Healthy Lifestyle Hacks by Dr. Berg: PART 1

Healthy Lifestyle Hacks by Dr. Berg: PART 1

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about healthy lifestyle hacks part one these are things that you can use in other people your family yourself to implement changes in your lifestyle and the first principle is that you must make tiny changes small doable steps action steps that anyone can do and that way if you make it easy enough you’ll be able to do it without any pain or you know being uncomfortable okay so here are some things that you can do number one and you can pick any of these and even implement one per week if you need to but if we do it if we make it easy then you can actually confront and start it okay so number one add a kale shake into the diet every single day why because you can drink your greens it’s very easy take kale take some berries water blend it up I have a lot of recipes on this and then you just drink this every day this is going to get not just any type of vegetable but the highest level nutrient type stuff in your body be very important to do this this would be very very easy to do as well just blend it to drink it take it to work you know simple or you know maybe you just focus on one huge salad per day some people don’t even have one cup you know a vegetable per day so we want to make sure this is a beefy salad but this would be very important I have actually two huge salads every single day but if you just get one like at least five cups you’re almost there with your potassium level so just took one sailor today it’s a no-brainer so it’s easy to implement then we have one apple cider vinegar drink okay here’s the brand right here organic apple cider vinegar take one tablespoon per glass of water okay and you drink that at least one a day it’d be best if you drink this with each meal but let me tell you why that’s important apple cider vinegar has unique properties in acidifying the body I know people say that everyone’s to acid we need to alkalize the body but honestly I found just the reverse most people are actually too alkaline we need to certify the body especially if you’re under stress when you’re under stress the body becomes too alkaline yes your urine will be but the blood is overly alkaline okay now outside of vinegar will acidify the body allow you to digest better Poland minerals but really the other benefit is that it helps stabilize blood sugars it actually decreased the need for insulin it’s great for insulin resistance so it’s going to help you go longer without eating it’s going to help your blood sugars it’s just an it’s a really good thing to implement okay next one healthy fats why well number one we want to add fat with a meal to go longer without eating because every time you eat you spike insulin so if we don’t have the fat you’re going to be hungry you’re not going to be satisfied after you eat okay so what’s a healthy fat what about an avocado you can do an avocado when you eat okay so this is a healthy fat these are healthy fats you can do P cons Stassi owes you know you can do these fats it’s no brainer just prepare it and make sure every meal you add a healthy fat olives is a good one peanut butter things like that so if you add the fats it allows you to go longer without eating and don’t worry about calories worry about what the calories do to your body we want to keep insulin down that’s the hormone that makes people fat that’s the thing that creates diabetes by doing that we need don’t want to eat six meals a day we want to have two or three meals but add the fat to go longer okay next one no snacking see if you just picked one of these and kept implementing it maybe every few days or every week eventually you’re going to get there so you want to go at your own pace but this one is a very important one if you just cut out the snacking the grazing at night the snacking at night or snacking between meals you would lose some weight almost as important as what you eat with the meals so if even if you ate some sweet with a meal and you didn’t snack you probably lose weight okay that’s how powerful in a minute fasting is if not eating between meals very very important this would be a good thing too implement in your body so now the next one is stop going out to eat why because you can’t trust the restaurants there are so many other chemicals in restaurants they have hidden msg people go to restaurants too much you don’t know what you’re getting you’re going to get bloated they give you the wrong portion size they give you all this food they always bring the bread it’s very tempting very social you drink the alcohol not a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight or get healthy so if you just maybe didn’t go to eat for a while or went out to eat less that will be one change that you can make next one no fruit if you were just to cut up fruit and hidden sugars and that would be also like cut out breads pasta cereal crackers or sugars and you didn’t change anything else that probably would produce a huge benefit to your weight weight loss and then how about this one no alcohol some people cannot give this up so what I’m going to recommend is cut it down drink less and don’t drink is frequent why because every time you drink even like a glass of alcohol you’re going to create some liver damage and you’re pretty much setting yourself back for two to three days so if you’re drinking every other day that’s going to be a problem so let’s see you drink once a week and don’t spread it out on the weekend just like once get it over with let your liver heal you know or cut it out completely so you pick the ones that you can do comfortably and then you keep implementing these each you know a few days or every week at your own pace okay so that is hack part one now let’s go to part two

This Post Was All About Healthy Lifestyle Hacks by Dr. Berg: PART 1.
Healthy Lifestyle Hacks by Dr. Berg: PART 1

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