Gallstone Symptoms & Causes

Gallstone Symptoms & Causes

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hey guys I’m going to talk about gallstone symptoms okay what are they number one bloating indigestion burping or belching which is kind of the same thing constipation sometimes diarrhea but more constipation pain or cramping underneath the right ribcage okay right there right scapular pain that’s right on the that bone in the back there could be on the inside right underneath the tip of the scapula it can go up into the upper back up into the neck into the face anything in the right shoulder it’s worse when you eat greasy fatty junk foods like a doughnut chest pain why because the gallbladder could be swollen backed up putting pressure on the liver which is then putting pressure on the heart nausea vomiting your stools float or they’re lighter color like a gray or a light brown so these are indicators that there could be golf stones okay so the question is what causes golf stones number one decrease bile VI lae bile is the detergent that dissolves the grease it’s the thing that dissolves cholesterol too so that doesn’t form into a stone so some people say that what causes gall stones is eating greasy foods but greasy foods triggers the release of bile it’s really the combination of lower bile because you can’t digest certain cholesterol particles and it also backs up the liver and creates an imbalance but it’s really the combination of higher levels of insulin insulin will decrease the bile production okay so really it’s the insulin behind that that’s why so many diabetics have gall stones but other people do as well if you take an average person that has golf stones they’re usually on a high carb sugar diet let’s take myself for example when I was going through college I was making some meatloaf okay and I had the recipe for my grandmother but of course I never read the directions I just kind of summarized it I didn’t see at the bottom line where you had to drain the grease from the meatloaf tray I didn’t do that so here I took a pound of hamburger with bread and ketchup which is all sugar cooked it with all the grease okay now what that’s going to do it’s going to massively trigger the influence spike because anytime you combine meat with sugar you really accentuate and add these spike of insulin there so I basically went to bed consuming that whole meatloaf woke up at two o’clock the morning with the most severe gallbladder attack you can possibly imagine now I didn’t have a stone that I knew of but these symptoms are similar to a gallbladder attack you know doesn’t necessarily always have to come to it stone it could just be the irritation to the gallbladder itself okay so anyway little did I know it was my gallbladder and I had started getting right shoulder pain that just kept going on and on until about 12 years later I figured finally figured out the connection improved in the gallbladder and almost right shoulder pain completely went away I never had a problem again but the point is that these two combinations low bile in high insulin per meeting Jonker sugar will definitely set you up for gallbladder symptom or a gallstone what’s interesting is people have the gallbladder out and then they they don’t change the diet they think it’s they can keep eating and they get the pain back you know well I’ll do another video on that specifically so now what do we do to improve the bile and decrease insulin I’ll put some links down below but you need to go on the ketogenic eating plan and intermittent fasting together both of those are essential to improve your gallbladder function okay I’ll put some links down below I also recommend one product called gall bladder formula and the reason I recommend it is simply because it will give you actual purified bile salts to give you a jumpstart to start to dissolve this see bile is recycled so if you lose the bile somehow and you don’t have enough you’re always going to be deficient less you put some back so we want to add some purified bile salts but in the formula we also I put something is in there to lubricate the ducked the bile ducts so it can go through easy I also put something in there an herb to help dissolve the stone is called stone root I also put something in there to help you increase your enzymes for the pancreas to take the stress off the gall better I also put something to acidify the stomach called betaine hydrochloride to help the stomach activate more bile release so there’s a lot of things in there to help heal the gall bladder improve the situation and the combination of these would be exactly what you need to do to handle a stone or improve gall bladder symptoms thanks for watching hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About Gallstone Symptoms & Causes.
Gallstone Symptoms & Causes

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Dr. Berg talks about gallbladder symptoms:
1. bloating
2. indigestion
3. burping, belching
4. constipation
5. pain and cramping under the right rib cage
6. right scapular pain or right shoulder pain
7. gets worse when eats fatty foods
8. chest pain
9. nausea
10. stools float and are lighter in color
Cause of Gallstones:
1. low bile
2. high insulin
1. Intermittent Fasting
2. Ketosis
3. Gallbladder Formula
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