Healthy Travel Foods | Top 5 Snack Bars to Get at the Store – Thomas DeLauer

Healthy Travel Foods | Top 5 Snack Bars to Get at the Store – Thomas DeLauer

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hey what’s up guys is Thomas the Lauer and I’m here with my wonderful wife Harper hi and today we are bringing to you our top five bars that we bring with us when we’re traveling people are always asking us what we eat and more on the go so he decided we show you guys our favorites why the heck not so these aren’t just traditional protein bars things like that we’re talking about foods that you compass all that nutrient profile that you need so we’ve got a wide variety here that kind of come from a lot of different angles so we’re going to start with one that we both personally like one that we discovered a couple of years ago amber I’m gonna let you do the talking on this one to start I’m gonna start with our right barb so I brought two different types bars today the first one is a lemon cash bar I love this one because it tastes so good it tastes like a lemon muffin right this one I have and there’s a surfer on it also why I like it has nothing to do with lemon nothing at all I also like this one because it weed with key proteins and it this one’s flavored with coconut nectar or sweetened rice vinegar interesting things okay so rice bars obviously as you mentioned the sweetie with or sweetened with coconut nectar which is super low glycemic compared to cane sugar things like that but the main reason that I’m a fan and why I approve this one is simply because of the pea protein likes you mentioned so that’s a really anti-inflammatory form of protein because an alternative to whey protein so if you’re normally sensitive to dairy or you’re trying to limit the dairy just because of an inflammatory reason then pea protein is an awesome alternative in that particular flavor of the bar is awesome just for that yep plus it tastes good booklet so the next one I have is the carob chip rice bar now this one is a little different this one actually is flavored flavored this one actually is made with whey protein but it means whey protein isolate and if you’ve seen my videos you’ve seen that I talked about whey protein isolate and the difference between isolate and concentrate isolates just like the name implies means what put in this little isolation chamber okay so that whey protein isolate is a lot more of a pure form of protein so whenever you’re looking at a protein bar or any bar in that case it’s going to have way in it look for one that has whey protein isolate it’s that much better because your body is going to assimilate it and it more on the same thing to be said for protein powders right totally totally done videos on all kinds of topics surrounding that so definitely want to pay attention to that exactly and the other thing I like about the sunset this one sweetened with honey instead of again refined sugar or artificial sweeteners and honey we have a lot of anti microbial benefits we have all kinds of things that are good for your digestive system so pretty obvious reasons there okay what’s next next we have a kind bar now this is your typical kind bar that’s clean with chocolate which are the ones that I love but this one’s actually a little bit spicier kind of strong bar that makes you strong that’s why we like it right right right but now they are a little bit different there definitely have a little bit of a spicy taste to them so they’re definitely going to make you sweat they make her sweating really really badly they still have a little bit of a sweetness to them too so that at the end of the video Amber’s going to eat one she’s going to be drenched it’s just the way it works I Sparkle but the reason that I like these more than the traditional ones is simply just because the glycemic load in general so there is some honey in them but it’s not loaded with the cane sugar that’s normally in like the chocolate it’s in the kind bars and stuff like that just a little bit more nutritious in that respect I’m going to bring out my Laura bar so those of you that know me know that I love Laura bars they normally have under 10 ingredients they’re super yummy and they’re sweetened with dates there’s nothing too complicated about dates right okay the best thing about base is just you go on them and you hope for the best that’s always the way that it goes with B so as totally but as far as foods are concerned dates are super high in magnesium ridiculous behind magnesium’s back one of the fruit that has a most magnesium out of all of them and in fact the other thing that’s really cool about Larabars is the fiber content so if that’s something that you’re keeping an eye on 27% in your daily value of fiber literally in 100 grams of states so trying to sweeten up a bar with dates instead of sugar and it’s a pretty good route to go and that’s nice did