Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

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as a business professional everyone is telling you to not be stressed out they see you and they say oh you’re always stressed out yeah you’re you’re always running around you’re always racing around but what people don’t realize and what you need to realize in order to channel this stress in a successful way is to know that there’s two kinds of stress you’ve got you stress and you’ve got distress you’ve got stress that’s good for you stress that’s pushing you and motivating you stress that got you to where you are those deadlines those motivating factors that push you harder every single day and push you through those barriers and then you’ve got distress you got the stress that comes at you blindsides you and just tears you down chronically every single day breaking you down so that you’re not profitable breaking you down so you’re not productive and we’re all about productive time here so when you have that you stress that good stress that pushes you to break through those barriers get to where you want to go and accomplish things and build things that matter so what exactly is the difference what exactly how can we differentiate I mean the fact the matter is is that physiologically speaking your body’s going to respond the same way to any kind of stressor whether it’s good or whether it’s bad or whether it’s completely erroneous whether you’re sitting in traffic whether you’re running from a lion or whether you’re stressed out because you’re trying to meet a deadline that you created for yourself your body’s physiologically responding the same way cortisol is being elevated norepinephrine and epinephrine are being elevated causing an increased heart rate causing you to be stressed out the difference between good stress and bad stress is simply how quickly can you get over it you see good stress you can get over really quick because you know there’s an end result because you created it you know that when you meet your own deadline that stress is going away chronic stress and distress a lot of times there’s no end goal in sight it’s just there it’s just chronically beating you up at breaking you down and that is the kind of stress that causes damage to your body that is the kind of stress that takes you down a peg versus bumping you up so my suggestion to you in this particular case is eat a couple healthy meals feel a little bit more clear take a couple positive steps in the right direction so that you’ve begin feeling the way that you should feel so you can have a clearer look on those in gulls because when you start looking at those distressful situations those situations that are making and causing you pain and you associate and end goal with them suddenly they don’t seem so bad you can find that end goal and you can get rid of the stress but at the end of the day don’t try to get rid of all your stress because it’s never gonna happen it’s what drives you and what makes you you embrace it hopefully this will help you make a little bit more money by not stressing about stress

This Post Was All About Good Stress vs. Bad Stress.
Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

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There are two kinds of stress in your body. Good Stress and Bad Stress, and they both act the same way on the body!
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