Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety

Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety

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More specifically, you want help with Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety?

hi guys in this video I want to talk about kind of a missing link to hair loss and it tear loss due to stress right people always trying to regrow their hair but they’re not looking at the deeper root causes one would be stress and that relates to a hormone a stress hormone called cortisol okay what does cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone that is made by your adrenal glands those are two little glands on top of your kidney deep inside and they react and adapt to stress when your body goes through too much stress it’s very very destructive on proteins okay it’ll start using proteins as fuel so it’ll start to break down proteins and turn them into sugar yeah that’s why you always have a blood sugar issue when you have too much cortisol and even you can create diabetes but the point is that if the cortisol is too high you’re going to have protein loss in the body primarily hair nails skin collagen if the cortisol is too low you’re also going to lose your hair too but a little bit differently more like alopecia which is patches of hair that are coming out and that’s because when you go through like a severe loss for example it can shock the adrenal and then you lose cortisol function which is an immune function and you start developing an autoimmune where your antibodies are attacking it’s your own tissue primarily the roots of the hair so you can have an autoimmune condition where it’s attacking the roots and causing patches of hair to fall out but it’s all triggered by a stress event okay and then first and usually has low cortisol after that so really we just we need normal cortisol so there’s several phases antigen catagen and telogen those are basically phases of growth and dyeing of hair so an antigen is the growth of the hair and catagen is the transition between growth and the maintaining of the hair and then you telogen is kind of like where the hair and then falls off so all of us normally should lose about a hundred hairs a day seems like a lot but that’s normal you have a lot of different hairs in your head so it’s not that much of course I don’t know I’m not suggesting you count them individually but you could and also a good test is just to take like sixty hairs and pull them and whore have someone pull your hair and see how many hairs come out okay so if you’re pulling sixty hairs out of your head just kind of pulling it not like yanking now you normally it should be less than six hairs that should come out okay if it’s more than six hairs then we chances are we probably have too much cortisol okay that could be one of the causes so now what do we do about this okay well number one we have to remove any type of external stress whether its environmental from your job or maybe it’s a relationship problem it’s a family problem you have to do whatever you can to resolve or improve that because unless your you handle that stress this can continue okay that’s why a change of environment changing your friends and change your family right to switch out your family with another family member especially the stressful ones and you’ll be fine next one is internal stress so that’s your body’s like a pin cushion it accumulates stress and over your lifetime you’re a stress bucket so there are techniques that you could extract stress from the body I use a massage slash acupressure technique I’ll put a link down below of a examples of that okay so that’s like working on the body stress or you can actually take supplements for stress I’ll put a link down below for that and then you can feed the hair the nutrition that it needs because stress depletes vitamins B vitamins calcium and potassium so that’s interesting and the last thing you can do is increase growth hormone growth hormone is the it’s kind of like the thing that’s the opposite of course all growth hormone protects proteins it helps you with stress it’s anti aging cortisol is aging and makes you get old it makes your hair fall out makes you wrinkly so growth hormone is a trigger by high quality sleep okay so sleep high intense exercise with lots of sleep and recovery okay and a good amount of protein and lastly and most importantly is intermittent fasting so for you to take six meals a day is a very very bad idea you want three meals a day or even two without any snacks because that intermittent fasting will then stimulate growth hormone and it could decrease cortisol alright so I just want to kind of give you an overview of what the effects of cortisol can do on your hair I hope that gives you a better understanding thanks for watching Brett that’s it just let me do that over here press the subscribe button press just press this button right here subscribe okay that one right there just do it right now hey if you’re enjoying my videos press the subscribe button below and I will keep you updated on the future events thank you so much

This Post Was All About Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety.
Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety

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Dr. Berg talks about hair loss due to stress (or cortisol). Cortisol is destructive to PROTEINS. There are other causes of hair loss, but when the body becomes overwhelmed by stress, you could even develop an autoimmune condition – alopecia and lose your hair. Stress is basically a form of anxiety.
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