Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

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More specifically, you want help with Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!?

the question is can you actually get enough vitamin D just from your diet from the food that you’re eating let’s talk about that now the RDAs the dietary recommendation for vitamin D per day is 400 to 800 international units okay but these figures are were designed to prevent a disease okay like rickets they’re not designed to maintain a healthy body so in actuality these should be a lot higher well let’s take a look at the foods moistures three and a half ounces give you six hundred and forty IU’s okay so that’s not quite 800 but it’s something Salmond fatty fish 4 ounces 410 IU’s sardines 3 ounces 175 I use tuna 4 ounces 92 I use so you can see that the fish that’s not as fatty doesn’t have the quantities of vitamin D one egg is 42 I use and that’s in the yolk cod liver oil one teaspoon I’m sorry one tablespoon thirteen hundred and sixty I use so there you have it right there that’s really a good source beef liver of three and half ounces 30 is not too much mushrooms 1/2 a cup is 20 I use but this is actually an inactive version of vitamin D vitamin d2 so that’s to convert into d3 and these are all d3 and the conversion is not that great so the answer is it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to get your vitamin D from just the food ok now son will give you or may give you a thousand international units per 10 minutes of Sun if you’re younger okay because as you age the skin doesn’t absorb as much vitamin D in fact as you age you need three times as much Sun to get the same level of vitamin D okay if you’re thin overweight people have a harder time absorbing vitamin D if you’re lighter skin the darker the skin the more vitamin D you need okay it’s actually five times more so you just need more vitamin D because of the pigment and if you have any vitamin D receptor mutations you’re going to need a lot more Sun or vitamin D and a lot of people actually have a mutation in the receptor for vitamin D preventing them from absorbing it next one is if you live in the south if you live in somewhere in the north if you live in Canada or Alaska your level of vitamin D is going to be dramatically lower if you’re being exposed to the Sun midday you’ll get this amount of vitamin D from ten minutes if you have a lot of skin exposure so you have to have your shirt off you have to have shorts on if you get it in your face you know if you’re just having a shirt and maybe you’re just exposing your hands in your face which I’ll do a video just on that alone you’re really not going to get the vitamin D levels and you have to make sure there’s no Sun screens you have to make sure you have a healthy liver in fact the fattier the liver the less vitamin D you’re going to absorb also if you’re not in medications right if you have medications that will block your vitamin D and also if you’re not stress because the higher the cortisol the less vitamin D you’re going to expose to so Sun will help you if these conditions are in place the reason I’m bringing this up is that a lot of people are deficient up to 57% of the population is deficient in vitamin D and it might be a good idea to either focus on getting more Sun or even take vitamin D as a supplement thanks for watching you enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!.
Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question if can you get enough vitamin D just with food. The dietary recommendation for vitamin D per day is 400 to 800IUs – this RDA is designed to prevent a disease and not designed to maintain a healthy body.
• Oysters – 3 ½ oz. – 640IU
• Salmon – 4oz. – 410IU
• Sardines – 3oz. – 175IU
• Tuna – 4oz. – 92IU
• Egg – 1 – 42IU
• Cod Liver Oil – 1tbs. – 1360IU
• Beef Liver – 3 1/2 oz. – 30IU
• Mushrooms – ½ cup – 20IU
Sun – 1,000 IU per 10 minutes
Here are the factors to consider to get this IUs from the sun:
• Young
• Thin
• Lighter Skinned
• No Vitamin D mutations
• Live South
• Mid-Day Sun
• Lots of skin exposure
• No sunscreen
• Healthy liver
• Not on medications
• Not stressed
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