Hormone-Boosting Maca Root Shake Recipe- Thomas DeLauer

Hormone-Boosting Maca Root Shake Recipe- Thomas DeLauer

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look it just because I’m in shape now doesn’t mean that I don’t like a milkshake from time to time so I want to share with you one of my favorite milkshakes that I make here at home that doesn’t even have ice cream in it you see it contains something called maca root powder and maca root is a Peruvian root that has sort of a butterscotch taste so it’ll give this milkshake kind of a nutty sort of multi k– taste almost like you’re getting a malt milkshake but the real power in this milkshake is the taste it’s the fact that maca has some tremendous properties when it comes to stimulating your endocrine system now what this means it’s going to help out with hormone function whether you’re a man or a woman whether you’re trying to increase your testosterone levels whether you’re trying to help your ovaries out when it comes to fertility whether you’re trying to stimulate your thyroid or whether you are even trying to just boost your adrenal glands a little bit this little milkshake is going to help you out tremendously so rather than bore you with the details here before I start making the milkshake I’m just going to kind of explain as I go because I want you to follow along I want you to learn how easy it is to make this and how effective it can be if you make it right and drink it frequently so let’s dive in and get started on it the first thing that you’re going to want to grab of course is going to be your maca root powder now generally maca root is sold in sort of a bag like this otherwise you can find it in little smaller servings or sometimes if you’re lucky you can even get the actual root which you’re going to have to finely grind and kind of puree a little bit but otherwise you’re going to want to get a powder that’s going to be the main ingredient here now I’m going to use a blender I’m going to use a Vitamix you can use a Blendtec but really you don’t even need a super-powerful blender all you need is a blender that’s going to be able to crush up some ice so I’m going to take my maca root powder and all I really need here is about two teaspoons now you can get away with a lot less but it is water soluble so what that means is that whatever you don’t use your body is going to excrete so I’m going to start with that much maca root powder now the next thing that I’m going to grab is some coconut cream now the reason I’m going to use coconut cream is because it’s got a lot of fat in it it’s got a lot in the way of medium chain triglycerides which are just going to help a fat-burning effect as well so I usually get it in a can like so I’m going to pop this guy open I’m going to show you something pretty interesting with it because it’s not like regular coconut milk see when we use coconut cream also I always like to use these cool little can openers that don’t cut the lid but they actually just remove the glue because that way if I want to save this later I can put the can lid right back on so that’s pretty cool so this is what this stuff looks like it’s almost like a thick solid cream it’s like a more of a consistency of ice cream really this is what’s going to give this milkshake sort of its creamy taste now I’m going to put quite a bit of that in I’m going to put you know probably about probably about a quarter cup of that now remember this stuff is pretty caloric it’s definitely got a good amount of fat in it so you don’t want to be going too crazy on it but it definitely tastes good and again it’s important to the recipe so the next thing that I want to add in there is going to be some vanilla extract now if you have pure vanilla bean you can use that as well I went to the store and I was completely out of vanilla bean and pretty much all my local grocery stores so I am going to go against the grain of something I normally believe in I’m going to use some vanilla extract which you know generally speaking you can get organic good clean vanilla extract I’m going to use about half a teaspoon of that again you can eyeball that depending how much vanilla you want now additionally I’m going to add some stevia extract you can use pure sugar you can use honey whatever you want to use I’m going to use stevia and I’m going to add just a few drops of that stuff is pretty powerful and I did another video on the difference between stevia and trivia but basically stevia is the extract of a leaf that is 200 times sweeter than sugar so I’m going to use about five or six drops here that’s probably about the equivalent of three or four tablespoons of honey now then I’m going to need almond milk again I’m going to eyeball to almond milk here I’m going to go for about probably a cup to a cup and a half then lastly little over a cup of ice again you can change this depending on how much you want and how much you want it to be a slushie versus how much you want it to be really more of just a easy drink to get down now before I blend this all up when I explain kind of the reason why we’re using so much of the maca root so basically maca root is different from other kinds of hormone stimulating plants so like you can use soy you can use red clover extract if you’re a female and you’re trying to boost basically boost your estrogen function a little bit help out with menopause but the problem is is that you’re working on more of a hormone level you’re not working on what’s called the axis you’re not working on the hypothalamus speaking with the pituitary so the best way that I can explain this is rather than directly affecting the individual hormone source you are actually helping the brain to stimulate the hormone source so you’re helping the brain out in basically telling it to tell each individual gland just start producing the accurate amounts of hormones that are needed so those plant sterols that are in the maca root powder can do so many things when it comes to this so that’s why it’s so important so I’m going to mix this guy up put it on medium to start just to get the ice crowning okay now that this looks all blended up I’m going to grab myself a cup now that is awesome may not be a Baskin Robbins milkshake but for being something that’s just a simple form of boosting milkshake that you’re making at home it’s definitely not half bad and you don’t have to drink this every single day try drinking it once every two days once every three days you’re going to slowly start to notice that over the course of a couple of weeks you start to have a little bit more energy you might have a little bit more libido more sex drive you might have a little bit more Drive in general you want to go to the gym a little bit more that’s the maca take a solid effect on the hypothalamus pituitary axis so in this with a cool little tidbit of research that I found from the whole world botanicals report back in 2007 what they basically found is that if you were using lock of root powder as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy it could be just as effective and a lot safer now I’m not saying that if you’re on any kind of hormone replacement therapy that you stopped because I’m not a doctor I’m not going to tell you to do that but it was pretty interesting to see some science that showed that using maca root regularly actually helped level off those foreman levels in a very safe way that could be comparable to hormone replacement therapy for both men and women so there you have it a quick little milkshake you can make it home that’s going to boost your hormones help your sex life and make sure that you feel amazing I will see you in the next video thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Hormone-Boosting Maca Root Shake Recipe- Thomas DeLauer.
Hormone-Boosting Maca Root Shake Recipe- Thomas DeLauer

