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[Music] so this is how easy is looking right now I haven’t gained or lost really any weight I’ve been sticking around 209 to attend since we’ve gotten back but I definitely noticed some changes in my physique my stomach is definitely less bloated less fluffy looking when I turned to the side I definitely can tell right here there’s just more shadowing my arms my shoulders have a bit more striated also my my arms look more filled out this side I think I underestimated how much muscle I would gain how much fluid would return back to my muscles because it’s like I said I haven’t lost or gained any weight I really think it’s just a lot water maybe a couple pounds of muscle or something about losing a couple pounds of fat but overall body recap wise I think things are going really good like I’m very very happy with kind of the progress that I’ve been seeing the mirror each day typically I like to start my morning shake by putting the instant cafe Costello into my almond milk but they haven’t had this in the grocery store for two weeks and I can’t find the same one went to Walgreens from the two different grocery stores I don’t know if they’re still selling this stuff so my shakes today is one cup of instant Keurig espresso one and a half cups of unsweetened vanilla almond cashew blend milk to the 25 Cal tray kind half a banana just like 50 grams in unknown amount of wom farms calorie free chocolate syrup because honestly I don’t even weigh it’s a scoop or 30 grams of chocolate whey protein powder and four tablespoons it’s gonna be about 20 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder and then a bunch of ice and tons of ice cafe mocha protein shake is done this pre-workout is gonna get me hyped up there’s a ton of espresso in here think the macros on this it’s like 25 protein my fat and 15 carb so really not a lot of macros for a ton of shake plus I don’t know about you guys but shakes don’t fill me up real food whole food fills me up but this I’ll probably be hungry in a little while so this is not having a ton of macros it’s it’s good because it’s not gonna be very filling anyways one thing I need to do better on is filling out my spreadsheet where I track all my weigh-ins and my macros obviously I haven’t been doing that and you can see way up there I was doing in the middle of September but just been lazy I’m making a good amount of progress and happy with the progress that I’m making but I just know if I use this thing more I’ll be making a lot more progress so here’s to yesterday was the first day I actually put my numbers in in like a month here’s to using this thing more all the best results that I’ve ever had have been when I’ve been using this but it takes efforts not a lot of effort it’s it’s just like a couple of minutes each day but it’s like anything I think there’s a lot of things we do that could only take a couple of minutes and it can help us a thousand percent but we’re just too lazy to do those things so I’ve just been too lazy to use my spreadsheet and not gonna be lazy anymore self we’re gonna be using this thing we’re making way more progress all kinds of progress with the spreadsheet so I’m all showered up I’m ready to go to the gym two things you probably don’t know about me number one I always shower before the gym and after the gym I have this like weird thing where I don’t ever want to smell at the gym I just hate when I can smell somebody’s Bo next to me at the gym it’s like my biggest pet peeve I think it’s so disgusting and then number two I hate shopping I haven’t gone clothes shopping in three years if you’ve noticed on the vlogs I don’t wear really any different clothes I’ve had the same clothes for three years and I finally was like you know what I need to go shopping I need a new wardrobe it’s been far too long I yeah I hate shopping so I went shopping I picked up some new clothes one thing I did find at Old Navy for $10 $10 compression pants 3/4 length compression pants and they’re awesome so if you’re a dude and you need some compression pants I highly recommend checking out old maybe 10 bucks usually like I have Under Armour and I have Nike ones and I’d say these are on par with that quality and my Under Armour and Nike ones cost five times at least five times at 50 to like $80 for those and these are just as good I’m going to the gym it’s push day today last push day I started with flat clothes script bench and I only got four sets to ten on the close grip bench at 225 today I’m gonna try and get all five sets the fifth set I only got eight so I’m all caffeinated I’m all hopped up on that pre-workout protein shake hopefully I can do it today I think I think I’m gonna be able to do it all right right now I’m on the last set of close grip bench 225 hit all four sets right now for ten this fifth set I really have no doubt about it that I’m gonna be able to hit this today I feel the strongest I felt pushed a wise since I’ve been back from Greece and I’m just really encouraged with the way things have been progressing this last week and a half like I’ve been saying since I bumped my protein up kind of took my carbs down a little bit the gym workouts have been going exceptionally well my physique has started coming around a lot more and I guess I’m just getting stronger too so I’m gonna hit this the last set I’ll see you guys after Jimmy got back from the gym a little bit ago that workout went really really well today super happy with how my strength is progressing kind of hungry right now swimming my second meal of the day it’s gonna be an eclectic meal I have a feeling I never where I tried to never like I said vegetables before my left so I get all my micronutrients in later in the day typically and I think this meal is the meal of micronutrients so meal number two is prepped at least the savory part of meal number two and if you watch my ends of stories then you know I pretty much take a picture of this thing every day it is my bowl of micronutrients this is the biggest bowl that I own in my apartment and it always gets filled with salad almost every day basically Swiss chard lettuce spinach kale yep that’s the other thing that’s in there Sorel arugula just greens for days vitamins and minerals for days then like a tomato medley that actually kind of sucks if you have a Wegmans by you and you see this package it says flavorful my baby we’ve got all these great colored tomatoes in here and you think it’s gonna be so flavorful no it’s a lie it’s not flavorful at all so disappointed I bought this and I’m gonna buy this back then like 270 grams of some chicken and I prepped the other day still got a little bit of chicken left but if you live in Buffalo or if you can get your hands on some of us maybe you don’t even live in Buffalo I don’t know they sell this out of Buffalo schibetta’s barbecue marinade on your chicken this is the best stuff on chicken literally the best stuff so just kind of put that Oh No so I just kind of put that with my raw chicken beg let that set for like an hour and then I put it in a baking sheet lined with tin foil for 400 425 for like 15 minutes and boom you have a bunch of milk chicken which is super awesome then this guy smoked salmon I don’t know if there’s a better way to get healthy fats in your diet it was kind of expensive but when I was prepping for my bodybuilding show this stuff was like the number one staple of my diet because my fats were super low at the time I think it was only hitting like 30 grams of fat a day and I want to make sure that the fats that I was getting in my diet were from the healthiest source
