’re allowing to be safe or not so it’s a huge conflict of interest in EPA unfortunately and this is why you really haven’t heard much about this this is why they’re not they’re not cleaning it up okay look at this I have a book see this right here this is the book on toxicology the study of poisons look at how thick it is this is all the body conditions that are coming from pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides it has every single disease but there’s a huge disconnect between medicine in toxicology they’re not connecting the link between cause and effect I believe especially the cancers and a lot of the other diseases are coming from a lot of chemicals in the environment it just it’s the most obvious now let me just make sure that I answer you keep up with your questions yeah I’m going to get to the detox next well let’s see bring the ginger okay so um okay teri um will be notes again unfortunately I missed the beginning yeah I’m going to record this I’ll send you the I’m sending you this I’ll send you the notes I’ll send you the PowerPoint so you can go through the whole thing okay let’s talk about detoxification this is the way that I just needed you to understand like how the body can get rid of these chemicals okay we’re going to do it by to the liver there’s something called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification there’s a series of enzymes in your liver that are triggered by certain foods but I’m gonna highly recommend that you they’re of and include this in your diet immediately because this will slowly dismantle any poisons that are sitting there waiting to make turn into cancer okay so in phase 1 these enzymes which is amazing because they will convert poisons into phase 2 and phase 2 basically makes turns these fat soluble chemicals into water-soluble chemicals and so that way they can come out through the urine very very safely so your body already has the ability to get rid of these poisons isn’t that cool would anyone like to know what food that this would be in fact let me just ask you what those do you think are good to detoxify liver and the rest of the body from the through the phase 1 phase 2 detoxification and as you’re answering that I notice that there’s a question our coffee enema is safe to use i I think they’re I think they’re fine I think that’s good good way to purge the liver it doesn’t pull the chemicals out but I think it’s a great thing to do okay kale watermelon leafy greens salads apples beets broccoli okay good you guys are sharp you’re exactly right it’s the cruciferous vegetables so let me just touch on that um a little bit cruciferous vegetables are basically those vegetables have a cross like symbol on the leaf so they’re
little crosses on the leaves okay that’s that’s why they call em cruciferous now they have unique properties and they’re called phytonutrients or plant chemicals that have additional health benefits so for example the radishes the red radish is very high in a certain natural chemical called sulforaphane tine sulfur it will basically detoxify poisons that trigger cancer and it will even kill cancer on contact there’s been Studies on that so there’s tremendous amount of studies we’re just not doing anything with the studies okay but you can use these foods to decrease your risk for cancer even if you consume three servings per week you can decrease cancer by 40% in certain types of cancer that’s incredible that is unbelievable I mean you should be doing it more than three times a week but we have like the kale the broccoli Brussels sprouts and the bok choy now I put some other vegetables on here as well because those are real good anti-cancer to like beet beet leaves garlic turmeric those are really really important the chemistry of brussel sprouts unbelievable anti-cancer unbelievable so how many of you consume cruciferous vegetables in your diet okay on a regular basis and enough amounts go ahead and tell me and then when I answer a couple questions and in a very good question she said now what about wait a second we just start talking about the thyroid and now we’re actually cruciferous and we take all these cruciferous vegetables we are going to write and with thyroids are going to work right well we’re going to actually add more iodine and take the cruciferous because the benefit of the cruciferous for the thyroid to pull that estrogen out is all we have to do is add some sea kelp so the combination of adding seek help this is a perfect mat we’re not just going to take what it’s not going to take straight you know cruciferous without any extra iodine because we may deplete our iodine reserves a little bit but you’d have to consume a lot okay so Carolyn says several several times a week hate them um I do five to six cups daily um cool ok good see you guys are when I consume seek help my throat feels swollen that could be because either the sea kelp is toxic which a lot of times if you take seek help from a polluted ocean a lot of extra heavy metals and chemicals that are very very reactive your thyroid I use a type of sea kelp that’s from Iceland it’s or certified organic I’ve never had a rare actually it works really really good lie too I’m going to give you some solutions so I’m going to talk about the ovary kit I’m sorry estrogen kit like some of you are asking about the ovary and and at these webinars I always