Full Day Of Eating Ep.15 | The Strongest I’ve Ever Been?

Full Day Of Eating Ep.15 | The Strongest I’ve Ever Been?

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just so you guys know Halloween this year was unbelievable it was so much fun is like the most fun I’ve ever had during a halloween weekend to a 4.6 it’s point two pounds heavier than my all-time low weigh in when I was dieting for my wedding and what’s even more weird about it is yesterday I definitely over ate my macros got ahold of some cereal i hain’t four boxes not for total by I for different cereals yesterday I had boo berries I had honey nut cheerios I had frosted cheerios I had golden grahams I really should just not care each ear is in my house and then I wake up this morning and I’m almost like an all-time low since I’ve been weighing in just it doesn’t make any sense but as far as my weight went for the whole month of October which was my first full month of reverse dieting I average 207 pounds now we’re into november and my first two weigh-ins to a 7.62 or 4.6 so still in about the 207 range if things go to plan at the end of this month I’ll probably end up weighing around 209 that’s what I think anyways so I’m about to blow your mind guys with my first meal today it’s totally different from everything that you you’ve seen the past week and a half it’s 125 grams of brown rice three whole eggs and 270 grams of chopped up chicken breast today is a low-volume push day all that means for me anyways is that the first three exercises that I do i do triples and I do 5 sets of them so I do that for chest triceps and shoulders the big goal of today is the bench goal and that is flat bench for pause reps at 305 I’m gonna go ahead in there try my best to hit that because I know it’s gonna be a challenge and hopefully have a good workout I said beam me up I’m uma ground cuz that’s all we know we know I’m gonna get me singing all we know we know I’m on fri Oh yeah come on I got you so i just finished that live guys and as far as let’s go you know when you just are having like the perfect workout that’s kind of what today was like for me I hit all the lips I wanted to hit I felt super strong the whole entire workout I just into the workout the entire time I had an amazing pump it’s not even bicep day everything it was it was the perfect lift seriously I wish every workout could be like that but now it’s time to go home and eat some food it’s pouring outside and I am not prepared for a rain storm of any sort I don’t have an umbrella on this car i’m about to get soaps look at it it’s just it’s so wet outside umbrella tonight I’m having two hundred and sixty grams of some extra lean top round steak one and a half servings of the super green mix with three servings of the grilled veggies a little bit of soy sauce a little bit of sesame oil in here I call this dish I don’t know if it’s considered dished it’s in Tupperware Chinese veggies but i also don’t know if you can consider that chinese veggies because there’s there’s no baby corn in there so it’s fake chinese veggies and then 375 grams of a sweet potato that just steamed in the microwave for like 10 minutes since halloween is over oldest and i have decided to get in the Christmas spirit pretty much as early as possible this year and we’re gonna watch home alone tonight to do so so I’ve got some snacks for our movie having three servings of fruity pebbles actually the generic brand of fruity pebbles but still just as delicious a serving of boo berries you’ve never had boo bears before because they’re like limited run it’s a limited run cereal tastes like it’s like lucky charms but with berries for the non marshmallow part but the marshmallows guys are always the best part of these kinds of cereals and then two servings of frosted cheerios I was I’ve never had frosted cheerios before I was kind of hoping that it was going to taste sort of like frosted flakes but they don’t I’m exhausted guys they stood up way too late tonight it’s like one o’clock in the morning all this one’s bed hours ago we finished watching home alone hours ago which by the way it’s the best Christmas movie that’s ever been made ever I’m totally in the holiday spirit now that we watch that movie gets me every year just gets me excited for Christmas but anyways the reason I’m up so late I got sucked in to just trying to finish editing the vlog before this before I went to bed and that it just didn’t happen I really thought I’d be able to do it but it’s not gonna happen I did make the last meal of my day though and tonight I’m having more cereal because pretty pebbles are the best cereal that they sell at the grocery store I just I just realized this tonight and then a hundred grams of ground turkey a little bit hot sauce as far as how i ended up macro wise ended up with 222 grams of protein 385 grams of carbs so a bit on the carbs and 60 grams of fat so behind the fat tube but I’d such a little way in this morning just living it up a little bit guys so more cereal anyways I hope you enjoyed the blog today and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

This Post Was All About Full Day Of Eating Ep.15 | The Strongest I’ve Ever Been?.
Full Day Of Eating Ep.15 | The Strongest I've Ever Been?

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Full Day Of Eating Ep.15 | The Strongest I’ve Ever Been?
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