as possible what I really like about this Acme no flake 7 is that the macros fat lies aren’t terrible only two and a half fat and then also you get 13 grams of protein but for a smoked salmon that’s pretty low and that’s what I really liked was that I got to eat quite a few servings of this I still get the healthy fats in but it was on the lower end fat wise maca wise compared to a lot of other smoked salmon getting balsamic vinegar everywhere so four years ago was the first time I ever left the states and travel abroad and I went with a buddy we were visiting his brother who’s a professional hockey player overseas and he was mainly playing in Finland so we go to Finland and we’re eating all this Finnish food the best thing in Finland was the drinkable yogurt they have the best drinkable yogurt I’ve ever had in my entire life anyways we were obsessed this stuff and we just started calling our drinkable yogurts whenever we were eating it during the day we started calling it yogurt e30 so right now in my kitchen I don’t have drinkable yogurt but I’ve got the next best thing which is some PHY a nonfat Greek yogurt and by the way don’t skimp on the Greek yogurt guys this might be a little bit more expensive but this is the best Greek yogurt that they sell even in Greece pee is the best Greek yogurt I can promise you that and what I do is I just add like some blueberries and frozen blueberries that let those defrost a little bit then I’m gonna smash this with my fork and it turns into kind of like a Froyo and it’s delicious so that is a cup and a half of the non-fat yogurt and a cup and a half of frozen blueberries just use a one to one ratio probably gonna add a little bit of Splenda into there to sweeten it up a little bit but this is something I also want to show you guys Kim Kim’s deli pumps anyways these are kind of like a rice cake but a little smaller and a little crunch here and we more flavorful and the macros are quite a bit better only two grams of carbs per camp up there’s 50 in here so you can like really snack on these and only 430 grams of carbs for the entire package so eat that entire package top them with some pb2 guessing this a thousand times love using the stomach in place of peanut butter and then by the time know that that should be defrosted into almost a Froyo so yeah that is dessert of meal number two dessert 230 yogurt e30 super pump for this yes the second meal has got me feeling some kind of full like really really full not exactly sure the macros that meal I think it was probably around 100 grams of protein probably the same amount of carbs like a hundred and fat probably 10 grams of fat not a whole bunch of fat anyways I’ve been wanting to talk about something and it’s been on my mind a little bit lately you guys have probably noticed I’ve been doing a lot more uploads on YouTube and there’s a reason for that I’ve shifted my focus I was trying to do too much and I realized that I just don’t operate the best when I’m behind with things so I needed to pick one thing one thing to go all-in on one thing to focus on and YouTube making videos is that focus now not the website nothing else it’s just going to be making videos for YouTube hopefully that’ll mean a lot more content is coming out I don’t want to promise anything my goal is to make three videos a week but I know that I’ve said in the past hey I’m gonna be uploading a lot more or we’re doing this whole that shredded life series and then I just fail at that shredded life series and nothing materializes for one reason or another and it’s just a bunch of hot air and empty promises and I’m just sort of done with it and I think it’s gonna be a really good thing just to focus in on one thing to focus on this channel and I’m really excited about it because anytime I’ve ever done anything worth anything if that makes sense has been want to just focused in on one thing when I’ve committed myself totally to something all I know is that I’ve kind of just zeroed it on this and there’s gonna be a lot more stuff to come this Green Giant riced veggies the cauliflower medley is awesome kind of pricey it’s like two to three dollars for a package but totally worth it cuz rice and cauliflower is a pain in the butt and also is a huge mess I’ve done before the macros on this medley are just awesome 25 calories per serving 5 grams of carbs to protein and it makes a ton a ton of fried rice so wonsan volume low calorie is super tasty dinner all I did was that for eggs they’re usually I just add two eggs but I have a bunch of fat left tonight then over here I’m doing some cold sirloin steak got 170 grams of sterling steak with about a half a serving of mushrooms and if you’re at eight one fan I don’t get anyone this is the best steak sauce they sell so top my steak and mushrooms of little Liam parents should be a nice little thinner wife beans is asleep I just made my last meal of the day and I was kind of like putting all my numbers into MyFitnessPal and I had a lot of macros left a lot more than I thought I had left for the day so this meal is actually kind of a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be got a hundred and no 210 grams of frozen peaches a hundred grams of oatmeal and 180 grams of some of the meal prep chicken that you guys saw a pro that salad just more of that meal prep chicken that chicken so tasty not gonna eat it in that order by the way I’m actually gonna eat it in Reverse so the chicken first then probably the outs and then probably the frozen peaches as far as my macros today 292 grams of protein 252 grams of carbs and 54 grams of fat so pretty much hit my macros spot on to that anyways I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me a bit today I hope you enjoyed the full day of eating I’m gonna go eat this and then I’m headed to bed


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This is my 5th week of body recomp, so I wanted to take you through a meal by meal full day of eating during this process. Just like my full day of eating bulking and cutting videos I’m still hitting specific macros – except I’m being a bit more lenient right now. The macros I’ll be hitting in this video are 2500-2750 calories or 300 grams of protein, 250g carbs, and 50g of fat.
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