give you guys a little discount but here’s the thing a lot of times it’s hard to find work consumed the amount of cruciferous in the diet in the range of different types of Christopher’s foods so I use the Chris whole cruciferous food combined with the organic sea kelp together and I recommend that you would do um between three and six cruciferous and to organic seek help in the morning now why do you do this in the morning specifically the sea kelp because if you take seek out before bed it will wake you up it’ll make you very very awake in your brain because it activates mental alertness so it’s really good to take in the morning you don’t actually need massive amounts of sea kelp the morning is totally fine okay now if you don’t have a thyroid maybe you take an extra if you have five or cystic breasts you can take extra okay now the ovary support that I have supports a low thyroid and a high thyroid and a lot of you that I I’m recognizing you from my membership site are already taking the ovary support basically no resupport there’s a combination of herbal ingredients that support estrogen to balance it out and glandular extracts for the ovary for the pituitary and for the adrenal so let’s see it’s the best thing for a menopausal supplement and also from PMS so if you would ask me what do I do for PMS or ovary problem I give the ovary support okay so if anyone wants to have this kid I’ll just post it right now let me just give it to you okay so so this kit is basically designed to clean up the endocrine disruptors and give you enough iodine and also support the ovary if you don’t have an ovary then or ovaries then you definitely want to take this too because it kind of supplies the raw material for the body that your whatever you’re missing basically okay now what if you’re a male body I do have a solution for that but I’m going to first answer some questions someone’s saying what about dim for estrogen dominance now dim is extract of a cruciferous vegetable and I found that dim is is is actually very effective but my thought is why not take the actual vegetable itself because dim is one extract one just one cruciferous food would have over 600 different types of phytonutrients so it’s very very very more complex than just one one individual phytonutrients called dim and so I liked them but I would recommend all of the cruciferous together if you had a choice does the wheatgrass have seek help in it no it doesn’t but the the whole crew surfers food does have some seek help in it okay now if you guys get this kit um within today or tomorrow I’m also going to send you my acupressure technique for the ovary now what is that how what can you do the ovary and this technique is already in my membership site so if you’re in the membership site you probably already have seen it however I’m going to just get it with anyone who gets this kit and if you’re a male body you’re not going to need this but it’s mainly to help support and ovary that is been damaged or a menstrual cycle that is altered or a problem with the ovaries of the uterus okay any problems whether it’s a fibroid a heavy period hot flashes you can use this technique and the reason why developed a technique is to because it’s it’s very difficult to find any type of acupressure techniques for the ovary so I developed it over a long period of time and it’s very very effective it’s a great way to do a demonstration at a seminar because it works very fast you can see changes especially if someone’s like depressed that time of the month or they’re having happy period you can see changes immediately if you do the technique because an average female has over 400 mental cycles in their lifetime that’s 400 traumas to the uterus and the ovaries not to mention if they had pregnancies miscarriages abortions all that trauma needs to be cleared up the tech you acupressure technique fixes the trauma from the female organs okay that’s what it fixes because when you have this trauma you lose your communication lines to that area of the body and it starts to become out of balance okay and yes it would help you with an ovarian cyst I took a lady who had a cyst the size of a lemon on ultrasound and we did the technique and within three days it went away all of our pelvis that was kind of rotated came back and she felt there all her back pain went away a lot of times the pain for from an ovary will cause sacroiliac pain in the back of like either the right or left side of your lower back okay um it was asking question about fibroids fibroids are primarily an excess estrogen problem the same thing is over insist this is too much estrogen so you need to number one make sure you do the diet that lowers insulin for sure okay because insulin can also make things get bigger make sure you’re doing a lot of cruciferous vegetables because that is the thing that’s going to shrink it okay and also iodine iodine will shrink it too but I’m just giving a solution for a food base how much iodine should be considered if one has the fibroid of the uterus I don’t like to recommend individual milligrams of iodine I recommend more of a seat count because it’s a food based complex with all the minerals with a heavy amount of iodine it’s in a plant base so I would recommend for a fibroid I would recommend six seek help a day but consume before lunch okay if you have fibroids you have indigestion with cruciferous vegetables especially broccoli like I do which by the way is the reason why I took out broccoli ou
