Headed In To Do Some Research!

Headed In To Do Some Research!

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hey what’s going on guys Thomas de Lauer and I’m up here in beautiful Portland Oregon today and I’m doing a few things first of all I am getting some awesome content for my site that’s going to be launching on June 1st I’m also getting some research done on how to purify and detox your body a really organic way which is great and I’m also working with a high end coaching client of mine I’m flown up here and I’m helping them restock their kitchen and totally revamp their lives so some amazing things coming stay tuned you’ll see a lot coming in the next month alright guys have a great day

This Post Was All About Headed In To Do Some Research!.
Headed In To Do Some Research!

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In Portland, OR today shooting content for the new site and also researching some exciting stuff in the way of organic ways to detox your body!

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