you move it alright the next one we have this one’s actually a newbie bearded brothers from Austin Texas I know if you want to talk about that one’s really good at soccer that’s a engine that we found this one just a few weeks ago people are always like okay what kind of bars do you like all this stuff in that we’re always kind of scouring the supermarket or scouring the stores for the right ones things that catch our eye let’s face it this day and age with you know the internet but like there’s so many personal brands out there they’re seeing so many new products coming out constantly so we’re always you and I oh so this one was really interesting had a lot of Makkah in it which caught my eye now Makkah why do we like Makkah it makes me look anymore Makkah is what’s called an adaptogen okay it helps balance out hormones specifically for men it helps balance out some of the sex hormones such as posture own estrogen stuff like that so it gets sort of that system going again so if you’re north of 40 and you’re a male you’re trying to balance yourself out you might want to try eating when those bearded brothers bars per day just to try to get some maca in your body so you’re not having to take like a teaspoon of maca and putting it into your coffee you’re getting another nice tasty bar I like it like I like putting in smoothies too though yeah totally if you hear a butterscotch e it tastes really good put it in your cap and crunch I would totally do that basically Cap’n Crunch if I was 12 go haha well when I was a kid I ate it micro although as an adult okay so the last one we have is a hazard bar now for those of you that don’t know every bars this is different than all of the other bars that we have here because it’s made from meat stick thank you the music checks to meet rectangle this is all narrow cherry flavor this one beat to have them and all different kinds of sweets ooh they have Turkey they have bison they have four and it tastes really good choose your meat so this is grass-fed beef and that’s the thing I like you just you’re trying to explain food and beef meat stick rectangle and getting verbally abused and assaulted this is grass-fed beef now you know from my videos that I’m Timmy haha is doing Jimmy anyway so the grass-fed beef the whole thing with grass-fed beef is obviously the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio so when you have some form of what’s happening behind me this is Timmy Timmy Timmy like all of these Jimmy doesn’t have a favorite all of them can’t because not all of them are good for Timmy so essentially omega-3 omega-6 profile so grass-fed beef is consuming usually of course you have to read into it make sure it’s grass-fed grass-finished and not distress fit but essentially meaning that it’s got a more balanced omega-3 to omega-6 profile because it’s not eating grains that are super high in omega-6 which
is spiking up those interleukin 6 cytokines and causing a pretty dramatic increase in inflammation what I’m giving it to Timmy so anyway guys there you have it we’ve got our five favorites we’ve got the rice bars we’ve got the bearded brothers we’ve got the Larabars we’ve got the kind strong bars and we’ve got the epic bar which is perfect for furry dog and perfect for those of you that are trying to get a nice balance of omega-3 omega-6 don’t feel like eating some adulterated powders that are in a bar I want to eat some good old-fashioned rectangular meat if you have any ideas on videos that you want to see pertaining to different foods that we eat whose what we travel with maybe our favorite recipes our favorite toilet paper our favorite things like that make sure you comment below and let us know and we’ll review them to decide what video to do next good see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About Healthy Travel Foods | Top 5 Snack Bars to Get at the Store – Thomas DeLauer.
Healthy Travel Foods | Top 5 Snack Bars to Get at the Store - Thomas DeLauer

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Healthy Travel Foods | Top 5 Snack Bars to Get at the Store – Thomas DeLauer
Let’s get more out of our food by buying the right stuff. I can teach you more at
Join Organic Foods Experts and Best-Selling Health Authors, Thomas and Amber DeLauer to find out which of these tasty, nutrient-rich bars may right for you as well as some of the ingredients that you should look for when buying these at the market.
Number one on this list is simply RISE Bars. One of the best, most simple bars that you can find!
Number Two is a Lara Bar, which is a great one for women on the go!
Number 3 is the videographer’s favorite, and that is a KIND STRONG Bar!
Number Four is a Bearded Brothers Bar out of Austin Texas and lastly, is a special bar
Lastly, EPIC Bars! One of the simplest ways to get your protein fix in without the cruddy whey products!
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