t of the cruciferous because it was creating problems for myself and I haven’t had many problems that have with people taking this blend umm because I took out the broccoli but if you if you are very sensitive then you’re going to have to consume like steamed them cook them or have other vegetables like spinach or kale is pretty safe for people okay um did you say these supplements have wheatgrass in it no these C supplements do not have any leak rest and by the way we cress does not have gluten there’s no gluten in wheat grass how much iodine let’s see how many whole cruciferous do you recommend a day I recommend between 3 and 6 if you don’t have a problem and you want to do a preventative do 3 do 3 a day I mean that’s that’s one tablet is equivalent to one serving so you’re going to be protect your going to protect your body your breasts your tissues over a period of time if you did it every day it’s a great protective thing how can I overcome the effects of history hysterectomy a gallbladder removal well you’re going to have to support the adrenals and you’re going to have to UM probably take a little bile from the gallbladder X formula to help help the liver detoxify a little bit better does your kale shakes count um they count a little bit but it’s you need to take it’s probably you’re going to have if you added the kale shake with the kale and made a shake I think that would be a really good thing to do okay but the cruciferous must be organic if you that’s a good question should the cruciferous be organic now all of the vegetables that I’m recommending in this product are organic but it’s sometimes it’s hard to find organic so if you can’t find organic it’s much better to consume any cruciferous than no cruciferous okay um I really like green beans any benefits from this vegetables yeah so if you have green beans from a garden um there’s great benefits especially in the flavonoids and vitamin C complex what if you get a migraine on the third day of your period that almost every single time that’s estrogen dominance okay what percentage of the kale shake is kale um the kale shake my instant kale shake has this basement serving size and there’s there’s like one cup of kale per serving size per scoop of that kale okay what is bile and what does it do and yes I do have a bile in a product called gall bladder formula which by the way is out for another two weeks unfortunately because it’s a very popular thing but we’ll get it in two weeks but you just take one after you eat it helps you convert the thyroid hormone it helps you digest it’s help helps you up for bloating it helps you absorb vitamin A for the eyes mented cruciferous food okay I think it’s awesome yes it’s totally fine I understand cranberries are higher in iodine but they’re high in fructose yes they are high in sugar that’s why I don’t recommend getting your iodine from that any more than I’d recommend getting potassium from bananas someone says said pink pancreatin that’s an enzyme for the pancreas that’s actually in the crew of the gall bladder formula bile is different than pancreatic bile is from the gall bladder pink random pancreatin is the enzyme from the from the pancreas okay how long will it take to see progress with seek help on fibroids I think if you did everything correct and you really follow my eating plan for the insulin resistance you would start seeing change within a couple weeks okay more probably more change after a month because these these natural the seek help and the cruciferous they work slowly and you don’t want to pull these chemicals out too fast because it’s too toxic um let’s see I wish I would have known this before having hysterectomy I know I know they really push those things I have gas from eating broccoli I know it it just tears me up so avoid broccoli our steam brought Brussels sprouts good absolutely yes it’s very very good now someone asked what about men for testosterone okay there’s another kit that for them and that’s slightly different I’m adding something called DHA DHA is a healthy fat that um basically supports the testicle so it’s the testicle the raw material okay so there’s a little kit there for men that have low testosterone because what we’re going to do is we’re going to lower estrogen thereby increasing testosterone the DHA is really good also for increasing testosterone it feeds the the test of the testicle food for it to manufacture more hormone okay so that’s the testosterone kit okay can you just stop HRT you know I can’t tell you to stop anything but just between you and me and the four walls even though we’re doing a live webinar here I do not think there’s any problem with stopping it too fast as long as you you can support the underlying root cause again I didn’t tell you to come off of it I’m just saying that I don’t think there is a problem um what about oxalates if you have oxalates high oxalates you need to be consuming a lemon juice okay lemon juice or a lemon in your water every single day okay that will handle that sylvia says will the discount be automatically deductible warning it when ordering the estrogen kit yes it automatically is abducted you click the link and then it will automatically UM take it off it’ll be on the right column you’ll see it but