Healthy and Easy Protein Shake Diet Recipe | Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

Healthy and Easy Protein Shake Diet Recipe | Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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what’s happening guys literally just got back from the gym and I’ve been fasting all day so I haven’t had anything to eat I’m ready to break my fast with this delicious maple walnut protein shake figured since I’ve been sort of obsessive it lately I put it on video for you guys and share with the world so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been lately because actually yesterday I made this twice once before the gym and then after gym so it’s great for breakfast gravekid post-workout great for the summer time because it’s so freakin hot outside so let’s just get started let’s make the shake super simple takes like no time at all to do so the first thing I got to do guys is find my blender pretty sure it’s in the dishwasher but I’m not sure if it’s clean moment of truth so yeah I think it’s clean guys which is awesome because I’m notorious for loading my dishwasher with dishes putting the soap in the dishwasher closing the dishwasher but never pressing the start button does anybody else do that I feel like I cannot be the only one who’d I do that all the time it’s terrible so my scale and the bottom of the blender the motor they’re both dirty guys don’t judge me I know in the comments you’d be like your blender is super dirty and so they get a lot of use okay they get a lot of love in this household so the first ingredient for our maple walnut protein shake is the almond breeze vanilla unsweetened half cashew half almond milk almond milk just the regular cashew with 25 calories not as good as this stuff you need the half almond milk this is be tasty almond milk cashew milk itself I think it’s just net this is just way more delicious and the macros is the best Mac Road almond milk that they sell so we’re going to add 12 ounces it’s a cup and a half of this to our blender also guys if you don’t have a food scale I highly recommend giving one just makes making a lot of my recipes weight easier plus you’re following it since it’s your macros you should have a food scale anyways there’s a link to one in the video description very very reasonable things like ten bucks and the reviews are unrealized there’s like three thousand reviews four and half stars so check that out if you don’t have a scale at home alright so now I’m going to switch this to grams guys and I am going to add 30 grams of vanilla protein powder to my shake I got to remember 389 oh what went too far too much 30 grams there it goes it’s going back in the bucket it’s not what so we’re good teaspoon that is it is alright so the next thing I’m adding the blender guys is a teaspoon of cinnamon I think cinnamon just makes everything taste better guys but will also makes everything taste better is the Walden Farms pancake syrup so mad thirty grams of this to my Shaykh is wall you are going to want to add a banana to the shake 75 grams of a banana as you can see this thing is super overly ripe and this is the kind of banana you want to use in the shake so we are going to throw this guy in here so this point guys everything for the most part except for our walnuts is in our blender we are just going to add just like a couple bites spilling ice everywhere that looks pretty good so it’s about a cup cup and a half of ice in the blender we’re toss this baby on the base of the blender give that a swirl and then we’re going to add our walnuts I’m not adding the walnuts just yet time to give this guy a good mix alright guys so at this point your shake should be all mixed up nicely of course you got to do a celebratory taste test mmm this is when you want to add your wallets at least this is what I think you should add your wallets because if you add them in before you’re going to liquefy your walnuts and maple walnut ice cream has chunks of walnut in it so what I like to do this is what I like to add my wallets into the shake so I don’t over blend them I’m gonna add 5 grams of walnuts if you don’t want to put it back on the scale don’t worry about it it’s like three walnuts boom back on the blender and this is a super quick blend don’t over blend because you want the chunks guys the chunks are delicious they’re good that’s so awkward the next step is to make this like Instagram pretty guys because it’s not just enough to make a delicious shake we have to make all of our friends want to be jealous of our delicious shake so what we got to do is take it put in a cool-looking mug I don’t know what’s coming I don’t know what’s dripping over there we’re gonna add this to a really cool I like got this this is like originally a salsa jar now it is my go to like Instagram Abal goodness jar and then you have to add the red and white stripe strong guys salt bad salt it’s well walnuts walnuts bay the little crumbs it’s focusing on my face focus on the crumbs that’s not which there is pro Jake all over the floor as far as the macros guys the entire shake makes like three tough it’s a lot of shake that it makes 242 calories 28 grams of protein 19 grams of carbs – which is fibre 7 grams of fat literally a fantastic way to start the day or just after your workout like I’m doing right now or maybe just love maple walnut ice cream you want to make yourself a little bit of a treat that is today’s recipe I hope you enjoyed it just a quick little protein shake that I’ve been doing a lot lately I want to share with you if you did enjoy the video give the video like subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet because you don’t want to miss more awesome recipes just like this and I will see you guys in the next video take care thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Healthy and Easy Protein Shake Diet Recipe | Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss.
Healthy and Easy Protein Shake Diet Recipe | Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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Healthy and easy protein shake recipe! Protein shakes can be just one of many healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss. This maple walnut protein shake tastes just like the ice cream, but is a diet friendly version. Protein shakes can also be a quick healthy lunch or snack idea for weight loss too. Not to mention, this protein shake can be a healthy diet treat before bed. And this maple walnut is the perfect protein shake for women and men trying to lose weight!
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Maple Walnut Protein Shake Recipe:
1.5 Cups (355mL) Unsweetened Vanilla almond/cashew milk
2 Tbsps (30g) Walden Farms Syrup
3/4 Banana (75g)
1 Scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1 Tsp cinnamon
1 – 1 1/2 Cups Ice
3 Walnuts (5g)
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