Healthy Grocery Haul Vlog | The Diet Chef’s Epic Grocery Haul

Healthy Grocery Haul Vlog | The Diet Chef’s Epic Grocery Haul

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what’s up guys when I had a thousand subscribers I made a video thanking you for subscribing and also asking you what type of video you wanted me to make well a lot of you responded and the grocery haul video was one of the most popular responses you guys had so today we’re doing a grocery haul video typically I just go a few times during the week to the grocery store but I waited until I was completely out of pretty much everything and just went in one big trip kind of sucked being out of everything i have to admit so this is an epic grocery haul video let’s get started alright so first up are these boneless skinless club packs of chicken this is nine pounds of chicken and it’s a super good deal it’s only a dollar 99 per pound here so what I like to do is just trim a whole package at a time throw it in the oven broil it for 20-25 minutes and that’ll last me one packages that last me two three days two packages five days a big staple of my diet right here just cuz it’s so convenient and cheap next up is some 95 5 lean ground beef I really don’t have any plans for it this is about a half pound and it’s six dollars and fifty nine cents per pound so it’s a little bit more pricey probably just going to cover it in some reduced sugar ketchup some crushed red pepper and fennel seeds that’s kind of my go-to with lean ground beef so moving on 36 eggs I’ve been filming a new series for you guys which is a month of mug cakes and you’re gonna be getting a new mug cake recipe every Tuesday through Friday for an entire month hopefully that’s going to come out in September so stay tuned for that pretty random but it was the closest thing I could grab a three pound bag of mccune apples I love my apples super hard super crisp and tart and these definitely passed the test love me some of these a ginormous club pack of salmon number one I love salmon and number 2 i’m working on a couple of recipes for you guys so I needed a bunch of salmon on hand just so I can perfect those recipes while we’re on frozen foods for packages of frozen vegetables two of which are peppers and onions I really just like to use them in eggs or stir fries one frozen peas just because peas are delicious and a big bag of broccoli florets I don’t know I was just in the mood for broccoli florets when I was in the grocery store so frozen veggies got to get those micronutrients in right a bag of wheat bran I usually don’t buy wheat bran but I’ve been really craving bran muffins and I’ll probably do a recipe for you guys involving those bran muffins so yeah a bag of this the largest jar of unsweetened applesauce you can possibly Buy in a grocery store I’ve been going through a ton of alpha sauce because like I said doing a month of mug cakes applesauce is a big-time ingredient in those mug cakes so definitely going to be probably going through this within just a few days the club pack of canned tuna just because you can never have enough canned tuna and it’s great to pinch when you’re running out of food like I was before this grocery haul video is actually living on canned tuna for a couple of days so uh this is definitely handy to have some of you know this some of you don’t I’m lactose intolerant so I drink a ton of almond milk in fact made an almond milk video that you can make your own at home the macros absolutely fantastic two and a half grams of fat one gram of carbs one gram of protein per cup absolutely kills milk get the unsweetened vanilla the unsweet regular just isn’t the same um so so yeah a box of ice cream cones if you can find these in your grocery store these are the most macro friendly ice cream cones I’m aware of on the market for every cone it’s ten calories two grams of carbs and that’s it so pretty amazing especially with some Arctic zero or halo top Bogut second if you’re gonna buy a box of ice cream cones you definitely need some ice cream so I picked up a pint of this halo top chocolate ice cream everybody says this stuff is the best low calorie ice cream on the market I have my doubts the new arctic zero flavors are pretty ridiculous which leads me to my next item super lucky to pick this up because it’s always sold out at the grocery store cookie dough Arctic 0 I’ve had this once before super super delicious a quarter pipe 75 calories two and a half grams of fat 11 grams of carbs three of which are fiber and three grams of protein if you’ve never had the chunky flavors of Arctic zero although this is the only chunky flavor that I’ve had they are awesome at least this is awesome so go ahead give this a shot cure your cookie dough cravings this big bag of avocados just because I love avocados and also you guys are getting a Southwestern avocado chicken salad recipe that’ll be coming out in a few weeks yum yum yum this giant ball bag of sweet potatoes now I have a strategy when I buy sweet potatoes I by the smallest ones they possibly sell