Grocery Haul For Gaining Muscle | The Diet Chef

Grocery Haul For Gaining Muscle | The Diet Chef

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alright guys so this was totally not planned I was driving home from the grocery store and I just thought to myself you know what I’ve been bulking lately let’s do a bulking grocery home vlog getting the groceries up to this apartment the struggle was real I only have four bags groceries but I swear to god they weigh like a hundred and fifty pounds it’s ridiculous I was sweating I was breathing like a pregnant woman I had a trap pump I didn’t know what that was about and I was pretty much out of everything in my refrigerator in pantry so this is what I’m going to be eating right now on balking first up is I’ve never had these before but it is a six-pack of everything bagels from my local grocery store 45 grams of carbs per bangle well this is gonna hate me for eating these because I’ll stink like an onion for days now maybe I should move the bag closer to the camera next up I bought some egg bagels the macros on these actually pretty big good a point five grams of fat 31 grams of carbs in six grams of protein for a bagel so I’m looking forward to indulging these because I love egg bread hopefully cases of these cherry tomatoes just really great in spinach salads have been obsessed with doing these spinach sells lately with balsamic vinegar from this local balsamic vinegar and oil shop I love apples so a big bag it’s like four or five pink lady apples I just dropped them I hate bruised apples a bunch of garlic just for recipes that I’m going to be doing in the next couple of weeks so I have some fat-free Greek yogurt and some low-fat Greek yogurt really don’t eat a lot of yogurt just cuz I’m lactose intolerant and yogurt really affects me but these are just for recipes next is just this I don’t even know how big this is 32 ounce carton of egg whites I use these a lot in my protein pancakes just so I don’t have to separate the yolks five limes just going to be using these in recipes maybe in my sparkling water well mini sweet peppers I like eating these with hummus they just are so much better than a whole bell pepper great for snacking and they’re healthy tons of vitamins tons of minerals it’s great vitamin C two hundred and seventy percent of your daily value in one serving fat-free cream cheese really just for a recipe I don’t use a lot of cream cheese at all I can’t tell you guys what I’m necessarily making with this it’s kind of a secret hoping to have this thing coming out for the super bowl and one of the recipes involves cream cheese I love shrimp it’s convenient it’s a little expensive but I don’t have been craving shrimp lately so I dropped bag also got these Ezekiel tortillas I just really like these pop them in the microwave spread some peanut butter I eat everything with peanut butter apparently when I’m bulking put some peanut butter over them just so good macros are actually pretty great on these three and a half grams of fat 24 grams of carbs five is fiber and six grams of protein next I got this large bag of frozen mangoes Alyssa loves to eat these olive CDs and it’s just so much more convenient than buying fresh mangoes at the store fresh mangoes that gets stuck in you the cracks of your teeth doesn’t happen when they’re frozen so delicious I’m not going to show you guys every bag of these but I bought like 10 bags of frozen jasmine rice because I love jasmine rice they’re convenient they’re all portioned out every one of these is like 0 grams of fat 80 grams of carbs and six grams of protein a little bit of olive oil salt you guys know I just love to do that so yeah a ton of these so if you haven’t checked out my Instagram in a while or you miss this post I bought a bunch of these bonza chickpea pasta this pasta is made basically just from chickpeas and like three other things it’s amazing been eating this for months pretty awesome macros to for every 57 gram serving it’s three and a half grams of fat 32 grams of carbs eight of which is fiber and 14 grams of protein black pepper crostini little mini breads i don’t know why i bought these but i do know why because when i was in the store I bought three pounds of smoked salmon but they’re all portioned out and every portion is six crackers is a half gram of fat 15 grams of carbs and two grams of protein so I thought why not try these out boutique seasoning packets I don’t know what you would call them never heard of this company before about taco and shrimp and fish we’ll see if they’re any good oh yes some ghiradelli mini chocolate chips because i’m going to be using these for recipes and I bought two packages of these boo boo boo i also bought this huge king size value size coconut spray just been using it for the past few months and i really like it i also picked up this huge bag of sugar substitutes one does sugar blend i know a lot of you guys wonder what type of sugar substitute i use in my recipes i use this particular kind I just think it tastes really good I haven’t been able to really get into stevia that much just the weird taste on my tongue by the way as I’m digging through those bags I bought a ton of that pasta i also bought this bumpers peanut butter bumper cereal really good i think i went through a whole box of this in two days macros for peanut butter cereal pretty good to naff grams of fat 26 grams of carbs three grams of protein for a 33 gram serving i have been all out of brown rice lately and i love to make fried rice it can be breakfast it can be anytime today fried rice is an acceptable meal and a delicious meal so i have a restock on some brown rice though i had the egg beaters but i also like to have whole eggs and i liked it it says that there are omega-3 fatty acids in here I don’t know if I believe it or not but I like to get eggland’s best and i had a restock on the mids pizza sauce you can get this in your area I high Lee recommended it is really good and I really restocked because i’m doing a recipe soon with the sauce oops i also got three cans of these black beans because i’m doing a recipe with black beans and i also found this one the veggie fajita seasoning just going to pour it all over my ground turkey just to spice it up a little bit spice it up alright guys so you can’t judge me but like i mentioned earlier three pounds of smoked salmon it’s a little pricey it’s $55 but actually 43 pounds of smoked salmon $55 is not a bad deal if I bought pound separately this would have cost me like 90 bucks we are down to the last few things that I bought we’ll start with this brass bed sirloin steak actually bought two of these and for some reason I’m not I know it says organic on it I’m not huge into buying organic meats or anything like that but for some reason the grass-fed meat I think really the ground beep I don’t know I’m saying but for some reason the grass fed beef does taste better in my opinion so I always buy the grass-fed kind of course if you followed my vlogs at all you know that i love the ground turkey so i got four packages of the 90 91 ground turkey and last but not least reduced for quick sale because it needs to be eaten by tomorrow this huge package of turkey breast so that is everything that i bought today i hope you guys enjoyed the view the tree and i’ll see you the next cooking video have a happy new year because that probably won’t be uploading before the new year and i hope you all had a great holiday thanks for watching guys

This Post Was All About Grocery Haul For Gaining Muscle | The Diet Chef.
Grocery Haul For Gaining Muscle | The Diet Chef

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