Got Kidney Stones?

Got Kidney Stones?

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More specifically, you want help with Got Kidney Stones??

hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about kidney stones if you’ve ever had a kidney stone they can be extremely painful I personally had a kidney stone at one time I thought I was dying I lost my sense of humor I forgot Who I am I mean it was it was torture because it was an entire internal pain it happened the middle of night I told my wife to drive me to the hospital it was just unbearable I could barely walk and so and then I realized I said you know what I can do acupressure on this and I did the acupressure and the stone just kind of popped right out so kidney stones come from an imbalance with calcium called a calcium oxalate stones there’s different types of stones but there’s a couple reasons why people get kidney stones personally myself I always experiment with different detoxes and I actually did a detox and it dislodged all sorts of things from my liver and then the next couple days boom I got a stone so it released something but here’s the thing if your pH is a bit too alkaline you’ll tend to develop more stones or soft tissue calcium but this calcium doesn’t just build up in the kidney you can build up all over the place in the joints as arthritis bursitis tendinitis and the i-x cataracts and the arteries is plaquing so the pH controls calcium that’s one aspect and also low vitamin D levels or low vitamin k2 levels these are fat Seibel vitamins that transport calcium so if you’re low on the fats I love vitamins because you don’t consume any omega-3 fatty acids or fish oils that have these in them or k2 is the new one that’s coming out there then calcium won’t be transported that well especially if you’re taking calcium so that’s why you would need to take those the worst calcium to take is calcium carbonate that’s limestone a lot of people get kidney stones from taking nap a lot of the anti acids are made with calcium carbonate too and so when the stomach acid is too people get acid reflux and I did a whole video on that and so what happens is the lower bowel acids come up to the stomach and recruit so acid reflux is really a situation we have low stomach acid and that means your pH is an acid enough to handle calcium so calcium doesn’t transport well and top of that people take calcium carbonate and other antacids and oh my gosh that calcium just plugs everything up you get kidney stones it’s one of the side effects or if you go on a low salt diet salt in calcium do compete a bit and if you don’t have enough salt the calcium could also block stuff as well one of the best things to protect you against kidney stones on a natural aspect is lemon juice if you take lemons actual lemons or a lemon juice and you put that in your water every time you drink water that will protect the kidney stones from developing as a preventative thing and also like the apple cider vinegar in with it so in my book I talk about the cranberry drink that’s really really good to help clean out any buildup of excess calcium in the soft tissues so those some tips on kidney stones and the other thing too if you happen to get a kidney stone and you press over your kidney to try to milk it and push it downward on the left and right side it can give you a lot of relief sometimes the kidneys just go right through that little tube right through there right into your bladder and then they can come out a lot easier so it’s something you might want to try if you happen to be in a situation where you need to you have so you need some relief acupressure to the kidney it really will help give you relief for kidney stones I’ll see you next video

This Post Was All About Got Kidney Stones?.
Got Kidney Stones?

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Kidney stones can come from a calcium imbalance or a pH problem in the body. Dr. Berg explains the background info on kidney stones. There is a myth floating around that if you consume kale you’ll get kidney stones. If you are concerned about kidney stones, simply add lemon to your water daily. Lemon can break down calcium oxylate stones that in rare causes could develop from consume too much kale. However, I have not seen this on one case myself, but there is a small chance it could happen.
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