Full Day Of Eating Ep.13 | Cereal and Cookies For Daays

Full Day Of Eating Ep.13 | Cereal and Cookies For Daays

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good morning guys I have such a love-hate relationship with fall it’s like 20 degrees rainy freezing outside I just want it to be warm waiting this morning at 206 point four so as it turns out that ice cream last night was a bad idea I mean it was a delicious idea don’t get me wrong but my belly I don’t even really feel hungry cuz you guys saw it like all those Cheerios fashion guys Christmas sweaters in October you guys want to know how cold it is outside look at my breath so it is breakfast time well really it’s lunch time but first meal of the day time anyways first meal a day today is a hundred grams of brown rice with three eggs and 210 grams of ground turkey 99% lean ground turkey a little bit of hot sauce from the restaurant and then two Gala apples this post-workout meal is gonna be ridiculous guys I just have like a ton of ideas going on in my head it’s give me like an ultimate post-workout feast dinner is made guys I’ve got 200 grams 95/5 lean ground beef some veggies some of the chard veggies with the super greens that you guys know I really love put like a half a tablespoon of sesame oil in there a little bit of soy sauce makes eating vegetables so much more enjoyable 140 grams of frozen strawberries 140 grams of frozen blueberries for dessert tonight three servings of cinnamon toast crunch which is definitely up there with one of my favorite cereals and then this is like my favorite protein shake the cinnamon toast crunch protein shake so I’m going to eat cinnamon toast crunch and then I’m gonna drink my cinnamon toast protein shake it’s like heaven Halloween costumes are coming together ELISA is drawing this pattern I will show you guys a picture of the wrestler she’s trying to be look at the details guys like I bought boots ELISA made boots it’s just a sock and then she took laces your pumpkin was so much better than mine your Halloween costume so much better than mine so I pretty much bought my entire costume I still have a lot of things that I need to draw on things but I’m trying to be the ultimate warrior these are kind of my wrist guards these were koozies he had kneepads so I’m gonna wipe this out I’m gonna put the ultimate warrior symbol doing like a red white and blue themed Ultimate Warrior I’ve got the USA WWF Championship belt I bought boots I didn’t I didn’t make my boots cuz I’m I’m not that talented about women white womens boy shorts because that was kind of the trunks that he wore so I’m gonna draw ultimate warrior symbols all over these I’ve got a lot of work but I still need to do on my costume but Alyssa’s costume is it’s almost done so I finished my macros off tonight like a champ 150 grams of shredded chicken and then more Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Alyssa bought these apple pie snaps by Stouffer’s you’ve never had these this is the first time ever Adam was tonight and she has good taste in cookies it turns out anyways guys final macro totals for the night 225 grams of protein 329 grams of carbs 35 which is fiber so that’s like a perfect amount of fiber for me but I did have 69 grams of fat so I went a little bit over my fat goal which is 50 grams but I decided to treat myself tonight it’s always important to treat yourself once in a while but I’m gonna call it right here I hope you enjoy the vlogs the vlog see you next one

This Post Was All About Full Day Of Eating Ep.13 | Cereal and Cookies For Daays.
Full Day Of Eating Ep.13 | Cereal and Cookies For Daays

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Full Day Of Eating Ep.13 | Cereal and Cookies For Daays
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