it’s 10% off if you wanted to get it within the next 24 hours okay so what if I try the adrenal package first not a problem around you can do that totally fine um in the adrenal kit let me think okay okay nevermind um let’s see here where can I find a diet for estrogen dominance what if if I take estrogen kit with cruciferous vegetables should I follow the keto diet plan yes you should follow the keto diet plan because you want to keep insulin low and I have a lot of videos on what to eat what diet you should be on let me just see here let me just see if I can read that to also take an insulin kit no you don’t take an instant kit you just need to follow the eating plan that I recommend to lower insulin my sister has epilepsy and the only time she has seizures let’s see was medication levels are low seizures are related to insulin so if you go on a low insulin diet it’s called a ketogenic that is wonderful for the brain and that also epilepsy yeah so check it out ketogenic diet did we get potassium from you know it’s interesting you said that because one of the best sources is seek help you have a lot of potassium in seek out but also from leafy greens you need between 7 and 10 cups all right you see here do you have the cruciferous foods doc yes yes and I know if your backordered we’ve been sending it out ASAP we just got it in we have tons of it yes it’s being shipped out you should get it any day now Sheila um ok so to answer that question is drinking six to seven or five to six kale shakes too much not if you’re doing this seek help and not if you’re there to counter any possible oxalate stones okay what if someone’s very high progesterone in the very low estrogen then I would increase your estrogen by maybe a non-gmo tempeh it’s a fermented soy that might give you a little more estrogen support the over with over a complex or a resupport because that actually gets your own body produce more am I getting enough DHEA taking cotton oil sometimes you are but make sure Lane the colorant where you’re taking is virgin cod liver oil don’t get the regular cod liver oil is your cruciferous product raw it’s basically under a heating like 106 degrees but it’s not completely classified as raw but the enzymes are active pretty active but it’s I can’t make a claim that it’s wrong but it’s organic how can I relieve restless legs that drive me crazy that’s a B vitamin deficiency and adrenal deficiency so the best thing for restless legs is the adrenal de handle it within a day mmm I take we cross daily does it contain potassium it can it contains a lot of potassium a ton do you have anything for toe pain and toe cramp that gets worse while walking or taking d3 yes you need to take k2 to transport the calcium also you need more potassium and then the third thing is you do acupressure on the opposite toe so for example a big toe you massage the left big toe okay
that should get rid of your pain does taking K to increase estrogen since it’s from NATO not at all minor minor minor amount of NATO it’s not filled with estrogen it’s not going to be a problem have one ovary take of your support the ovary support it really depends if you have symptoms like hot flashes you take three to four bed if it’s during the day take three during the day I would recommend taking three for a while and no maintenance but you’ll see that over support creates some really cool effects for females because of the amount of issues they have with the ovary find something that supports and over that produces too much estrogen and not enough it actually balances it out is there anything that isn’t in pill form I only have the wheatgrass but you could just open up the capsules and pour it into something someone said they did the active pressure on the gall bladder it was inflamed if you have an inflamed gone all the other of Karen you want you don’t want to work on the goal that or directly you want to work on the opposite side beside and that will help because you want to treat it like an injury work on the opposite side what our oxalates there are chemicals that form calcium stones so they bind to calcium and they form stones and that can come from the cruciferous have a like enough lemon in the diet so lemon is a really good thing to add in your water is it possible to get rid of thyroid nodules you don’t merck manual major medical books that you study in pre-med um back in 1850 um they used iodine to cure thyroid nodules and all tumors back then but mysteriously they don’t recommend that anymore because of course is no profit in it for nodules is the iodine deficiency I know they just do biopsies and they don’t give you the highlight is crazy like this with the adrenal day and night promo sure Robert improving testosterone I recommend doing that kind of a cruciferous and the sea kelp for that I have polyps and fibroids any natural forms of birth control besides condoms that will worse my fibroids there’s something called the lady cue stick now you’re going to laugh because the lady q-tip is $25 on Amazon and you can put saliva on it look up into the light and determine if you’re fertile or not fertile and I’ll have a different like a fern kind of pattern and if you’re not fertile let’s see if you’re not fertile we’ll have little specks so they’ll tell you when you’re the most fertile and when you’re not so you can kind of use that to know if you the problem