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Hormone-Boosting Maca Root Shake Recipe
I’ll explain how to make a maca root hormone boosting shake that will leave you feeling good as new!
Maca Powder Benefits
Maca is a root from Peru that has been used for hundreds of years to help:
-Increase energy
-Balance hormones
-Thyroid function
-Sexual functioning
-PMS and menopause
-Bone health
-Reduce stress, frustration and depression
Science has already backed up and explained many of these functions:
1. Helps balance out hormones
a. Maca has plant sterols that stimulate endocrine function. Through its effect on the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, Maca has been shown to positively impact ALL of the endocrine glands
b. These sterols improve adrenal, testicular, ovarian, thyroid and pancreas functions
i. In essence, through multiple effects Maca helps to stimulate the endocrine glands, which leads to improved regulation of hormones
How does this balancing of hormones influence our health?
2. Estrogen leveling: Menopause
a. One of the main uses, both traditionally and via modern science, is with helping to treat menopause symptoms
b. There are many herbal alternatives used instead of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), such as soy and red clover extracts
i. These plants have phytoestrogens, which by resembling human hormones can impact Estrogen and Progesterone levels – women can have negative responses similar to HRT
c. Maca works in a different way – rather than through phytoestrogen effects, the alkaloids of the Maca root promote improved endocrine gland function through its effect on the function of the hypothalamus and the pituitary.
i. These non-steroid compounds have fewer adverse responses in women, thus Maca is safe to use to help with these symptoms
3. Helps libido/sex drive
a. This impact on the endocrine glands has also been shown to have a positive effect on sex drive as well as sexual reproductive health
i. Improve fertility, both on the ovaries of women and the testes of men (1)
ii. *Feeling of increased energy! (1)
4. Other benefits
a. Due again to the impact on the whole of the endocrine glands, there are a number of other supported benefits of Maca:
i. General energy improvement
ii. Weight management
iii. Lowers triglyceride levels
iv. Strengthens bones
v. Stress management – lowers cortisol levels
vi. May help depression
*According to the Whole World Botanicals report in 2007, it was found that Maca root could be safer alternative to Hormone replacement Therapy in men and women
1. Hormone balancing effect or pre-gelatinized organic maca
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