Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer

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I’ve talked about this before I’ve talked about the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate and I’ve done videos on that but I want to take it one step further I want to talk about grass-fed whey I want to talk about grass-fed whey protein isolate and why it is so separate and different from other classifications of proteins in general but first I want to recap on what I talked about when it comes to whey protein isolate in case you didn’t see that video so what whey protein isolate is is essentially a pure form of whey protein just like the name implies the protein has been isolated away from the rest of the way leading you with ultimately a protein content of 90% or more in a serving of whey protein now additionally with this you’re going to have less lactose you’re going to have less cholesterol you’re going to have less fat you’re ultimately just left with a pure unadulterated form of protein now this is all fine and dandy but I mean sometimes we need that fat sometimes we need that cholesterol so what is the real benefit of whey protein isolate you see it comes down to the insulin spike what happens was when you consume whey protein isolate you have a pretty significant spike in insulin and that insulin allows you to shuttle that protein into storage where it can be used to recover use for what you really need it for and the more pure the protein and the more easy to absorb the protein is ie without cholesterol without fat without byproducts the higher the insulin spike therefore the more protein you actually absorb and you know me I’m all about bang for the buck let’s get the most efficiency out of what we spend our money on and the products we put in our body now the cool thing is the spike that occurs from whey protein is actually triggered through a different pathway it’s triggered through something called glp-1 instead of traditional response to glucose traditional response to sugar where your body secretes insulin so it’s an entirely different pathway that’s a ruthlessly efficient at getting that protein into the right kind of storage but where does grass-fed come into this where does that even play a part well ordinarily this is where I would tout the benefits of the omega-3 to omega-6 profile of grass-fed beef you see cows that are raised on pasture usually have higher levels of omega-3 fats which can help counterbalance the high levels of omega-6 fats that are naturally occurring in our body from our diets see omega-6 fats when we consume them they can trigger what are called interleukin 1 interleukin 6 interleukin 10 antagonists all stimulated by leukotriene which is just a fancy way of saying inflammatory markers that can make it hard for us to absorb our nutrients and can really just make it hard for us to live a healthy pain-free life but here’s the thing unfortunately when it comes to whey protein isolate that doesn’t really matter because we’ve already isolated the protein away from the fats so we’re not really getting the omega-3 and omega-6 anyway so where’s the benefit with grass-fed well it comes down to this and this is of course in addition to the fact that pasture raised beef and pasture raise cattle are generally more ethically treated which I stand behind a wholeheartedly but it comes down to the antibiotics in the hormones you see a lot of the dairy industry might disagree with me but when you have cattle that are raised in confined areas when they’re in slaughterhouses are in they’re in milk houses or any kind of dairy plants or dairy farms a lot of times they’re so compacted that they have to give them antibiotics to fight off bacteria and disease simply by being in close quarters with each other now when you take pasture raised beef or pasture raised cattle a lot of times that doesn’t exist they don’t have to give them as much in the way of antibiotics because there’s not as much disease that they have to worry about but why is this so difficult well it’s difficult because that costs a lot of money you need a lot of land you need a lot of space you need a lot more space for each individual cow than you do compared to a typical milk or dairy plant now this does have a trickle effect when it comes into our bodies and there’s a lot of science it’s starting to back this up when we consume a lot of antibiotics even if it’s through the food that we eat we can start developing an antibiotic resistance but even more so it can affect our gut biome when we affect our gut biome we are directly affecting the kind of nutrients that we can absorb if you’ve ever done a round of antibiotics a lot of times the doctor will tell you to make sure you take a probiotic and make sure you eat a lot of prebiotic fiber to help stimulate the natural flora within your gut again well what if I told you when you’re eating traditional beef or you’re eating traditional whey protein powders a lot of times you’re absorbing those same kind of antibiotics even if it’s not in massive quantities well the science is starting to steer that way it’s not conclusive but it’s enough for me to make a decision that’s for sure now another thing you want to look at is the quality of life with a cow obviously you’ve got the