is there’s always that small chance that you might be fertile when you know so but they offer a money-back guarantee you can get your twenty five dollars back okay um it’s true but I’m having them have it dry sensing here alright the other thing with birth control pills and this is a really because what do you do what do you do if you don’t want to use condoms you have to use birth control I mean it’s I don’t really have a solution for that I don’t um unfortunately because your you know it’s yours kit others pros and cons like because the birth control pills have so many side effects down the road it’s an issue okay I’m a mixed body type I already dream on what kid is best start with the adrenal because the thyroid is usually secondary okay I have too much calcium I’m in my blood that means you need to stop taking vitamin D and take k2 only cows you from the blood okay so someone says Karen says she has the tool yes sir are using the tube massage tool that will help you to sleep ah let’s see dr. Berg let’s see here okay so if any of you make questions like the last seminar you want the notes who you want the webinar replay you can just call my office and get it his Parkinson’s related estrogen dominance no it’s related to insulin dominance is have you dropped the super nutrients yes I did because a lot of the ingredients are in the weak rests so my my wheatgrass is my new super nutrients how much K is in in the wheatgrass juice there’s actually a lot of vitamin K and that’s the problem with people that are included which is oh let’s see here if you’re taking a blood thinner and have low potassium I would start taking vitamin k2 and a lot of them because they’ll help but last a minute do you assume that if you’re eating got a lot of cruciferous that you have high oxalates chances are yes you have high oxalates so just in case start chopping down on the lemons this nato from k2 increase estrogen hardly at all it’s not gonna be a problem I have one over uh I have one over three how many seek help and ovary support should I take I would take to seek help in the morning three ovary support these stones then you need lemon juice my doctor prescribed Lugar’s iodine for cystic Burress well that will work to take it in a complex because they’re plant-based minerals and they seem to work very very well so I have no desire to take a individual elemental liquid item or all your products safe to take when taking synthroid absolutely because they’re just food base that’s why I like them they’re not synthetic anything do anything for foot pain have videos on foot pain you should do a search with dr. bird anything for Parkinson’s yeah do the lower the estrogen in the diet I only have one adrenal support the other adrenal can I take over support well on the Lupron absolutely um menopause if a minim paused is supporting ovary belly fat no it helps you lose fat around the hips in the in the lower pitch in the stomach we crest harvest at what point in time how long was lee crest growing yeah it’s seasonal and that’s why i have to order it urine in advance because it’s seasonal and i can if you want to email me I can give you specifics on that um need to lose 35 pounds should I start with the adrenal kit um Rob I would start with the adrenal kit if you primarily wanted to lose weight fast drunken testosterone is mainly specifically for testosterone not necessarily weight loss I had an ablation of the uterus is it okay to take oh yeah then you that’s a trauma so you need to do the ovaries formula and also the over a technique will send it to you via email which dad should I fell from the insulin diet or the adrenal diet you need to do the adrenals that because there’s that’s included that think in that diet you know show you how lower insulin as you see I’m going real fast release I’m trying to answer more questions this time um sounds going in and out well I will send you the replay on this for three years is there a chance my diary can recover yeah absolutely I’ve had people and synthroid for the 20 years come off that stuff so the thyroid can bounce back nicely anything for Hashimoto’s I would I would do the the protocol for the estrogen protocol for Hashimoto’s that’s what I would recommend um all in how many days to heal PCOS with a keto and keto diet I think it’s gonna happen pretty fast you’ll start seeing changes probably within a week or two um okay so someone about orders if you have any questions you just call my office tomorrow um I’ve been taking the adrenal night formula I dream more but I still wake still wake restful oh you’re asking I still wake restful how does the adrenal night work it basically relaxes the adrenal so you can get into a deeper Delta wave sleep seek help even when taking sin through it yes you can please the need for synth right over time but it won’t be a spike because in a food base alright okay up I hit my hour-and-a-half limit here so I want to thank you guys again for listening this long I appreciate your attention great questions thanks for your interest um some additional the powerpoints for anyone who’s on here and if you have any questions go ahead and email us and stay tuned for and next week we’re going to do this again I’m going to talk about a different set of hormones okay so have a great week and I will see you guys real soon

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