I just like it for portion control it’s a weird little thing that I do I bring these to work cover them in some paper towel a little bit of water microwave them for six minutes they’re done then I popped some olive oil some salt on them so freaking delicious didn’t even look a box of funfetti for a lighter version of a birthday cake mug cake that I’m working on the biggest box of honey nut cheerios they sell in the store if you’ve never had honey nut cheerios mixed with coconut you haven’t lived it is absolutely awesome and I love doing it which brings me to this bag of unsweetened shredded coconut that I’m gonna cover my honey nut cheerios with yum yum yum a carton of egg busters purely for the convenience factor the smell of basil is just so freaking delicious I love cooking with fresh herbs especially in the summertime so I had to pick up some fresh basil I especially like to pair up with some chicken tomatoes and balsamic vinegar you’ve never done that a little salt pepper check that out a jar of pizza sauce just because the macros are pretty fantastic so I can cover basically everything in it going to be using this for a recipe coming up but for 55 grams which is a quarter cup this is 20 calories for grams of carbs and one gram of protein so pretty fantastic macros on this pizza sauce pick up this huge bag of lemons and limes purely because I love putting lemon and lime juice in my sparkling water Alyssa and I go through a ton of sparkling water so we go through a ton of lemons and limes plus I’ve been on this lemon and lime zest kick lately putting it in recipes just doing all sorts of things with it love me some of these how to get a big bag this is job sauce all right so this is a walmart special this bread is fat-free the macros are pretty ridiculous for every two slices 70 calories zero grams of fat 16 grams of carbs six of which are fiber and five grams of protein pretty amazing stuff right here and I’m doing up french toast crockpot recipe real soon so I had to pick up a new loaf literally quest bars for days unfortunately they didn’t have my favorite quest part the grocery store today which is some oars but these cookies and cream are pretty ridiculous I’m going to be using some of these in a mug cake recipe and the rest Alyssa probably will eat before I even get a chance to eat them for prostate health and because delicious an entire box of grape tomatoes all right so these were hiding on me but two packages of ninety-nine percent lean ground turkey I do have to say they’re a bit more expensive than the chicken it’s 589 per pound for these but sometimes the convenience factor is totally worth it I’m a ketchup fanatic I’m one of those people who puts ketchup on m
y ketchup and if you’ve never had the reduced sugar ketchup for one tablespoon which is 16 grams it’s only five calories one gram of carbs so if you’re counting macros this stuff is your best friend really truly is love this mmm freaking love it a couple of bottles of extract coffee extract and imitation butter this is for the french toast this is for a mug cake that’s coming up I needed to pick up some cream cheese because I’m doing a couple of different recipes with them one may be a pizza dip a healthy high-protein pizza dip which is amazing while we’re on the subject of dips and cheeses and dairy two packages of cheese one is fat-free one is reduced fat gonna need both of these in the recipes that I’m doing so another walmart special an entire bag full or 10 bottles of pv too i just am obsessed with peanut butter and this stuff is a godsend to me i like a bottle of this every two days it’s a terrible terrible habit do not get into that habit but a bottle of café Bustelo instant coffee like I said I had that coffee extract this is going to go into my coffee mug cake my name is berries strawberries I definitely have a restock on some Walden farm syrups I’m a huge fan of the chocolate and the pancake I had the caramel a few years ago I have to say I wasn’t impressed but I am doing a salted caramel mug cake so I had to give it another try see if it was any better I’m really hoping that it is but it probably isn’t the pancake syrup is the greatest walden farms product they have ever created you’ve never had this you need to buy it and this 12 ounce box of blackberries I’m a huge fruit phonetic and especially a very fanatic so I had to pick up a box of these and last but certainly not least if you’re gonna be obsessed with taco salads you’re gonna need a huge bag of lettuce that’s my epic grocery haul I hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for subscribing if you’re wondering I did bring up all those groceries in one trip yes I’m a one trip warrior check out my palm and I’ll catch you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About Healthy Grocery Haul Vlog | The Diet Chef’s Epic Grocery Haul.
Healthy Grocery Haul Vlog | The Diet Chef's Epic Grocery Haul

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Epic Grocery Haul Vlog By The Diet Chef
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