omega-3 balance going to be much better with that cow means protein density is going to be better probably just an overall quality of life and higher quality of milk product in general but again that could be somewhat theoretical the one I really want to focus on is that antibiotic focus now the other thing I want you to pay attention to when you’re looking at an overall whey protein supplement or a whey protein isolate is what is it sweetened with you know is it sweetened with stevia as if sweetened with sucralose is it sweetened with aspartame we have to look at these things because what good is going through all the effort to pick a high quality product if it’s sweetened with something that’s going to counteract all the positive benefit now when you look at sucralose for instance sucralose has been shown in multiple studies recently to kill off about 50% of your naturally occurring gut bacteria that takes us right back that antibiotic discussion killing out the bacteria means you’re not absorbing as much so here’s my advice to you find a product that contains the right kind of high quality grass-fed whey protein isolate and is sweetened with the right kind of sweetener now I’m not the kind of guy that always endorses products you don’t see me touting sponsorships you don’t see me touting endorsements but I do like to give shoutouts to companies that I think are going the extra mile because I know how expensive it is to find the right kind of passion and past your finished beef I know how expensive it is to get a quality product and I know how expensive it is to go through the right kind of FDA guidelines to get the right kind of designation for non GMO or organic food products so that’s I did want to give a shout out to antler farms who has a nice high quality New Zealand whey protein isolate and it’s sweetened believe it or not with stevia so they’ve gone the extra mile in a lot of different directions and again although I’m not endorsed by them I like to give shoutouts to companies that I think deserve it and actually care about our health because when you go to the grocery store and you’re picking the food that you’re putting in your body you should be putting that same focus on whatever supplement you’re putting in your body should be treated the same as always keep it locked in on my channel if you have any questions or comme
nts or ideas on videos put them down in the comment section below I’ll be sure to answer them as always thanks for watching see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer.
Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer

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Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer:
Is Grass-Fed Whey Protein Worth It? Let’s dive into some detail here! More information at
If the Grass-Fed Whey Protein in the video is something that you’re interested in, you can find it on their website at
Whey is a popular protein powder as it contains all three BCAAs along with all of the essential amino acids. Whey is a fast acting protein, and the spike in insulin caused by consuming whey allows amino acids into the muscle cells to encourage repair, helping us to gain muscle and heal quickly. Generally, the better the whey, the higher the insulin spike and thus the more effective at delivering building blocks into the cells for the purpose of repair and growth. Whey protein isolate contains 90% protein, higher than that of whey concentrate. Whey protein isolate also contains less lactose, cholesterol and fat as compared to traditional whey. It is best to consume whey directly following exercise. It is quickly broken down and made available to muscle cells for repair post workout.
Why is Grass Fed the Way to Go? Other than the ethical benefits of consuming whey from grass fed cows, what are the health benefits? Because whey protein isolate separates the vast majority of the fat and fat-soluble vitamins from the protein to get maximum protein, the main benefits come from the avoiding of hormones and antibiotics. When we consume animal products it is crucial that the animals be healthy and treated well. When a cow is healthy, their bodies are healthier and will produce meat and dairy higher in nutritional content than if they are fed unnaturally and under constant stress. 100% grass fed cows are the way to go as they eat what is naturally healthy for them and live lives in pastures, experiencing sunlight and nature.
No Hormones, Antibiotics or Chemicals:
When cattle are kept in close proximity to one another and are fed foods that are not what they would naturally eat, they become sick and are fed hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive. These pass through to the dairy and to your protein isolate. Grain-fed cattle have been shown to suffer from metabolic stress, respiratory diseases and infectious diseases. 100% grass fed, pasture raised cows are free of these negative health components that can be passed on to us. Hormones fed to cattle pass on and can impact our own hormonal systems. These effects have been found to cause multiple types of cancers. Antibiotics fed to cattle can also pass onto us.
-Insulin like growth factor 1 has been linked to colon, pancreas, breast and prostate tumors
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